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Simplot to Require COVID-19 Vaccine for Vendors and Business Partners

By • May 11, 2021

Recently, Governor Brad Little signed an Executive Order prohibiting any state of Idaho government entity from requiring the COVID-19 vaccines.

Some states are also looking at banning private companies from implementing vaccine requirements as well. Several major airlines and cruise companies have considered so-called “vaccine passports” for travel in recent months.

Here in Idaho, Simplot says they will require proof of the COVID-19 vaccine for “vendors” and “business partners” at their food plant facilities.

Idaho Dispatch received a tip from an anonymous source with an image of a document said to be from Simplot. The document states that all contractors, subcontractors, and service providers must show proof of receiving the COVID vaccine before being let onto Simplot grounds or receiving a badge for regular access.

The document does not appear to say whether or not an employee of Simplot must receive the COVID-19 vaccine to continue their employment or to be hired on as an employee.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Josh Jordon, the Senior Manager of Communications and Public Relations at Simplot, to ask if the document was real and if the company is also requiring the vaccine for their employees. Here is what Jordon sent Idaho Dispatch,

We are requiring vaccinations for vendors and business partners at our food service facilities to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our employees and all visitors to our food processing sites. The impact of COVID-19 has been particularly large at food processing facilities and we have been able to keep infection numbers relatively low at our locations because of an abundance of caution and the health and safety measures we have continued to follow.

The ongoing ability to produce and provide food during times of need is extremely important and this decision is based solely on our ability to contribute to that effort.

Jordon’s comment does not appear to answer the question regarding employees of Simplot needing the vaccine or not. Idaho Dispatch did send a follow-up question to ask for clarification, but we have not yet received a response.

The requirement to show proof of the COVID-19 vaccine at Simplot’s food service facilities will take effect on June 15.

Here is the image that Idaho Dispatch received from a source who wished to remain anonymous (story continues below):

Idaho Dispatch also reached out to Rep. Tammy Nichols (R-Middleton), who said she was trying to propose a bill to prevent private entities from forcing employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Here is what Nichols told us:

I believe companies are treading into dangerous territory regarding civil and human rights by trying to require employees and contractors to take an experimental shot. Federal regulation clearly indicates that experimental vaccines and drugs cannot be made mandatory.

I have a question for these companies that are toying with this idea, and that is, ‘Will you also take responsibility for someone who is harmed by the shot you forced them to receive?’  Additionally, will these companies also start requiring other medical procedures and therapies?

We only need to look back at history where the government has approved a drug that we later found out was very harmful (this shot isn’t even approved.) This is dangerous, in my opinion. I have a bill regarding this issue that I couldn’t get either the House or Senate Health and Welfare Committee Chairmen to hear. In the House, my resolution that the legislature not support forcing people to put things in their bodies and to fight against those efforts passed unanimously, but it was put in Sen. Fred Martin’s drawer.

States need to keep their sovereignty, and companies need to be taken to court if they pursue this idea.

Do you believe companies can force employees, visitors, and contractors to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? Should the government prohibit such actions?

Let us know in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Simplot to Require COVID-19 Vaccine for Vendors and Business Partners

  1. Headline: “Simplot leans Communist”.

    J. R. definitely would not approve! ….. He’d be firing the Board and spanking the Kids.

  2. “Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual… Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.”
    John Hancock, Provincial Congress, Resolution to Massachusetts Bay, October 1774
    Many of our other forefathers beliefs apparently supported the idea that our rights came from God and no man out to take them. Please see this link.

    We all need to start hammering Frank Martin’s email box (and many other senators and representatives that are drawering bills! We need a bill to be introduced and given to someone who will not drawer it that requires any individual chairing any committee or in responsibility for scheduling a bill for hearing to do so within two business day, period. No excuses, no bartering (no trying to buy another parties vote), basically no corrupt practices! That is imperative at this time when corruption within our government and the federal government are running rampant and tyranny is becoming not the exception but the norm!

    In 1770, it is known that Burke wrote in “Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents”: “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” Later, “In 1867, John Stuart Mill made a similar statement in an inaugural address delivered before the University of St. Andrews: Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” See Wikipedia, Edmund Burke, ‘False Quotations’.

    Whomever actually said the revised version of Mill’s statement, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” said it well and between all of the quotations of our forefathers and others from history, it’s very clear, people being governed own the responsibility of the preservation of our freedom! No one else is going to do it if they stand alone but when we all stand together we are mighty, and when we stand with our God and he is for our cause of liberty, which he is, we are invincible! It’s time for all citizens to do their moral duty and fight against tyranny wherever it appears!

    1. Frank Martin has a bill in his drawer right now, written by Tammy Nichols that would solve this problem, this is why we must flood his voicemail and email box with demands he introduce her bill! There are many other good bills too!

      Senator Ron Nate’s newsletter from a few days ago was very interesting. He reported on many things but most notably on the “tradition” of committee chairs putting bills into their drawers instead of scheduling them on the reading calendar. This is done usually to barter with the author for support implying their votes should be for sale or to kill it before it ever got a chance to be heard. Remember HB300? Thank God for the few Senators and House Representatives who still believe they work for the people of Idaho. It’s getting more rare by the day. Below is a list of people who have “drawered” good bills in their swampy methods. We must hold them accountable! As I said in my former comment, we need bills that REQUIRE them to introduce the bills to the reading calendar within 2 days of receipt so they can’t do this anymore and we need citizens to demand this “tradition” be eradicated!

      Committee, Chairman, Bills held:

      Senate State Affairs – Sen. Patti Ann Lodge – 30 unique bills held
      Bills include: Treasurer Gold & Silver Reserves, Business Bill of Rights,
      Gun Rights on School Property, Ending Governor Emergency Declaration
      Senate Local Government – Sen. Jim Rice – 10 bills held
      Bills include: Lemonade Stand Freedom, Property Tax Cuts,
      Senate Education – Sen. Steve Thayn – 10 bills held
      Bills include: Parental Opt-In for Sex Education
      Senate Transportation – Sen. Lori Den Hartog – 9 bills held
      Senate Commerce & Human Res. – Sen. Jim Patrick – 8 bills held
      Bills include: Vaccination freedom protections
      Senate Judiciary – Sen. Todd Lakey – 5 bills held
      Senate Health & Welfare – Sen. Fred Martin – 5 bills held
      Bills include: Prohibiting Forced Vaccinations, Prohibiting Mask Mandates, Limits on City Quarantine Orders
      Senate Resources & Environment – Sen. Steve Vick – 3 bills held

      House Business – Rep. Sage Dixon – 12 bills held
      Bills include: Electrician Apprentices
      House Agriculture Affairs – Rep. Clark Kauffman – 3 bills held
      House Commerce & Hum. Res. – Rep. James Holtzclaw – 7 bills held
      House Education – Rep. Lance Clow – 11 bills held
      Bills include: Repeal Common Core, Repeal SBAC Test
      House Health & Welfare – Rep. Fred Wood – 8 bills held
      Bills Include: Vaccination Freedom
      House Judiciary & Rules – Rep. Greg Chaney – 10 unique bills held
      Bills include: Free Range Parenting, Rent Control Prohibition
      House Resource & Conservation – Rep. Marc Gibbs – 9 bills held
      House Revenue & Taxation – Rep. Steve Harris – 10 unique bills held
      Bills include: Grocery Tax Repeal, Other Property Tax Cuts
      House State Affairs – Rep. Brent Crane – 10-15 unique bills held
      Bills include: Small Arms Protection Act
      House Transportation – Rep. Joe Palmer – 13 unique bills held
      House Ways & Means – Rep. Paul Amador – 7 unique bills held
      Bills include: Abolish Abortion, No Forced Vaccinations

  3. Good find, good reporting.

    This is totally unethical of Simplot to coerce people to get an experimental gene therapy treatment without long-term safety testing and without FDA approval. Appalling. Ever heard of the Nuremberg Code?

    The doctor I see in Nampa told me privately that 12 of his patients have died so far after getting the COVID shot. He can describe the pathology and how it it harms people’s bodies. The husband of a woman in my community got the shot and then died of a stroke. This COVID kill shot is far more dangerous than the establishment is admitting.

  4. FYI, here is the text of a letter I sent to Simplot Co:

    I recently learned that Simplot Company will require contractors and vendors to get a COVID shot before accessing Simplot facilities. It disturbed me to see a venerable Idaho company come down on the wrong side of medical tyranny.

    The COVID shots are not FDA approved and have no long-term safety testing. They were released to market under an emergency use authorization, which means they are experimental and cannot be mandatory by law and under FDA guidelines:

    Furthermore, a person’s vaccination status is private health information under federal HIPAA law. Simplot has no right to know that information.

    COVID shots are not as safe as the CDC glibly claims. The CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System records 100,000+ adverse reactions linked to the COVID shots, including more than 3,500 deaths. You can see for yourself:

    If Simplot sold a product that was linked to thousands of deaths, would it still be on the market? The pharmaceutical companies get away with this because they are exempt from product liability for all vaccines. But why is Simplot requiring people to take this dangerous product? I hope you realize what a mistake this is and correct the policy.

  5. Libs are mad that their ways aren’t working 🙂
    They won’t Tread on me 😉

    Keep pushing and don’t back, it’s our show now to hold the line, and to win the war in 2022 in the senate .

    Idaho rocks !

  6. Anybody doing there own research on what these “vaccines” really are will tell you that NO ONE should EVER be forced to vaccinate. Simplot Corp has shown that they too are joining the Private Communist Cadres that are driving America into the hands of Marxist whakos and their minions. This is scary stuff!

  7. I work for a local company and found out Thursday that they are following CDC guidelines. This means “vaccinated” people are good to go back to normal. Unvaccinated are to continue wearing masks. Is this bioapparteid?

    We have been told the “vaccine” is safe and effective yet the website tells a different story. Thousands of dead and tens of thousands of side affects. Yet no one says anything like this is normal.

    Why are states bribing people with million dollar raffles and free donuts and cheeseburgers? Free tuition and the like? The whole thing stinks. Pharmaceutical companies have killed millions with no repercussions yet we have to trust them this time?

    The noose is tightening on our limited rights. If this progresses any further what will stop them from making you show vaccination status to buy food for your family? Idaho is a right to work state but this is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. We have no informed consent!! Just catchy slogans like it’s safe and effective or trust the science.

    Denmark just had mass rallies and they were able to push the government back on this issue. Where are all of the Americans on this?

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