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Simplot to Fire Managers Just Days Before Christmas if They are Not Vaccinated?

By • December 13, 2021

Simplot managers for the Simplot Food Group Division will lose their positions if they are not vaccinated by December 20th.

A source with close ties to Simplot, who wished to remain anonymous, provided a letter to Idaho Dispatch from Simplot management. The Managers were first notified on November 5th of the vaccine requirement.

The letter indicates that the notified employees have 45 days from the date of the letter to become fully vaccinated.

The letter also states that the management team who received the letter has 14 days to request a religious or medical exemption. However, the source who spoke with Idaho Dispatch said that while Simplot says they are still accepting religious and medical exemptions, they are unaware of any manager who has had their religious exemption approved.

According to the source Idaho Dispatch spoke with, the vaccine requirement does not exist for the thousands of employees who do not work in the Food Group Division.

Idaho Dispatch asked the source what their thoughts were on the vaccination requirement. Here is what they told us,

Simplot Leadership Team says their employees are their number one asset but their actions and treatment of employees say otherwise. We worked during the entire pandemic which they profited off of while these top managers got to work from home, but that was not good enough and now they mandate those same people that they profited off of have to take an experimental vaccine that they won’t be liable for if an employee has adverse reactions. Employees who have worked for the company for nearly 30 years are being terminated right before Christmas. This is not something Jack Simplot would stand for but his family stands by and does nothing to stop it.

Idaho Dispatch also reached out to Simplot’s communications division for comment on the current status of the vaccine requirement. We also asked Simplot if they intend to fire those who are not vaccinated by December 20th. We have not received a response at this time.

Here is the full letter from Simplot to members of the FLT who were required to get the COVID-19 vaccination and had not yet done so:

COVID-19 Vaccines Required for Specific Roles in the Food Group

The FLT has identified which positions will require the COVID-19 Vaccination. Your role has been identified as one that requires the vaccination, based on the aspect of the job:

Need for be available to travel to support other facilities

If you have been fully vaccinated, please ensure you have attested to completing the vaccination requirement in MySimplot. You must also provide proof of vaccination within 14 days of this notification to Human Resources.

As of November 1, 2021, our MySimplot records Show Your Vaccination Status as:

Have Not Completed Vaccination Attestation

If you have not yet been fully vaccinated, and you are in a position that requires it, you have 45 days from today’s date to comply with this requirement, or your employment will be terminated. If you do not wish to be vaccinated, you are welcome to apply for other positions within the Company where there is currently no requirement to be vaccinated.

If you have a qualifying medical or religious reason for not getting vaccinated, please let me or Human Resources know within 14 days of this notification, so we can review your individual situation. All requests will be reviewed with both our Human Resources team in Boise, and by our Legal Department.

We appreciate everyone’s support as we work through the next several weeks, as we focus on ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, to HR, or to anyone on the FLT.

Thank you.

The letter to the non-vaccinated FLT members does indicate that they can apply to different positions within the company that does not require the COVID-19 vaccine to be employed.

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20 thoughts on “Simplot to Fire Managers Just Days Before Christmas if They are Not Vaccinated?

  1. It’s sad to see a great Idaho company become globalist. First it was GMO Frankenstein potatoes and now it is mandated experimental shots.

  2. You need to be vaxxed with the vaxx that does not protect you from disease and has failed? To keep you “safe.” For your “health.”

  3. Simplot is far from Jack Simplot. Seems they are now fully beholden to China’s wishes and commands……What makes it worse is that the Simplot Corporation is too dumb to see the Synthetic Pathogens do not work and are dangerous to all the people.
    Let’s do are best to help find employment for these segregated people.
    May their upcoming and justified lawsuits against Simplot be fruitful.

    1. After this shocking and disheartening event from a company I grew up believing was FOR their employees, I need to dust off my boots and move in a direction that values hard working people in times like this. Any information on where I can begin my search would greatly be appreciated. I cannot afford to miss a single paycheck and will give regardless if a new career path is needed.

  4. I’m shocked. I worked four Simplot four 34 years and never did Mr Simplot issues anything like this. Gay and Scott need to look at what J R would do. Policies should be company wide not group driven. COVID is serious but the vaccines have yet to prove they are the ultimate answer.

  5. My husband is a 27 year employee with Simplot, has worked in agribusiness and transferred to the food group when his dad got sick. He received this same letter. He had need for this shot.

    He tried to be diplomatic and have a discussion with his upper management, the group VP and Company CEO. Group VP told him if he didn’t like it, he could “go work some place else”. The Group president sent out an email basically saying if an employees opinion is different than his on the subject matter, he doesn’t want to hear it. And the company CEO told my husband that food group has a protocol and he needed to follow that protocol.

    What people do not realize with Simplot’s olive branch of applying for different positions outside of the food group, is 1. there may not be anywhere to go and 2. you have to apply for the job along with external candidates and you may or may not get an interview.

    The Idaho plant people went to work every single day during the pandemic because they were deemed essential workers whilst most of corporate stayed home. This drug does not keep you from getting Covid nor does it keep you from spreading it. It is EUA only…still. Therefore should be an individual choice for personal protection and not a mandate. There is no option they either comply with this mandate or they are fired on Dec 20th..period.

    Simplot says this mandate is because some “may” have to travel to support other plants…most of these people have never traveled to support another plant in the many many years they have worked for Simplot. So much for Simplot’s passion for people. This is reprehensible and I am beyond disgusted.

  6. Tammy, simply connect with all harmed and start a class action lawsuit. Simplot has many lawyers, even they cannot win vs the truth.
    Best to you, your husband and family.

  7. Unfortunately I was victim of a false mandate at St Luke’s. It’s pathetic what is happening and our country is being destroyed from within. It’s unfortunate that it has come to this place and equally unfortunate that this great country has lost all common sense. A lot of opinions flying around nowadays but this country is severely in need of a leader. I’m truly sorry for others being affected by the mandate. It is unconstitutional and clearly an overreach into the privacy of the individual’s choice. I have yet to see a real “scientific discussion “ between all opinions and any desire to do so. Truly sad and so unAmerican. We must do a better job and stay the course. However patience is running thin and limits are being pushed. Americans must stand up and insist on better. Again unfortunately in Idaho especially the chamber of commerce is the true government and the politicians bow to St Luke’s, Simplot, St Als and Any other big money machine I’m forgetting. So no matter how Red we are, never forget that they run the state. Ok I’m done ranting. Merry Christmas and don’t lose sight of the things that matter most. God Bless

  8. Luke 22:36
    If you don’t have a sword (gun), sell your coat and buy one.

    Violence is the only answer at this point, unfortunately. Everyone is in denial about this.

  9. What filth. I’m going to say it. Idaho has proven to be WEAK ! If the house doesn’t pass laws come new session, my family is out of here and going to Wyoming !

  10. The Simplot gang is doing the bidding of China. they have no interest in the truth. What they do not realize is the MAN upstairs is keeping a score card and at some time HE will balance the books.

  11. As a healthcare provider working since this all started I am neck deep. I have followed ALL the science from the beginning worldwide. If this drug were effective we all would’ve signed up for wouldn’t have to force anyone! This has polarized and divided people. That hurts my heart. But any policy made with agendas and not science/evidence are just bad policies period. Because every day we live with this is a day more of knowledge about it that we didn’t have the day before.

    As a prior service member I do not condone violence I have seen first hand the division, death, and destruction it brings to the people. Our military has gone to countries that are ran by dictatorship and overthrown their leadership in the name of democracy. Yet here we are facing the same.

    We ignore natural immunity and cite poorly conducted studies that say vaccine induced immunity is superior, when we all know that is not the case. Why?? Follow the money people.
    Our public health system is broken in this country. Why…follow the money. Big pharma’s secured immunity and perpetual income…so why not!! There has never been a one size fits all medical approach to anything but there is always an agenda. Don’t be fooled into thinking their motives are altruistic…I assure you they are not!

    We know these drugs DO NOT keep you from getting CoVid nor do they keep you from spreading CoVid. We know there are close to 1 million vaccine injured that are largely being ignored. We know there are significant side effects caused by these drugs including death. Yet employers are doubling down and forcing this, to what end?? No alternative to testing, no responsibility for their actions. They force you to choose between forgoing bodily autonomy and feeding your family, while they wipe their hands clean.

    The evidence is all around us, these drugs do not keep you from contracting the disease and spreading it, we’ve known that for a long time. As recently as this week Cornell U has 900 people out with CoVid…most of them fully vaccinated. In my own work place, multiple people fully vaccinated out with CoVid. It is ludicrous to say that 2 shots didn’t keep you from getting CoVid so here’s a third, then another, then another…the very definition of insanity.

    So while all these companies are busy firing “unvaccinated” workers, re-writing job descriptions to fit the agenda, increasing insurance premiums or dropping CoVid coverage…justice will come for you…hard!

    1. Thank You for standing up for Facts and Freedom! You are a hero in many eyes. Even Bill Gates said vaccine s were his best investment! It’s all a money control game.

  12. This article is 100% true. A close family member was put on administrative leave until they will be fired before Christmas which they changed job descriptions recently to help them justify the communist style mandate. The religious exemptions they offered were a joke. Who is Simplot to judge anyones personal relationship with God. I am convinced that this is only the beginning of the vaccine mandate at Simplot eventually it will be company wide and possibly extend to family members covered under company insurance to be vaccinated or denied coverage. Where will this end. How many personal health decisions will you allow Simplot to make before you take a stand. They are requiring a vaccine that doesn’t prevent covid or stop transmission so if they get away with this whats next. The streets around Jump should be lined with peaceful protesters standing up for peoples individual rights. Shame on Doug Stone, Mark McKeller and their bunch of butt kissing robots for implementing this mandate. In my opinion they are horrible human beings. It sickens me that I have to live in the same community as them. God bless and Merry Christmas to all.

    1. Garrett Lofto is also a horrible human being and a complete piece of garbage for mandating a vaccine that doesn’t prevent you from getting the virus or transmitting it. If the Simplot board of directors sit back and let this happen they are equally as guilty. I used to have a lot of respect for Simplot leadership but that ship has sailed. They are running what Jack built into the ground with an efficiency never seen before in Idaho. Garrett Lofto is a waste of skin and a scum bag and needs to be terminated and deported back to whatever communist country he’s from. God bless and Merry Christmas to all.

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