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Sheriff’s Office Denies 911 Transcripts for Caldwell/Emmett Football Game Threat

By • October 21, 2020

On October 2nd the football game between Emmett High School and Caldwell High School was canceled.

According to the Caldwell Police Department, several threats came into the Canyon County Dispatch that threatened the game. No details were released about the nature of the threats.

After notifying the Caldwell High School principal about the threats, school officials said they decided to cancel the game.

Idaho Dispatch requested the transcripts of the phone calls on October 5th through a Public Records Request to the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office.

Yesterday, the sheriff’s office told Idaho Dispatch that they were denying our request for the transcripts.

Based on what the sheriff’s office told Idaho Dispatch, because the case is “pending” it is exempt from public records request laws.

Here are screenshots of the two sections of the sheriff’s office response to us:

In our original request for records, Idaho Dispatch asked for any information on the 911 call transcripts which could include the name of the individual who made the phone call.

It is unclear at this time to what extent the denial was issued and if it was only for the purposes of a “pending case.”

Idaho Dispatch will be reaching out to Sheriff Donahue for comment. Additionally, we will be reaching out to the Canyon County Prosecutor, Bryan Taylor for comment as well.

While the case may be pending, Idaho Dispatch readers have asked us to find out at the very least what the nature of the calls were. At this time, nothing has been publicly released about the phone calls and the nature of the threats that were made.

We will continue to ask questions until the information is made public.

Let us know in the comments if you have any additional questions.

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2 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Office Denies 911 Transcripts for Caldwell/Emmett Football Game Threat

  1. How come they are able to withhold I formation to the press? Couldn’t they release the information with the caller’s identity redacted?

    I am very curious to see if the Sheriff and the Prosecutor’s office responds back to your request for comment. Thanks for staying on top of this story.

  2. Thanks for pursuing the truth. I have no idea what exactly pending means but at some point they must come to a conclusion. I, for one, would like to know. Please don’t let this get buried. I want to know if the ‘threats’ really occurred at all.

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