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Several Community Leaders Respond to Potential “Covid-19 Vaccine Passport”

By • April 6, 2021

A major topic of discussion across the United States currently is the issue of a potential “Covid-19 Vaccine Passport.”

The passport could be used to prohibit air travel, especially internationally, as a number of airlines like Delta are already considering such a measure. Additionally, sites that sell tickets for sporting events or concerts have also considered some method of requiring proof of having received the Covid-19 shots or that you have recently tested negative for the virus.

Idaho Dispatch wanted to reach out to various leaders in the community regarding where they stood on a potential “passport” for proof someone had received the Covid-19 shots.

Additionally, Idaho Dispatch asked the readers on our Facebook page if they supported a “Covid-19 Vaccine Passport.”

At the time of this writing, there are over 750 comments with the vast majority of people saying they oppose such a passport. A number of comments said that the passport would violate HIPPA laws.

A few comments Idaho Dispatch found said they were supportive of the “passport” idea and that proof of vaccinations is already required for international travel for many countries.

In addition to the comments on our social media pages, Idaho Dispatch reached out to Dr. David Pate (former CEO of St. Lukes), Dr. Tommy Ahlquist of Crush the Curve Idaho, Miste Karlfeldt of Health Freedom Idaho, and Dr. Vicki Wooll of Eagle Creek Family Medicine, and Dr. Ryan Cole from Cole Diagnostics.

At the time of this writing, Pate and Ahlquist have not returned our request for comment. Idaho Dispatch tried to find a statement through Google either of them had made but could not find one. We also scrolled briefly through both Ahlquist and Pate’s Twitter feeds but could not find any statement regarding a potential passport for proving Covid shots were received.

Here is the response Idaho Dispatch received from Wooll in an email:

There are quite a few questions raised as to the necessity of a “passport” which seems to fly in the face of logical deduction in light of scientific evidence that is being censored, scrubbed and modified on a daily basis. Much of the chatter assimilates the “passport” as being a vehicle to roll in social rating scores much like China has instituted with 24/7 surveillance and penalties.

When have we ever had so many civil liberties threatened and at risk? Never to my knowledge but as I lived the intro of a communistic takeover of Venezuela for ten years, we were mostly blind in the beginning. I am sure that the citizens would have reacted differently early on had they comprehended how their life was going to change. There is no freedom in Venezuela today. Only oppression, poverty and misery.

This is the response Karlfeldt sent to Idaho Dispatch:

Not only is the vaccine passport the epitome of cronyism, but it is also the medical apartheid of our time. Vaccine passports create medical discrimination that will achieve devastating effects to the community. If a person or a family decides not to participate in the experiment they will be the new second-class citizens, the unwelcome, and the untouchables. We should not allow our government to create such segregation especially when it comes to personal medical making decisions. If we open the door for the government to dictate healthcare and for people to disclose medical information wherever they go, where will it end?

Finally, Cole sent Idaho Dispatch the following message about a potential “Covid-19 Vaccine Passport:

It is important first to note that there is no approved vaccine for Covid-19, as in none. There are only 3 emergency authoized “investigational vaccines.” To require a passport forcing people to be experimental subjects is absolutely illogical. The FDA emergency authorization clearly states that receiving a shot is optional. These investigational vaccine studies will not even be completed for 2 years. (Most safety trials for vaccines require 6-8 years for adequate safety data. It is medically unethical to require anyone to receive an experimental shot for which safety data is pending. The corollary is mandating a pass and punishing a private citizen unwilling to be a guinea pig to unproven science.

mRNA therapies have never been used on a large scale in humans. The longer term outcomes can potentially be disastrous or fine, who knows?

Fauci says we see most adverse outcomes in vaccine trails in 15-45 days. This is absolutely not true for corona virus vaccine trials. SARS and MERS trials led to severe immune reactions in animal subjects AFTER reexposure to wild type virus several months (human equivalent to years) later. These led to severe immune disease and more deaths in the vaccinated animals than in unvaccinated groups. The SRS cov2 investigational vaccine trials had no prior animal studies, but rather started side by side. The animal trials are not completed or reported yet.

Requiring to know ones immune status in any non-medical setting violates HIPPA privacy as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act. To require a passport for a year in which 99.84+% of Americans did not die from Covid-19 seems medically illogical.

The CDC’s VAERS website indicates over 2,100 deaths under investigation in 4 months (more than all other historical vaccine trials combined) and over 60,000 adverse events. Yet there exists an unhealthy construct that individuals should subject themselves to this immediate outcome or some unknown autoimmune or cancer outcome to enjoy their liberties again for what has turned out to be an average flu year statistically. Children have survived this disease at a statistical 100% rate, yet we are starting down the slippery slope of injections with no idea what their long term harm may be from investigational gene therapy shots.

By federal rule, this is all optional. Your body, your choice. While these are emergency authorized, Title 21 in the code of federal regulations clearly indicates experimental therapies cannot be required which should be one of the many federal rules making the concept of a vaccine passport moot, especially since there is no approved vaccine for Covid!

It remains to be seen what type of documentation will be required and how many people will comply with the requirement. There is no definitive documentation that has been adopted nationwide right now and if any particular “passport” will be adopted.

Will the United States implement a COVID-19 “Vaccine Passport” and is it something you support?

Let us know in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “Several Community Leaders Respond to Potential “Covid-19 Vaccine Passport”

  1. Hell no, my choice and freedom. I’ve never had a flu shot and why start now at my age. Everyone getting the shot is nothing more than a lab rat for these mad scientists who created this pandemic in the first place.

  2. When it comes to the vaccine….. it’s your choice to take it and it’s my choice not to. If there are those that would like to make it a requirement to have the injection and papers to prove it, in order to let them take advantage of the currency I would spend while participating in their area activities, then it will be someone else that will be enriched by my spending.

    I do wonder what would really happen in this world if a true pandemic were to arise today, one in which no age group was able to avoid the death grip and the bodies were stacked like cord wood? Would those demanding forced vaccines and passports be burning the evil pandemic witches at the stake??

  3. Not a guinea pig. How dare the government overreach in such a fashion as to segragate vaccinated and unvaccinated. To keep people safe we need to ban sugary foods from diabetes, penalty of no insulin. Obese people can’t get health insurance unless they go to a gym 5 days a week. People who smoke need to be banned from all sports events. People who drink alcohol are forbidden a driver’s license. All stupid. The government needs to stand down and stop following China’s lead.

  4. No Mask mandates, No Synthetic Pathogen mandates, No Synthetic Pathogen passports.
    Any want-to-be dictator who attempts any of these shall be immediately jailed then tried.

  5. I vote no to the experimental vaccine & no to the passport. The government is using fear to control us.

  6. a vaccine passport violates any number of American freedoms, NO experimental vaccine can be forced on American Citizens. No, never. Globalist Communism is at our door. We shall stand and fight.

  7. If a Bureaucrat or Politician tries to implement Mask, Vaccine or Passport mandates: Simply JAIL them now!

  8. Absolutely NOT! I will
    NOT be forced to be their guinea pig on an experimental drug! Nor will I be coerced or black mailed by the private sectors with passports!

  9. I will NOT get a vaccine to travel. I will no longer travel by plane or train if it is required. I also will not attend any event that requires it. I should have the freedom to CHOSE what I take into my body, and how I manage my health. This is a violation of HIPPA. These are not even considered a vaccine, by the definition of what a vaccine is. There is NO true evidence of its long term effects in people. We already know what it’s effect has been on lab animals and they have died. NEVER have we had to show proof of ANY vaccine within the US to travel within our boarders.

  10. Vaccine passports are social engineering hammers…..pure and simple. These “vaccines” and NOT even real vaccines. And even if their were……you NEVER force them on anyone. This is a totalitarian attempt to rule the USA by proxy of a fake pandemic.

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