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Session Preview: Interview with Rep. Tammy Nichols (R-Middleton)

By • December 2, 2020

Idaho’s legislative session begins next month.

Idaho Dispatch is reaching out to legislators to sit down and interview them about their goals for the legislative session. We will be reaching out to legislators from both political parties.

In this first interview, Idaho Dispatch sat down with Rep. Tammy Nichols (Republican – District 11) where she discussed her goals and hope that the legislature will take up legislation giving them the ability to call themselves back into session and to take back some of the power from the executive branch has been given over the years.

Here the full interview with Rep. Nichols below:

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One thought on “Session Preview: Interview with Rep. Tammy Nichols (R-Middleton)

  1. $75,000 to install touchless drinking fountains in the Capitol Building???
    And they’d been shut off???
    Come on, people!!!? If you’re THAT fearful, DON’T touch the fountain! Don’t shut it down so NO ONE can use it??? Use a paper napkin to touch it…
    If our “leaders” make such feeble attempts to educate themselves and are so irrational to think things like plexiglass… will protect them from the flu???
    How can we trust them with ANY power over us, in ANY emergency???!!!
    They should have been providing the public with information on how to strengthen our immune systems… ….?? NO, not a word!!
    I haven’t gotten any of this CARES Act money??? Have YOU???
    I’ve been harmed and know lots of people who’ve been harmed by this “emergency” but I don’t know anyone who knows someone who died of COVID. How about you??? Meanwhile, they are killing our elderly with isolation, destroying our culture…
    This is NOT about health, this is about CORRUPTION and control.
    The Legislature needs to revamp any “emergency” declaration in the State. Officials MUST provide the public with a range of best known information and EVIDENCE, and allow us to act for ourselves; and provide STRONG penalties against profiting, lying, misleading, fear mongering, or Officials who fail to do their due diligence toward these ends.
    If Yellowstone blows up, people have the right to return to their property ASAP and even choose to die on their property… The role of government is to protect our rights. We also need stronger penalties for law enforcement, and officials, violating their oath of office. The meaning of their oath and peace keeping, should be in the training.
    The Legislature should only call themselves back, in an emergency, or they’ll be using it to pass stupid willy-nilly laws… and they need to consider an alternate spot, in an emergency.
    Why do we need health districts (are they stopping 5g, opioid epidemic, trafficking, phone scams?), eliminate them.
    We should have the ability to penalize our local gov. where it hurts the most, in the wallet. Property tax on your prime residence, should be eliminated, it’s just wrong.

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