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Senators Risch and Crapo Respond to ‘Burn Pit’ Vote, Say Democrats Added Unnecessary Spending to the Bill

By • August 5, 2022

U.S. Senators Mike Crapo (R) and Jim Risch (R) responded to criticism they faced for voting against the PACT Act, also known as the “burn pit bill.”

The bill’s primary purpose is to help veterans who suffer from various medical issues from burn pits and other toxic substances. Additionally, the bill also added approximately $400 billion in additional spending. The additional spending is what Crapo and Risch said they opposed.

Crapo called the additional $400 billion added by the Democrats as a “slush fund,” stating,

As an ardent supporter of America’s veterans, I am committed to ensuring health and disability benefits are provided to veterans exposed to toxic substances while on their tours of duty. This Congress, I have led or co-sponsored four bills included in this package to address burn pit injuries and illness:

1. S. 1393, the Toxic Exposure Training Act, co-lead sponsor;

2. S. 927, the Toxic Exposure in the American Military (TEAM) Act, co-sponsor;

3. S. 565, the Mark Takai Atomic Veterans Healthcare Parity Act, co-sponsor; and

4. S. 657, the Presumption of Service Connection for Thailand Veterans, co-sponsor.

These important bills had broad bipartisan support and probably could have passed the Senate without opposition, but instead Democrats created a nearly $400 billion slush fund for additional unrestrained spending.

I have a strong record of supporting veterans to ensure they have access to high-quality health care, opportunities to thrive following their transition from the military and protecting their Second Amendment rights. I, too, remain committed to Idaho veterans impacted by burn pits and toxic exposure and will continue to support bipartisan legislation that can withstand necessary fiscal standards to ensure solvency and endurance, not additional slush fund spending placed on the American people.

A spokesman for Risch’s office told Idaho Dispatch that he also opposed the additional $400 billion added by Democrat senators.

Risch’s spokesman told Idaho Dispatch,

As a strong supporter of veterans and cosponsor of legislation included in the PACT Act, Senator Risch wanted to get to ‘yes’ on this bill. Unfortunately, Democrats wrote in a $400 billion hole in the discretionary budget they can fill with spending totally unrelated to veterans. It is inappropriate to use a bill for veterans as a backdoor to usher in huge sums of unrelated spending.

Other Republican senators gave similar criticisms as Risch and Crapo, while some said that this wasn’t the bill to oppose, even with the additional spending added to it.

The bill ultimately passed the Senate by a vote of 86-11.

Crapo’s Democrat challenger in the race, David Roth, posted on Twitter,

For the third straight time @MikeCrapo has voted to let military veterans needlessly suffer and die without treatment for service related injuries. He has obviously lost his way. Let’s help him find his way to retirement. #REPASSTHEPACTACT

Roth also shared a Tweet from an individual named Phyllis McCormick, a retired school teacher who blasted the senators, saying,

Hey Risch and Crapo, Idaho veterans, their families, and their supporters will never forget your “no” vote on the PACT Act. Loathsome, abhorrent, odious, despicable, abominable, repugnant, and detestable you!

The bill is now headed to President Joe Biden’s desk, where he is expected to sign the legislation into law.

Do you agree with Risch and Crapo’s vote? Let us know in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “Senators Risch and Crapo Respond to ‘Burn Pit’ Vote, Say Democrats Added Unnecessary Spending to the Bill

  1. We will always, in earnest, support our Veterans.

    The question that arises here is: Why in the world would Jim Risch be supporting the Soros, Clinton, Romney, Kerry, Biden, One World Order backed war in the Ukraine?
    He says he supports our Vets. It looks like his many actions have lead to needless wounding or our Vets in countless, useless wars.

    Jim Risch should be held accountable for his stance, at this point it does look like he is on the Liz Cheney side of things.

  2. I agree with their votes. SPENDING. MUST. STOP.NOW.

    In what world does $30 TRILLION in debt signal a green light to spend more?? We haven’t had a budget since 2008-2009 (or therabout). Without a budget and discipline to follow, how long does a person stay solvent? A family? A nation?

    I don’t like it that the veterans would have suffered, and they have certainly EARNED government’s ( taxpayer assistance) for their service and sacrifice. They are the LAST ones that should have to sacrifice YET AGAIN for the politicians and “experts” in DC.

    But in the bigger picture, if we don’t stop this spending jag/rely-on-government-for-everything, the America these vets defended will collapse and their very own grandchildren will suffer a very dark future when there is no USA in the world anymore.

    If your vote relies on you getting yours from the government (NOT talking to veterans here), you are the type of citizen the Founders warned us about: Thomas Jefferson said (and I paraphrse), that there is limited resources and endless wants. The Republic is finished when citizens vote themselves limitless monkey from limited government coffers.

    I don’t congratulate Idaho’s congressional delegation for much, but I agree with the votes both our senators made.

    1. I agree with their vote! The Dumbocrates always put ‘pork’ into every bill that comes on the floor! Dumbocrates are sneaky, dishonest and corrupt! When Pelosi gets 6million for a park in Her district, hidden in Covid relief bill, THAT. IS. CORRUPTION! They lie and cheat any way they can! Quote Pelosi “pass the bill then read what is in it”. That says it all.

  3. Thank you Senator Crapo for the correct vote. Let’s keep the bills “clean” so we don’t give the Dims anything extra.

  4. One bill for one topic, PERIOD. One bill, not over 2 pages of written law. All levels of government need to adopt this philosophy so to get rid of pork spending!!

  5. Thank you to all of the Senators who courageously chosen to block this bill after it returned from the House of Representatives with the $400 billion pork bowl attached. This provision was nothing short of an attempt to include uncommitted, discretionary spending totally unrelated to veterans care.

    As for folks “threatening” to never forget, speaking upon behalf of veterans I offer, neither shall we. We will not forget the game of “political chicken” the democrats attached to this bill.

  6. It’s the Senator’s responsibility to vote NO on bills that includes PORK! I blame the liberal media for not reporting on the additional contents of the bill. The uninformed public seems to have no problem spending our tax dollars without requiring the details within the bills. Thank You for representing your constituents!

  7. At the rate FJB and his crooked people are turning the USA into a third world cesspool.
    Soon Russia will be a better place to live.

  8. Our military is way too pricy for any real value to the USA in the past 70 years . The military is part of the reason the U.S. is bankrupt.

  9. Dems don’t give a rats hiney for vets. They concocted this bill as a gotcha’ trap to scream at GOP members that vote against. Has been comedian Jon Stewart went all bug eyed crazy on Jack Posobiec over his opposition to the ploy. Stewart is another fake vet supporter.

    Kudos to Risch and Crapo for not falling for it.

  10. Thank you Senators. This bill was another money laundering scheme! They use taxpayer money to pay their buddies, then their buddies pay the demonrats back with their donations. Vote these demonrat crooks out of office!

  11. I have wondered why we can’t pass Congressional Bills that focus on one area at a time. Isn’t that how we pass bills in our State?

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