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Senator Jim Risch Decides Not to Attend or Speak at WEF Annual Meeting in Davos

By • January 13, 2023

US Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho) has made the decision not to attend the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Risch had originally planned not only to attend, but was slated to speak at the conference. After criticism from Republican colleagues, his plans have changed.

According to this Washington Times article,

“Idaho Sen. Jim Risch, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, was set to go to Davos but is no longer listed as a speaker or part of the official delegation. Mr. Risch was one of several Republicans to be criticized on conservative blogs for participating in the event.”

Headline USA is also reporting that Risch was planning to attend, but has now changed his mind.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Senator Risch’s office for comment. His staff confirmed he is not attending on this call.

54 thoughts on “Senator Jim Risch Decides Not to Attend or Speak at WEF Annual Meeting in Davos

  1. Well, Well, that was quick.
    The silence is deafening.
    Let’s hope more detail comes to the surface very soon.

  2. Great news.

    I believe that most of our elected officials are ignorant and a bit naive about these things. If we the people don’t speak up, the world’s elite wine them, done them, and groom or reps into whatever plans they have in mind.

    I’m glad the Senator listened to his constituents.

      1. Right, we are the ignorant ones, naive if you want me to be nicer. A few decades behind. After all he has been in office ever since I can remember.

      2. Exactly….talk out of both sides of the mouth!! It’s all about money and power….we the people have the power to change that but so few just go on the way they have been while things deteriorate

  3. If I was a betting man and in my opinion, his appearance at DAVOS and speaking to the WEF had something to do with importing yet more foreign nationals from places like Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, into Idaho.

    importing migrants is lucrative business, NGO’s launder vast sums of money. Just sayin’.

  4. “… and your enemies closer.” It would be great if a trusted Republican had attended and returned to report to “us” on the proceedings, and or had the courage to stand up and tell Davos attendees to stick their syringes up their own back-ends.

    1. That is a great idea. Unfortunately from what I have heard is they don’t usually even invite anyone who is not like minded. A newbie might get invited once, but when they are discovered to be conservatively minded, they are not invited again. Risch is not a newbie.

  5. Also as a constituent, I would have preferred he went to the meeting to stand up for freedom and liberty while reporting back to the general public about just what is going on at these closed door meetings. They act like we are their slaves in their chess game on the world’s stage and quite frankly, I’m sick of it and so should everyone else. Until we start getting into these events, they will only gain strength in their schemes. Other conservatives should not be so naive and realize this too.

  6. Questions that need to be answered – has Senator Risch attended WEF before?What was the topic of his address? Why was he planning to attend? Does he
    endorse any of their proposals for total control of the populace, trans humanism, CBDC’s, “One Health”, the WHO worldwide pandemic treaty, etc.?

    These are the questions legacy media as well as alternative sources, need to be asking. Let’s shine the spotlight on these turncoats who obviously have no problem with the annihilation of national sovereignty.

  7. Don’t fall for publicity stunts like this. The fact that he was ever involved with the WEF tells you exactly who he is.

    1. Been praying for exposure for a long time & the wickedness that’s been going on since JFK is sickening. Now praying for accountability! Treason has been going on left & right ( punishable by death) and yet no one even gets a slap on the hand. It’s up to us to pay attention & demand rule of law. Our power is in the local govt believe it or not.

  8. Getting Risch off all kinds of Crapo as I like to say. He just wanted to be part of the 1,040 private jets creating 9 tons of pollution as they “save” the planet by figuring out their latest plan to get rid of us pesky humans ruining it for the elites of our time. F’n traitor. Vote these PoS’s out!! Them and Little China RINO too. Quit being ignorant of what these guys have been up to from day 1 Idaho!

    1. Long time Idahoens are pretty ignorant. Most have no idea how bad things can get electing RINO’s.
      Brad Little = 100% RINO. We moved here because Idaho is considered a very conservative state. Our Church is. The government and education department are very corrupt.
      Its California 10 years ago. And not because of California Transplants , but because of trusting the local B.S media and government.

  9. He is also a member of the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) and past President of the organization when Trump was President. Never heard of CFR? Look it up. All these lettered organizations along with corporations need to be gone and now! Stop shopping at Costco, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, et all! They need to go to the dustbin of history; but as long as one continues to donate to them and they profit from your purchase you only contribute to the problems. I haven’t shopped any of them for 20 years and do just fine without them…try it! Get serious about rebuilding our once great America or shut up! I’m tired of all the complaining and no commitment.

  10. I hope you continue to keep us posted on these federal and global schemes and who of our Idaho official are involved. They have stayed under the radar on most topics, doing very little of importance. Learn about Article V of the US Constitution, our founding document. Our founding fathers foresaw this day of government overreach. Don’t believe the lies against it. Contact your state legislators, urge them to investigate Convention of States by attending Surge Day, an informational luncheon. It is held at Basque Center Feb 2.

  11. It would be very welcome to hear directly from Reish about his Davos involvement . Inquiring minds want to know…

  12. Risch is a 100% swamp dweller. Shortly after billions were being sent to the corrupt nation of Ukraine Risch ran over to make sure his pockets were being lined. Devos was just another Ukraine. Risch, Crapo, Simpson and now even Fulcher are an embarrassment to Idaho and another reason why their ballots are left blank and my family no longer makes donations to the RNC.

  13. Look up State Engagement Fund 501c4 organization that funnels money for the National Education Association (teachers unions). Need I say Soros backed.

  14. I for one would like to have Jim Risch continue his attendance at DAVOS. You cant know what the snakes are planning unless you slither around with them in the swamp. The people of the world need people to do the internal intelligence gathering in the swamp. Of course I’m not sure that was his motivation.

    1. Yeah, Little And Bedke were just elected to fix Idaho problems they are responsible Idaho Pofor , again , but the people are paying attention…..

  15. We can safely assume he decided against speaking at Davos because more patriots are aware of the WEF being the enemy. He did not suddenly grow a conscience, consider his oath to uphold the Constitution, or realize he should represent his constituents and nation over globalist agenda. Etch this in your memory: never again vote for this swamp critter. Back good candidates to primary against the senator for life from Idaho.

  16. He had no problem going when his name was on a private confidential list of attendees. It was only when the list became public did he start to scramble for “noble” excuses of why he should not attend. Too little; too late. We know know who and what he is.

  17. He should be forced to resign. He no longer represents the people of Idaho he represents another government. He worships Satan, he wants you dead.

  18. Wow…..why would they even bother to invite him to attend, let alone SPEAK at that Luciferian Linkfest?
    This puts a whole new shade on this “conservative” senator.
    RINO is a species all to its own.
    We need a very clear and convincing explanation for this!

  19. He needs to be voted out of office! Just because he isn’t going to this evil forum doesn’t mean his heart has changed. He needs to leave Idaho!!!! Wish I could just tell him “YOU ARE FIRED Jim, you are no longer welcome here.” Get out Jim RINO Ricsh!
    God have mercy on these morons, thinking they can play God, how foolish!

  20. Hey Jimmy…you are a total fraud! I absolutely do not trust you. The book of Revelations in the Bible is very clear on the purpose of the WEF…to promote and establish a one world government. And America would give up it’s sovereignty in the process. Jimmy…you’re done. I think it would be best that you resign effective noon tomorrow. I look forward to hearing that announcement.

  21. Jim is a disgrace. He really wants to go and speak, and believes the spew coming from the WEF crowd. JIM IS A MAGGOT. There I said it.

  22. Risch needs to go away already. He ran over to Ukraine right before one of the multi billion dollar money drops to the laundry machine that is Ukraine. Rumor is that Risch was to speak at DEVOS about the need for the ILLEGAL aliens in states like Idaho. Get rid of this loser already.

  23. This is despicable that Rich even considered kneeling at the alter of the globalist WEF! It is time to compel him to be removed from office. His sellout conduct makes him much worse than a RINO. AND WHOSE DIME WAS SUPPOSED TO FINANCE HIS EXCURSION TO THIS ELITIST EXTRAVAGANZA? THE TAX PAYERS. Rich should NOT be tolerated to finish out hisvterm. Clearly, his loyalties are NOT to Idaho. That makes him a very dangerous parasite. A campaign to force his resignation must be launched.

  24. Idaho votes for big spending globalist war mongers, so a bump in the road for Risch is just optics since he does not say why you know it is not because he changed his mind about NWO takeover. RINOs never disapoint the globalists in the long run.

  25. The swamp creatures were well hidden for years, staying just below the surface of the murky waters, but since Trump began to shake things up, the creatures began to poke their heads up out of the water more and more, and some even came completely out of the water, fully exposing themselves. Risch is exposed now, so he may as well plan his departure. Now that we have seen his true nature, hopefully no one will vote for him again.

  26. Jim Risch is definitely one of the swamp creatures and defends his support of the USMCA by pretending that it’s a good deal for Idaho farmers and that it’s only about trade.I know that he knows better.

  27. Yes, shines a new light on his loyalties outside of Idaho and the United States. I was concerned about his support of all the spending in the Ukraine. Now I am terrified of what he is really up to. You are not allowed in the WEF unless you are part of the cult. To be chosen as a speaker should have all Idahoans up in arms! He is not representing us or Idaho he is representing the establishment of elites. We need to start working on a replacement with Conservative Christian values who puts America first over the NWO! So many elected politicians forget they are there to represent “We the People”

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