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Sen. Risch Clarifies Statement on 2020 Presidential Election Results

By • November 16, 2020

Some elected officials across America as well as the mainstream media are calling Joe Biden, “president-elect.” Other elected officials are saying to let the electoral college process play out before making that announcement.

A number of Idaho Dispatch readers sent us a remark being quoted in the “Spokesman-Review” by U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-ID).

Here is the quote from the Spokesman-Review:

This is my second transition where we move from one political party to another in the White House. After an election where you transition from one party to another, it is an entirely different feeling or dynamic. The cadence changes dramatically, and we’re in the process of that right now.

The quote was also picked up by Axios. Axios is listing Risch as one of the top Republicans who is acknowledging Joe Biden as “president-elect.”

Idaho Dispatch asked Risch’s office if he was accepting Joe Biden as the “president-elect” as the media is claiming and if they had any clarifying remarks. Here is what Risch’s office sent Idaho Dispatch:

I continue to support the President’s efforts to ensure an accurate vote count in the Presidential election. Regardless of what is reported by the media, the only entity with the constitutional authority to determine the President-elect is the electoral college who will meet on December 14th.

Risch is referring to the date when the electoral college will meet and we will see if a determination is made on who the president will be at that time. That individual will then become the “president-elect.”

While many media outlets are referring to Joe Biden as “president-elect”, the Idaho Dispatch will wait until after the electoral college process is complete before referring to anyone as president-elect.

Should the electoral college not choose a president based on the constitutional provisions laid out before them, we will then wait for the next step which is a selection of the next president by the U.S. House. The U.S. Senate would then choose the next Vice President.

What do you think of Risch’s clarifying remark? Do you consider Joe Biden “president-elect” or do you believe Americans should wait until the electoral college process has finished?

Let us know in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Sen. Risch Clarifies Statement on 2020 Presidential Election Results

  1. It’s all semantics really. When does Biden become President-elect? After it becomes apparent that he won the election in enough states to get 270 electoral votes? After those election results have been certified in late Nov? After the Electoral College actually votes in Dec? Or after the House counts the EC votes in Jan?

    He is effectively, though not officially, president-elect. Getting hung up on semantics may slow down the transition process, but it’s not going to change the ultimate outcome.

  2. I say that with the caveat that legal proceedings should be allowed to play out. A hallmark of our constitutional republic is that we allow disagreements to be brought to court so that the evidences can be brought to light and an objective decision be made. Even if the allegations are frivolous, this process removes doubt (on both sides) about the fairness of the election.

    At this point though, none of the legal allegations I’m aware of, would affect a sufficient number of votes to overturn the election. The most they can do is shed light on shady processes so that we can do better next time.

    1. There will be no process next time if this allows to stand. You seem to not realize that the foundation of our Republic is at risk. The Democrats do not care about rules, only about outcomes. They want power and influence.

  3. Limp wristed response, as I expected.

    Gear up Republicans, we will need BETTER, more engaged politicians the next go around. Legacy Republicans who are in bed with Deep State interests and willing to court the Left (see George Bush, Mitt Romney) NEED TO BE VOTED OUT.

    Trump’s legacy isn’t just his presidency. He created a populist movement that WILL NOT GO AWAY even if Trump does not win against the swamp this year.

  4. Is there an “acceptable” level of fraud? I have no faith in our elections, and they should be universally audited before any county certifies the results.

    I held my nose and voted for Risch to help President Trump keep a Senate majority. I won’t be making that mistake again.

  5. Risch is wrong. At this point the courts, and ultimately SCOTUS, will determine when the election is over and what the outcome is.

  6. This what he wrote me on 11-30-20 when i said he needs to support Trump. Kind of weak to me.

    Dear Delatorre
    Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding our elections.  I really appreciate hearing from you.
    Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy.  Faith in our election system can only be gained with full transparency of the voting process.  Every legal vote must be counted and every non-legal vote eliminated.  Claims of irregularities must be fully examined and then decided by the courts, based on the evidence presented.  Loss of confidence in the electoral system would be catastrophic for our country.
    Again, I really value your effort to get in touch with me to share your thoughts, as many Idahoans do.  Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future on this or other issues.
    Very Truly Yours

    James E. Risch
    United States Senator

  7. Risch and Crapo are both Part of the establishment. They talk a good game on radio interviews and say the right things that sound good. You never hear anything from them unless we push. They prefer to fly below the radar and stay in the Washington DC Club house. Good perks, contacts, benefits.

    I get the notion to vote them out, but also we need to hold the various branches to keep the left at bay for a bit longer.

    What it really takes is for all Idahoans to encourage strong conservative state leaders we know that have a passion for America First. When you see them in action, encourage and support them. Ask if they ever considered higher office. Otherwise we just keep electing placeholders and not leaders

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