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Sen. Nye (D-Pocatello): The Good, Bad, & Ugly of the 2021 Legislative Session

By • May 29, 2021

State Senator Mark Nye (D-Pocatello) has responded to the Idaho Dispatch’s “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” survey.

The survey is a simple way for legislators to let their constituents and Idahoans, in general, know what they felt were some of the highlights and lows of the 2021 legislative session.

All legislators from both political parties were sent the same survey.

Nye sent Idaho Dispatch answers to another survey he had already sent out. We plugged his answers into the Idaho Dispatch survey as best as they would fit. Here are Nye’s answers:

The Good: There was little to be proud of. This session was the longest in our State’s history. Bills were passed that never should have seen the light of day. Many will be found unconstitutional.

The first two months saw little accomplished. The Majority party holds 80% of the votes, but were fighting over control and some calling the governor a tyrant. It’s been called the worst session ever.

We had to fight to keep Public TV, funding for the libraries, the Office of the Attorney General and others. People forget that last summer a mob broke into the House gallery. Not a proud moment for Idaho.

The Bad & The Ugly:  I was outraged that $6 million for early childhood learning from the feds was rejected. And banging my head against the wall about what the 80% majority did to higher ed: The 80% saw conspiracies to brainwash our kids and make them into Nazis or Commies or Marxists. You couldn’t make this stuff up — but they did. With no facts.

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11 thoughts on “Sen. Nye (D-Pocatello): The Good, Bad, & Ugly of the 2021 Legislative Session

  1. Hush up bro. Maybe you should talk to Russ to see if he can talk to Brandi Swindell for you. They’re… “close”

  2. So many of the republicans in the house and especially the senate lean left or democrat it is time they are replaced with conservatives. The governor in many ways leans left or democratic also. He also needs to be replaced with a conservative.

    Mark Nye, thank you for responding to this survey, more need to.

    Idaho is a conservative state and becoming more so. We need our House, Senate, Executive and Judicial to represent this and follow the Constitution. We need the federal government out of the State of Idaho.

    The session was long because these facts are becoming self evident.

    It was a great session in that finally people stood up to start this change.

  3. I don’t care which party your from as long as you stay within the Constitution which puts limits on the Government not the people, Those people you are bashing are actually listening to their constituents, rinos and dems and even the Gov was trying to block the will of the people and all should either be fired no benefits. You have failed and sold yourselves out , have no integrity and no longer represent Idaho period. The only reason Chicken little wants state of emergency is that gene therapy they are calling a vaccine is limited to emergency use only, anyone that voted to keep us in state of emergency is trying to sell out Idahoans cause they have been compromised and are following whoever bought em’s orders.

  4. So Sen. Nye can’t understand it and is going to pout. The 80% were elected (our Selections) that is 4 to 1 that wants to follow God and the constitutional law.
    He can’t understand why conservatives do not want to sell their values and soles. Like 40 pieces of Silver. To compromise the future quality of what is taught (Often indoctrinated) thereby totally neglecting our child’s future.
    I feel anyone with such lack of value should be replaced ASAP.
    Also any elected official that voted to fund the schools pushing CRT. should be voted out. (On a rail) Do not forget the teachers that are to get raises for abandoning our kids and their jobs for a years

  5. Wow, now Bedke wants more control. He has been playing Nancy and blocking many items good for Idaho for too long.
    The Lt. Gov. has guts and integrity. I want her to take Chicken Little’s office. I want Pricilla Giddings as Lt. Gov. Seems all the leaders with mautcho are the women we chose. Thank you. I will carry water for you anytime.

  6. I would expect such comments coming from a Democrat. Nye, you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a liar if you think CRT has any place in Idaho.

  7. Mr. Nye, your lies and Marxist ideology have no place in Idaho. Neither does the teaching of critical race theory. The 80% you complain about are doing the work their constituents voted them in to do. You obviously do not care about what the majority of Idahoans want. You don’t represent us. You represent the corrupt politics in DC. You will not change the conservative values of Idahoans, nor will you change our way of life. Do us all a favor and sell your snake oil in some other state.

  8. This gentlemen looks like he has spent way too much time drinking the kool-aid.
    I hope Pocatello will see this mistake of a politician for what he is and remove him from office permanently. A nice retirement home in Nevada awaits him.

  9. Their was little to be proud of? You are correct sir, watching our corrupt government from local to federal wipe their ass with the constitution that they so despise the entire past year plus the shear cowardice and cult like behavior of a good many Americans leaves very little to be proud of. Knowing that you were to scared of a bad flu to do your job and you handed over all of your constituents representation to a corrupt executive while many of them had their lives upended by government (not the bad flu) shows you are no leader at all and have no business in your position.

  10. CRT, Social Justice indoctrination and the emergence of WOKEISM are real problems and have no place in Idaho or American life for that matter. I observed more than a few committee meetings on the Senate side of the building this session and decided early on the Senator Nye is a “go along to get along” democrat and a coward when called upon to defend rights and freedoms of his constituents and the citizens of our great state. How could the people of Pocatello have screwed this up so badly. Are they trying to turn their great city into a “Little Boise”? Like so many other legislators of his ilk he needs to go. Wake up Pocatello!!

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