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Sand Wins Libertarian Gubernatorial Nomination, Davison Wins Constitution Party of Idaho Nomination

By • May 20, 2022

Paul Sand has won the Libertarian Party of Idaho governor’s nomination, while Chantyrose Davison has won the Constitution Party of Idaho governor’s nomination.

The Libertarians had their first gubernatorial primary since 2002. Daniel Adams won that race over Michael Gollaher.

This year, Sand took on John Dionne Jr. Idaho Dispatch and had the opportunity to interview both candidates before the election. Libertarian voters Idaho Dispatch spoke with described Sand as more “left-leaning” and Dionne Jr. as more “right-leaning” on the Libertarian Party spectrum.

Sand defeated Dionne Jr. 60% to 40%, with 706 total votes being cast.

You can see the interview Sand did with Idaho Dispatch here:

In the Constitution Party of Idaho race, Davison beat well-known physician, Dr. Ryan Cole, 64% to 36%, with 535 votes being cast.

Cole ended up filing as a write-in after he made the deadline to be on the ballot but had not changed his party affiliation as is required by law.

Davison is from Owyhee County and has said she is tired of seeing people with nothing to lose having control over the state. Davison also says that as governor, she wants to keep Idahoans educated on what is happening in their state but do so on a level everyone can understand.

Idaho Dispatch has not yet interviewed Davison, but we will do one in the coming months. We will also reach out to other gubernatorial candidates we have not yet had a chance to interview.

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