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Roe v. Wade Overturned as Idaho Politicians and Groups React

By • June 24, 2022

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade by a 5-4 majority and moved the decision on abortion lawmaking back to each individual state.

While Chief Justice John Roberts agreed with the Mississippi case’s judgment, he did not support the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Roberts was the only Republican-nominated justice that did not support overturning Roe v. Wade.

Today’s official decision from the Supreme Court comes after a draft opinion was leaked to the public in May. The leaker of that document has not yet been revealed.

Idaho lawmakers and organizations are reacting to Roe v. Wade being overturned.

Governor Brad Little praised the ruling, stating,

I join many in Idaho and across the country today in welcoming the high court’s long awaited decision upholding state sovereignty and protecting preborn lives. The decision provides clarity around landmark cases at the center of passionate debate in our country for nearly five decades. This is now clear – the ‘right’ to an abortion was a judicial creation. Abortion is not a right expressed in the U.S. Constitution, and abortion will be entrusted to the states and their people to regulate.

Idaho has been at the forefront of enacting new laws to protect preborn babies. The pro-life bill I signed into law in 2020 will go into effect later this summer.

Today’s decision is the culmination of pro-life efforts to defend the defenseless – preborn babies who deserve protection. It also is affirmation of states’ rights, a fundamental aspect of our American government.

However, we fully acknowledge this monumental moment in our country’s history means we must confront what know will be growing needs for women and families in the months and years ahead. We absolutely must come together like never before to support women and teens facing unexpected or unwanted pregnancies. Families, churches, charities, and local and state government must stand ready to lift them up and help them and their families with access to adoption services, healthcare, financial and food assistance, counseling and treatment, and family planning. We are being called to support women and our fellow community members in extraordinary new ways, and I’m confident Idahoans are ready to meet this responsibility with love and compassion.

U.S. Senator Jim Risch released the following statement on Twitter:

Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided in 1973, resulting in the deaths of millions of unborn babies over nearly half a century. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court took a major step to right that wrong, ruling that the U.S. Constitution does not provide for a right to an abortion. The Court’s decision recognizes that states have an interest in protecting life at all stages of development by giving Americans the power to decide this matter at the state-level through their elected representatives.

The most basic right we as humans have is the right to life. I have immense empathy for any expecting mother in difficult circumstances. As the greatest country in the history of human civilization, we should support those mothers to the best of our ability.

Congressman Russ Fulcher said the following on his Twitter account,

Today’s historic announcement by the Supreme Court on Dobbs v. Jackson – where the Court upheld Mississippi’s pro-life law and overturned Roe v Wade – is a momentus victory for life and an affirmation of our federalist system. States, as the Constitutionally prescribed authority on this matter, will now have the opportunity to enact policies that promote a culture of life. Since the Roe decision in 1973, America has endured the tragedy of some 63 million abortions. I am proud that Idaho has already enacted legislation that prohibits abortion upon the repeal of Roe.

At the time of this writing, Congressman Mike Simpson and U.S. Senator Mike Crapo have not released any statements on Roe v. Wade being overturned.

The Idaho Democrat Party released a statement denouncing the Supreme Court’s decision. It said, in total,

Idaho Democratic Party Chair Lauren Necochea released the following statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, ending the constitutional right to an abortion:

I never expected to see such a grave rollback of our rights in the 21st Century. I am shocked that young Americans just lost rights that their parents were guaranteed and for which their grandparents fought.

Today’s decision overturns 50 years of established reproductive freedoms and starts the clock on a terrifying countdown here in Idaho. In 30 short days, a trigger law banning safe and legal abortions will go into effect, stripping away Idahoans’ reproductive rights. This law is especially cruel because it only applies to those who don’t have the resources to find a way around it. People with means will be able to flee the state to receive abortion care, while Idahoans facing low wages, including a disproportionate share of people of color, will face involuntary pregnancy.

Roe v. Wade protected our state from the most extreme positions of its Republican lawmakers. Idahoans are losing this protection just as the Republican supermajority is becoming increasingly radicalized. The Idaho Republican Party platform seeks to completely eliminate access to abortion care, even in the tragic cases of rape and incest. We have seen Republican legislators bring bills that would put patients on trial for murder if they receive abortions. We must brace for more extreme measures to follow this ban.

Taking away the right to a safe and legal abortion is only the beginning. Access to different types of birth control and in vitro fertilization are now at risk as well as other freedoms based on our right to privacy.

Idahoans can no longer rely on the courts to protect their rights. The only way we can win back our reproductive rights is by electing Democrats across the state.

Idaho Democrats will continue to fight for the reproductive rights and freedoms of all Idahoans for as long as it takes. We stand with the majority of Idahoans who believe people should have access to all of the reproductive health care options available, including abortion.


The Idaho Republican Party has not released a statement at this time.

The Idaho House and Senate Democrats released a statement denouncing the decision. Their complete statement reads,

Today is a dark day in the history of our country. The Supreme Court has struck down Roe vs. Wade, meaning millions of women have lost their constitutionally protected right to abortion access. Women in Idaho are among those who have lost this fundamental right.

The misguided decision will not end abortions. One in four women will have an abortion in their lifetime and today’s decision is unlikely to alter that. Instead, it takes away access to safe abortion care from millions of American women. The ending of constitutional protections for abortion rights harms in particular low-income women who do not have the resources to flee their home state in search of safe abortion care.

“The Supreme Court just made millions of women second-class citizens,” said House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel. “In reversing 50 years of precedent, the Court has eviscerated the fundamental Constitutional right to privacy, opening the door to big government to police the intimate details of our personal lives. Unfortunately, Idaho’s GOP politicians have proven themselves eager to flex this power – in recent years pushing to tell Idahoans what medical care they can seek, who they can love and marry, what books their kids can read and more, and have already taken steps to force women through pregnancy and childbirth against their will as soon as Roe is overturned. Idahoans can count on Idaho Democrats to continue fighting to keep government out of their private lives, and the more seats we win, the more freedom we can deliver.”

Deaths from unsafe abortions have declined dramatically since Roe v. Wade was decided and expanded access to safe, legal abortion. Studies show states with the most draconaian laws against safe and legal abortion are also the states where women suffer from lower levels of education and higher levels of poverty. States with more abortion restrictions also have higher rates of maternal and infant mortality.

Idaho is one of those states. The Idaho Legislature has passed two trigger laws that outlaw access to abortion care while doing nothing to improve health care access or outcomes or to reduce the need for abortion. Within a few weeks, safe and legal abortion will no longer be available in this state.

“Today’s decision will have especially dangerous consequences for the women and girls living in states like Idaho,” Senator Mellissa Wintrow said. “The only thing standing between them and forced pregnancy and birth – even in the case of rape and inscest – was the constitutional protections of Roe v. Wade. Now that’s gone.”

Looking forward, state lawmakers have proposed and introduced legislation that would bring criminal penalties against women who seek an abortion. They will certainly bring similar bills in the next legislative session.

Idaho Democrats respect and understand that individuals may have personally held religious beliefs. But those religious beliefs should not be imposed on their fellow citizens. Idaho Democrats will zealously fight for fundamental constitutional rights and protections from governmental overreach such as this.

“The government has no business interfering in a personal medical decision between a woman and her doctor,” Rep. James Ruchti said. “No business. That’s not how we do things in Idaho.

Idaho Chooses life praised the decision. Additionally, the organization said it helped pass a “trigger bill” that would restrict most abortions if Roe v. Wade were to be overturned.

Here is Idaho Chooses Life’s full statement:

Idaho Chooses Life Executive Director David Ripley issued a statement this morning in response to news that the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe and Casey in its new ruling on abortion.

“We are overjoyed by the news that the great injustice of Roe has finally been acknowledged bythe high court,” Ripley said. “We have long known that this day would come because America is better than the industrialized destruction of preborn children.”

“There are many people to thank for this historic development, but the highest truth is that God has heard the cries of faithful Christians over many decades,” Ripley said. “We still live in
Biblical Times.”

“Now the real work of the pro-Life movement begins,” he continued. “We recognize that some will be angered and shocked by today’s ruling. We must open our hearts and homes to women
in need; we must be prepared to welcome these babies spared from abortion into the human family.”

Idaho Chooses Life sponsored legislation in the 2020 Session that will automatically ban most abortions in Idaho following today’s ruling.

“We are grateful to our pro-Life leaders in Idaho who had the foresight to prepare for this momentous day. Thousands of babies will now be allowed to live and grow up in Idaho. The future of our state is suddenly much brighter.

What are your thoughts on Roe v. Wade being overturned?

Let us know in the comments.

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21 thoughts on “Roe v. Wade Overturned as Idaho Politicians and Groups React

  1. Anyone else a little concerned about Little’s statement? He makes it sound like the new law will take precedence over the old law. The old law stated that 30 days after Idaho obtained the right to enforce such a law, all abortion (excluding the first trimester when the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest) was illegal. The new law that he spoke of in his statement is that only once a heartbeat is detected, only then would abortion be illegal. It also says that rape and incest is allowed always, not just during the first trimester. Is Little about to remove our old more strict law to enforce his newer law that still allows abortion?

    1. The question that should be asked but has not is Who will be forced to pay for the societal costs of the who be daddy babies and their mommas?

    2. You have mentioned some tough issues. I don’t support or endorse elective abortion. I feel that if two people are going to have sex then be ready for the possible consequences of their decisions.

      However, rape, incest, or when a pregnancy is proven to be high-risk enough to endanger the Mother should be allowed in some way with the provision of state law. This type of decision is a heavy one and should be between the parents of the unborn child, including education, prayer, and religious/other counseling.

  2. To the democratic party, I say, “Bye Felicia”! Oregon eagerly awaits your arrival!!!

    To those who think this is a travesty, perhaps you and your partner should take the proper precautions if the two of you aren’t ready for children!

    If you can’t take such simple, easily accessible steps to protection, then you shouldn’t be having sex at all! This ain’t rocket science, folks!!! Is it really more important to have access to abortion than access to birth control?

  3. Yes, Little’s statement is concerning. Is he planning a whole new bureaucracy with those millions of our money he is hoarding? The truth is, this decision is about limited federal government and it has far-reaching implications well beyond abortion. Roe v. Wade was not based even remotely on the US Constitution and should never have been decided by the Supremes.

  4. It goes back to Idaho who has 2 trigger laws, however I think along with it needs to be EDUCATION for mothers who use abortion as birth control or chemical birth control. ADOPTION is the ONLY way if you can’t get an abortion!

    1. Boo hoo for the taxpayers paying the costs of the who be daddy babies. These women not using birth control aren’t the brightest lights on the strings

  5. Apparently Chicken Little still thinks like a liberal. This was a great decision that should have immediately stopped the murder of babies in Idaho. If someone becomes pregnant, it’s their responsibility not mine, not yours. If churches or individuals want to help, great. But you cannot force anyone to take care of careless individuals. What is even more ridiculous, is the statement from Idaho democrats. They cry about individuals losing their choice. There never was a constitutional right to murder babies, it was simply a court decision that allowed it. Now individuals will run for office and have to publicly admit they support murdering babies.

  6. It is NOT what YOU or I think… It is what GOD proclaims in his Word (the Scriptures) that matters.
    GOD makes it VERY clear that we are NOT to “Shed innocent blood”! (KILL THE UNBORN) Don’t argue with me… Take up YOUR issue with Almighty GOD

  7. Now, let’s focus on the real issue. Unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. Pregnancy from rape and incest accounts for less than 1% of abortions.

  8. The question that needs be asked but is not ,,, , Who will be forced to pay for the cradle to grave and societal costs of the who be daddy babies?

  9. Thankfully, this is the end of that FRAUD David Ripley and hi RINO money laundering operation. Good riddance, David! You suck!

  10. Who will take care care of the babies? I know many couples who yearn to adopt. Adoption can be a blessing for birth mothers and adoptive parents, and especially for babies who are placed in loving homes instead of terminated.

  11. Supreme Court Ruling Exposes Christian Men

    One of the Greatest Things that was Just Exposed, and or will be getting More Exposed Going Forward, is the Outright Willingness of Christian Men in Idaho , and in many more States as well, their Outright Willingness to Give Up Their God Given Authority as a Husband over their Wife, and as a Father over their Daughter, to actually give their God Given Authority over unto the Republican Led State of Idaho.

    Republican Led States, many of them, not just Idaho, are now moving to Ban abortion under Any Circumstance, even if one of the Criminal Illegal Alien Rapist that the Biden Administration is probably releasing into the country gets a hold of the Christian mans wife, and then Impregnates her through Raping her.

    The Republican Led States, many of them, Idaho being one of them, Are Now Telling All Married Men that if their Wife gets Raped, and it results in their Wife Getting Pregnant, that Their God Given Authority Over Their Own Wife is now made Null and Void, the Husbands Opinion on what should be done With His Own Wife is now Irrelevant, it is as if the Husband Does Not Even Exit, as the Republican Led States, many of them, including Idaho, is now saying, Your Wife Is Now The Property Of The State.

    This also applies to a Father of a Daughter.

    It seems at this time that Brad Little and Ammon Bundy, candidates for Governor in Idaho, want this kind of power over the Wife/Daughter of Idaho’s Husbands and Fathers.

    Look now though, at Just How Easy it really is for these Republican Led States, like Idaho, to get Christian Men to Give Up Their God Given Authority Over Their Own Wife/Daughter unto the Republican Led State, in fact many Christian Men, thus revealing their complete ignorance of the situation of what is really happening, are actually Celebrating that the Republican Led State is now telling them that it Will Take Away Their God Given Authority Over Their Own Wife/Daughter.

    Many individuals today actually think that the Republican Led States, like Idaho, is now attacking the rights of a woman, when the real truth of the matter is, these States are now attacking the God Given Authority of a Husband over his Own Wife, and Father over his Own Daughter.

    Christian men and women, a very deceived bunch, Will Indeed Worship The Biblical Beast Better Than Most, in fact in Idaho it seems that they Will Actually Show Others The Way on How It Is To Be Done.

  12. The problem I see is who will pay the welfare costs for the mommas and the who be daddy babies? These women mostly aren’t the highest IQ people in society.

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