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Republicans See Large Increase in Idaho Primary Turnout as Democrat Numbers Dropped Significantly

By • May 21, 2022

The number of Republican voters from the 2022 primary election compared to the 2018 primary was much higher, while Democrats saw a drop in turnout.

In 2018, Republicans had a turnout of approximately 194,000 voters for the primary. This year, turnout for Republicans hit over 280,000 voters.

Several factors could have led to the increase in Republican turnout.

First, Idaho’s population continues to grow rapidly, increasing the number of voters in the state. Second, the number of groups who spent large amounts of money for the primary election was higher than in previous primary elections. Additionally, some crossover voters from the Democrat party and new voters who were previously unaffiliated and changed to Republican account for some of the increase.

Democrats, in comparison, had a turnout of approximately 66,000 voters in 2018, but less than half that number voted this year, with just 31,000 voters.

Part of the decline in Democrat numbers could have been that only one candidate was listed on the ballot, Stephen Heidt.

Two other candidates ran in the Democrat race, but both were write-in candidates, which are considered more difficult campaigns to run, especially since their names don’t appear for voters to see. Instead, voters have to write the name of their preferred candidate on the ballot.

Shelby Rognstad, the mayor of Sandpoint, had launched his campaign last fall but had failed to register as a Democrat. According to the Secretary of State’s office, Rognstad was a registered Republican on the last day of filing.

The other write-in candidate, Dave Reilly, was also a Republican before changing to Democrat and running on the Democrat ticket.

In addition to the lack of candidates listed on the ballot, some Democrats had switched over to the Republican party to vote in the primary.

It remains to be seen what the general election will hold for both parties in the mid-terms. However, on a national scale, polling suggests Republicans will take the U.S. House and possibly the U.S. Senate.

Here in Idaho, it is unclear what redistricting will mean for portions of the state that are considered “swing” districts.

Republicans already have a majority for the 2023 session as Democrats did not file in enough races that Republicans were guaranteed to run the statehouse once again as the “majority.”

What do you think will happen in the 2022 general election? Let us know in the comments below.

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13 thoughts on “Republicans See Large Increase in Idaho Primary Turnout as Democrat Numbers Dropped Significantly

  1. Crossover voting happens all the time in states with open primaries. I meet enough people here and have in the past two years to have predicted the results pretty accurately. There were few surprises in this election, particularly with the big ticket races. Yea Labrador!

  2. With the Liberals running in the general election that call themselves Republicans: Governor, LT Governor, Secretary of State, US 2nd congressional district, US Senate, etc.etc. there is longer reason to identify as Democrat.

  3. Dems always have a strategy. They’ve leased 7000’+ office space. We are purple and they will use all the tricks to succeed, even switching to dilute the vote of Republicans in the primary.

  4. The people of Idaho are self deceived. They think they are safe because Idaho is GOP. The truth is our people follow the world and not God. We tolerate baby murder, sexual perversion, theft via government, and big-time lying. Only about 20% in my opinion are trying to follow the attitude of Jesus. Thankfully we have Ammon Bundy, Steve OH Cleveland (US Senate) and others to vote for in November.

    1. Agreed ! Even when shown the links to our sitting governors partnership with the World Economic Forum – they still voted for him.

  5. We have to fix that Primary loophole and many others before more damage can be done. Too bad not enough people realize how politically ignorant Idaho is in general. The Left takes advantage of that fact.

  6. While all of the factors listed in the GOP turnout are likely true, I think the Dem crossover to vote in the GOP primary is one of the most crucial and one of the most worrisome. Dems who fail to make their own case for their own candidates are all too often trying to ensure that the “most Dem-like” person on the GOP ticket gets on the ballot.

  7. You can be sure that many Dems registered as GOP to vote in the primaries. The bigger question is motive. They switched because:
    – They are following Kustra’s lead to keep RINOs in power and Freedom candidates out of power
    – They may actually feel concerned about Left takeover of Dems and see themselves as “moderates” and are now “legit” GOP “moderates” in their own minds
    – Some may have been awakened to the Marxist takeover and may have voted FOR Freedom candidates
    – Some or many non-affiliates switched to GOP to vote FOR Freedom candidates and remove RINOs (that would be me)

  8. This would be because we have no laws preventing party switching by Democrats, which is 100 percent the reason Little won the primary. Democrats are the lowest, most immoral, most unethical creatures to roam the planet.

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