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Republican Primary Prosecutor Races Across Idaho

By • April 24, 2024

Several Idaho counties have contested races for the position of County Prosecutor in the upcoming Republican primary election. Here we feature a few of them across the state.

Canyon County – Christopher Boyd vs. Greg Chaney.

Boyd, who began his prosecuting career in Canyon County, then served in Adams County, is now running again in Canyon. According to his website,

“Mr. Boyd started his prosecuting career in 2013 in Canyon County, where he tried 38 jury trials on crimes ranging from domestic violence to DUIs to murders. In Caldwell he earned a reputation as a tough trial attorney who is always willing to fight for victims. Boyd was known for honesty and holding police officers to high ethical standards.

​In 2018, Boyd became the Prosecuting Attorney for Adams County, where he tried another 17 jury trials to verdict and has been tapped to handle some of the toughest cases for neighboring counties. As counsel for the county, Boyd has saved his county millions in civil verdicts, holding other parties’ feet to the fire for his constituents. He has provided highly competent legal counsel in civil litigation and has achieved notable victories litigating against the federal government.

​He serves on CPAC’s National Prosecutors & Law Enforcement Advisory Council for the American Conservative Union and has served on the Board of the Idaho Prosecuting Attorney’s Association.”

Chaney served in the Idaho Legislature and practices law privately. His site explains,

“As a four-term legislator, Greg helped write the law and as the owner of a successful law practice, he has helped implement it. Greg has witnessed the law from many different angles and has managed a team of attorneys in his firm. He will bring the fresh perspective of an aggressive litigator to the Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

Accountability is the cornerstone of criminal justice. It is impossible to modify criminal behavior without sufficient accountability. Greg will hold lawbreakers accountable and insist on a prosecuting attorney’s office that models the accountability it expects of others.”

Bannock County – Erin Tognetti vs. Ian Johnson.

Tognetti is a Northern California native who worked her way to Senior Deputy Prosecutor for Bannock County. Her website says,

“By April of 2021, Erin and her husband made the move to Pocatello and Erin began her job as a Senior Deputy Prosecutor for Bannock County.

Erin immediately took over one of the weightiest caseloads – cases involving sexual abuse of children, rape, and other violent offenses. Erin proved a perfect fit for these difficult cases from the outset, proving herself to be both compassionate and determined in seeking justice for victims. Erin has tried nearly twenty cases in her three years with the office – refusing to make plea agreements that did not achieve just resolutions and vigorously advocating for substantial prison sentences for child abusers.”

A website could not be found for Johnson, but this article from East Idaho News features answers to questions from both candidates.

Bonneville County – John Malek vs. Randy Neal

Malek’s bio on the website for his private law firm describes his military experience and career.

“He has worked diligently from both sides of the justice system to ensure those facing administrative and legal actions receive fair and ethical treatment, ensuring their rights are protected at all times. During his tenure in active duty, John was the leading attorney for over 100 Court-Martials, handling cases involving murder, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. This experience allowed him to critically view the UCMJ and the correct application of charges. He has successfully protected his clients from false accusations of sexual harassment, including full withdrawal of investigation, charges, and formal apology of the initiating command. John has also achieved retention for Airmen being reviewed for administrative separation for fraudulent enlistment while also safeguarding their career from further inquiry on the conduct. He has secured Honorable service characterizations in discharges, which allow members to retain full VA benefits, and has even secured voluntary separations for members during pending sexual assault allegations. Throughout his active-duty career, John was heavily involved in advising leadership on the correct and fair application of the military justice system. John entered onto active duty as an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) missile officer, protecting the nation against all threats, he now works solely to protect your career and reputation against all threats.”

Neal’s private practice website describes his background which includes, in part,

“I served as a major felonies prosecutor in Idaho Falls for the Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. I took a significant number of high-profile cases to trial with an extremely high success rate. I was named Prosecutor of the Year by the International Association of Arson Investigators.

In 2008, I served with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as Assistant Chief Counsel for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I routinely represented the Department before the nation’s immigration courts.

In 2010, I founded my own law practice. I am admitted to practice law in eleven jurisdictions and have represented clients throughout the country.”

Several Idaho counties have uncontested primary prosecutor races – these individuals do not have primary challengers: Stanley Mortensen of Kootenai, Andrakay Pluid of Boundary, Jan Bennetts of Ada, and Matt Fredback of Blaine.

What is happening with the office of County Prosecutor in your Idaho county?


Feature photo of Bonneville County courtroom, courtesy of East Idaho News

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6 thoughts on “Republican Primary Prosecutor Races Across Idaho

  1. Vote for Atty. True Pearce for prosecutor in Washington County. We have had a prosecutor that hasn’t prosecuted anything for YEARS. Now it’s time to get someone that will.

  2. After all we’ve seen in other states…make sure there is NO Soros money backing any of the candidates you plan on voting for.

    1. octobergirl ” make sure there is NO Soros money backing any of the candidates you plan on voting for. ” How do we do this ? Idaho Dispatch give no idea as to who etc. is behind these candidates per say. We know who’s running in Bannock County, just not much of anything about their backing or ideology etc.

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