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Rep. von Ehlinger Takes 2nd Polygraph, Boise Police Re-Open Investigation

By • April 25, 2021

A public hearing on an ethics complaint against Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger (R-Lewiston) is scheduled for April 28 at 8:00 a.m. MST at the Idaho capitol.

The hearing will be conducted by the House Ethics Committee. Idaho Dispatch will try to broadcast the hearing but it should also be available to watch online through the legislative website.

Additional information has now come forward since the first article Idaho Dispatch wrote regarding the ethics hearing which the committee says they are looking into because von Ehlinger has “possibly engaged in conduct unbecoming a Representative” according to the complaint.

Idaho Dispatch has now obtained a document showing the results of a second polygraph test that von Ehlinger took earlier last week with the same company that conducted the first test.

Von Ehlinger, several weeks after the House leadership complaint was made against him, took a polygraph test with Clifford “Chip” Morgon. Morgon was a detective and polygraph examiner, according to the report, with the Boise Police Department. He served with the department from 1975 to 2006 according to the polygraph report.

In this polygraph conducted by Morgon, von Ehlinger answered the following four questions.

  1. Are you going to tell me the truth about the comments [redacted] made to you on March 9th, 2021? Answered: Yes

  2. Did you hear her say that she vaped marijuana in the State Capitol building? Answered: Yes

  3. Did you hear her say she could make your life a living Hell? Answered: Yes

  4. Did you hear her say that Jason Monks gave her money? Answered: Yes

In the “Conclusion” portion of the report, Morgon states the following result in his “Professional Opinion”:

I believe that the examinee is being TRUTHFUL (emphasis added by Morgon) to the tested issues.

Aaron von Ehlinger showed no significant reactions to the relevant questions detailed above. The absence of reaction is consistent with truthfulness and this examinee should be regarded as being truthful to the tested issues.

The questions above appear to be derived from a letter von Ehlinger’s legal team had previously sent to House Ethics Committee Chairman Rep. Sage Dixon (R-Ponderay) earlier this month.

Von Ehlinger claimed in the letter that the woman told him at his apartment that she could make his life a living hell. Additionally, during their dinner earlier in the evening, von Ehlinger claims that the woman told him that Rep. Jason Monks (R-Meridian) had given her money for lunch and that he let her keep the change which she then allegedly used to pay her Les Schwab bill.

Finally, von Ehlinger also claims in the letter that the woman told him the following statement about vaping marijuana in the capitol:

I smoke weed. I smoke a lot of weed. I have two ounces in my house right now. I vape weed in the Capitol building all the time when I’m working.

It should be noted that polygraphs are not admissible in court in the state of Idaho. However, because the hearing this week is not a legal proceeding, the polygraphs could be brought forward by von Ehlinger’s legal team if they so choose.

In addition to von Ehlinger’s second polygraph test, the Boise Police Department says they have re-opened the investigation.

The original complaint sent forward from Idaho House leaders stated that they did not do an ethics hearing previously because the Boise Police department had an open investigation into the rape accusation against von Ehlinger by a 19-year-old woman who is a volunteer staffer at the capitol.

That investigation was halted, presumably at the request of the woman, after less than one week.

Now that the investigation has been re-opened, Idaho Dispatch reached out to the Boise Police Department to try and find out if there was a specific reason the investigation was re-opened. Additionally, we wanted to find out if there was a specific person who requested that the investigation be re-opened.

The Boise Police Department has not yet responded to these questions and may not as active investigations typically allow law enforcement and prosecutors (by law) to not disclose information until a case is closed.

Idaho Dispatch also sent an email to Rep. Sage Dixon (R-Sagle) to find out if the committee intended to delay the hearing because the Boise Police Department re-opened their investigation. Dixon told Idaho Dispatch,

Due to the fact that this is a matter internal to the House of Representatives, we are moving forward with our action despite the reopening of the criminal case.

Idaho Dispatch has been unable to find any additional public information put out by the woman or her attorney regarding this case. If anyone has contact information or a statement put out by the woman or her attorney, please send it to

Idaho Dispatch will continue to post any additional information that comes forward.

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