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Rep. Scott Introduces Resolution to End Little’s Emergency Order

By • January 12, 2021

Idaho Dispatch has been interviewing a number of Idaho lawmakers for the 2021 legislative session.

From the interviews we have conducted with legislators so far, several of the same ideas are discussed by many of them. One of those ideas is to end Governor Brad Little’s emergency order which has Idaho under a “state of emergency.”

Lawmakers over the last few months have expressed concern over the ongoing emergency order without their legislative input.

Today, Rep. Heather Scott (R-Dist. 1) introduced a concurrent resolution that would end the emergency order immediately upon its passage.

Scott introduced the “RS” this morning in the House State Affairs Committee. An “RS” is when a bill/resolution is introduced to a committee wherein the committee decides if the bill will get a public hearing.

If the committee agrees to hear the bill/resolution, it will be assigned a number that is not currently available for Scott’s RS.

Idaho Dispatch did sit down with Scott to discuss her proposal and what she would like to see happen during the 2021 Idaho legislative session.

Here is Idaho Dispatch’s interview with Scott:

Idaho Dispatch did reach out to Little’s office to see if he had any comment on the proposal.

Little’s Press Secretary, Marissa Morrison Hyer, informed Idaho Dispatch that the governor does not comment on pending legislation and will only comment after he has either signed or vetoed any particular piece of legislation.

It should be noted that because Scott’s proposal is a concurrent resolution, it would not go to Little’s desk and a veto is not possible.

Do you believe Idaho’s state of emergency should be ended? Let us know in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “Rep. Scott Introduces Resolution to End Little’s Emergency Order

  1. This order is well overdue to expire. We have a right to normalcy and I am sick and tired of the people that feel they have the right to bully anyone who is tired of being held down by the local and state governments. I’m done with mask orders and I am more than done with the systemic killing of small businesses.

  2. It’s past time for Idaho to get back to normal. If the reps in Boise really wanted to help cut down on the covid, they would close “ALL” state parks to out of staters. Last year resident from Idaho could not get a camping spot in the panhandle because of people from Washington coming here since Washington is closed

  3. First, end this state of emergency.
    Second, reduce the state sales tax from 6% to 5% as there is a $630,000,000 overtaxing of our citizens (referred to in politics as a “budget surplus”).
    Third, repeal ID Code 39-401 through 39-426 as district health departments have now proven themselves to be foils for the theft of liberty from individuals.
    Fourth, repeal ID Code 46-601 through 46-609 before our governor thinks that the flu is a good reason to declare martial law.
    Fifth, end every Idaho State Legislative session by no later than March 15th.

  4. I think Chicken Little has done nothing but make the people of Idaho suffer. This State of Emergency should have ended months ago.

  5. It’s long overdue! While our government continues to receive a paycheck, many people do not. We don’t want a hand out, we want to earn a living. You are also responsible for bankrupting many businesses. Covid is the flu and many people die from the flu every year. Yes it is bad for some but has a high, 98% plus survival rate. Mask cause a decrease in immune systems.
    My mask is my immune system. This has been a con job on the US citizens. Fear, control, manipulate! The new world order…I don’t see it happening.

  6. The day when Gov. Little went down to Mountain Home and stood next to the military man in fatigues to announce his heavy hand of restrictions on Idaho, our governor showed his overreach. Reporters repeatedly asked him that day if he would use the National Guard to force us to bow down and the governor never did answer. Our governor is much better than than the two to the west of our state but we need him to be even better.
    Freedom from this state of emergency that should have never happened.

  7. Lock down should of never been put on Idahoans to begin with. We don’t need governors acting as dictators. This mask BS needs to end as well. Studies don’t back up what the little man at the CDC says, even from his own CDC.

  8. What is the committee this was introduced to and who are the members of the committee? We need to apply some pressure to those members now.

  9. End the Emergency order now, and forever prevent a similarly callous tyrant like Governor Little from imposing one again. The executive branch should be investigated by the legislature to bring to light any criminal mischief (bribes, inducements, threats) connected with the lockdowns and intimidation of local Health District boards.

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