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Rep. Greg Chaney Files to Run for State Senate in Potential New District 11

By • November 17, 2021

Rep. Greg Chaney (R-Caldwell) has filed to run for State Senate in what would be the new District 11.

If the new proposed map is officially confirmed, the new legislative district currently has only two incumbents in it, Chaney and Rep. Julie Yamamoto (R-Caldwell).

Chaney teased an election announcement on Twitter earlier today. After searching on the Idaho Secretary of State’s website, a new C1 has been filed for Chaney as a candidate for State Senate.

The lines for current legislative boundaries are expected to change dramatically next year. As a result, current elected officials must decide if they will run for the same office in the new district, a different office in the new district, a different elected position outside the legislature, or announce they will not run for office again.

Chaney joins Rep. Ben Adams (R-13), who has also said he is running for State Senate in his new district.

Other elected officials have chosen to run for different offices altogether, such as Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R-White Bird), Rep. Dorothy Moon (R-Stanley),  and Sen. Mary Souza (R-Coeur d’Alene). Giddings is running to be the next Lt. Governor, an open race due to Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin (R) presumably challenging Gov. Brad Little (R) for the governorship and both Moon and Souza running for Secretary of State.

Chaney has been serving in the Idaho House since 2014.

Here is a screenshot of Chaney’s C1 filings on the Idaho Secretary of State’s website:

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10 thoughts on “Rep. Greg Chaney Files to Run for State Senate in Potential New District 11

  1. Chaney is a huge piece of shit. Idaho legislature is full of pieces of shit like Chaney, we need to send all of these people back to private life. I don’t think there is any more patience for these Federal money loving Rinos

  2. You are tied with 7 other republican legislators at the bottom of the heep. Your Freedom Index is below poor at 25%. To refresh your memory of just how bad that is, (Nancy Pelosi Kangaroo Court Scott Bedke) has the same dismal score.

    Why don’t you simply resign and let a actual conservative have a go at it.

    1. You’d think they would refrain from throwing their hats into an already crowded ring, ID7, but I guess a lack of common sense and a healthy dose of self-righteousness provokes people like Chaney to further dilute the votes.

      There HAS to be some sort of money-making scam by running for an office! There is literally no reason for someone like Chaney to run, he HAS to know he will not win, yet here he is!!!

      I’d love to see where every penny he has to his name came from, both before and after the elections!!!

  3. I 2nd that. CHANEY IS A HUGE PIECE OF SHIT. You see all the votes no’s from yesterday he did against our vaccine and masks freedoms ??? Idaho’ LIZ CHANEY!

    Liz (Greg) Chaney

  4. Where can I help to derail and defeat Liz Greg Chaney ? Worthless Politician !

    We need him the hell out. As we do Patti Lodge !

  5. That’s all we need. Another boot licking RINO sycophantic fool of low/no integrity in the Idaho State Senate.
    All excremental references aside. Cheney is a criminal domestic abuser, a coward, a liar, a hypocrite AND a lowlife piece of €£¥#. He’s done untold damage and trampled on the rights of every Idahoan while licking the tasseled loafers of his master, Scott Bedke. The soon to be ex-speaker knows a slobbering sycophant when he sees one. We can only hope that the good people of D17 Canyon County have had enough of this little turd and send him packing.

      1. Honestly, would not put it past him. Both of these low life grifters need to get out of politics and tough it out in the real world,. Each have repeatedly shown their contempt for women and humanity during the course of their private and political lives.
        Calling these two ‘pieces of shit’ actually is an insult to excrement.

  6. Greg chaney is great. he beats his wife and threatens his kids. even his mom does not believe in him. way to go Idaho republicans. you sure know how to pick them!

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