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Rep. Adams (R-Nampa) to Idaho House: “Either lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way…”

By • April 6, 2021

The Idaho legislature is back in session after a two-week recess.

Prior to that, a number of lawmakers said they had tested positive for Covid-19. The break was rare as the legislature is usually in session for just a few months at the beginning of the year and then doesn’t return until the following year.

Today, the legislature reconvened with a number of issues still to be resolved such as education and transportation.

During the first House floor session, Rep. Ben Adams (R-Nampa) asked for several minutes to address the body before the recessed for lunch.

For about 3 1/2 minutes, Adams brought up the issue of liberty and mentioned that the legislature should be focused on that as the end goal of the government citing Patrick Henry.

You can watch Adam’s full speech here (story continues below):

At the close of Adam’s speech, he told the Idaho House,

Hear me now! Either lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way, because you cannot spend the people’s money and buy them with their own money forever.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Adams to find out what spurred his speech. Here was the response Adams sent Idaho Dispatch:

The reason for addressing the legislature today was simple. We must reclaim our State Sovereignty and re-establish the sovereignty of the individual. There are far too many sell-outs in politics who don’t have a firm grasp of where we as a nation came from (or don’t care), and the price our founders were willing to pay to keep Liberty. Self-determination is a hallmark of our Republic, and therefore the concept of mandatory vaccinations to gain access to basic accommodations is appalling and sounds more like something from a 1950’s soviet regime… not the land of the free and home of the brave.

We are spending ourselves into oblivion. These government programs aimed at “saving America” may sound great to career politicians in DC but will ultimately hurt real people represented by state legislatures right here at home. States governments have a responsibility to push back and reject the ever-spreading hands of federal control through our legislative process. We can say no, if we have the fortitude to do so. I believe the citizens of our State, and the majority of citizens in our nation have had enough. Idaho should be leading the way, not cowering to the will of a government gone rogue 2,400 miles away.

Now that the legislature is back in session, what do you believe needs to get passed before they sine die for the year?

Let us know in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Rep. Adams (R-Nampa) to Idaho House: “Either lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way…”

  1. Thanks Ben Adams, when we hear what you said and read what Joy Kieth wrote, combined with the others members who care so much about and are part of We The People the citizens of Idaho, we appreciate it. It does indeed make us want to try harder to help right this ship. The stodgy ones need to be flushed from their old comfortable positions.

  2. Well done, Marine. We are being led by our nose by the legislative leadership who are bunch of weak-will, social welfare loving, nanny-state true believers. It is time to flush them out of office and rid ourselves of their arrogant smug thinking.

    Semper fi.

  3. Outstanding presentation by Ben and he’s absolutely correct about recognizing and implementing our rights as a sovereign state and citizens with constitutional rights that are being tread almost daily to a degree I’ve not seen in my lifetime. Far too few young people today know what it means to be a state and what the constitution has established. I come from a family with members who have sacrificed much so that socialism/communism/fascism would not prevail and our freedoms could be preserved. The federal gov’t does not have general authority and there is an anti-commandeering clause that allows us to decline to help in any order or law that we decline to assist them with. We must do this against vaccine passports and other egregious proposals-which are many or will be.

  4. Great speech. My question is how many illegal aliens are being illegally transported to reside illegally in Idaho?

  5. I appreciate the spirit of this speech very much. It’s inspiring to hear a young senator with such courage and strength. Stay the course sir. Keep Idaho strong.

  6. Amazing, stirring and patriotic! Thank you for your courage and fervor!
    Wish that my own reps were as you.

  7. Thank you for your clearly defined duty of government and for your passion to preserve our blood bought liberty. The great State of Idaho must be vigilant in combatting federal overreach with regard to state rights and liberties guaranteed in our constitution or we will cease to be.

  8. Thank you so much for being willing to stand for what is right and attempting to get others to support the Constitution of our nation and state. I stand for liberty! Let freedom ring!!!

  9. Very proud to have voted for you, Mr. Adams! It sounds like you’re exactly the kind of leader we need representing us right now.

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