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Recount Confirms Rep. Judy Boyle Defeated Rep. Scott Syme

By • June 19, 2022

The Idaho Secretary of State’s office has confirmed that Rep. Judy Boyle (R-Midvale) defeated Rep. Scott Syme (R-Caldwell) by just six votes.

Boyle’s race was the closest of the primary election. Boyle originally had 4,636 votes from the May primary, while Syme received 4,630 votes.

A recount was requested by Syme with the exact same results.

While anyone candidate can request a recount in their election, not all candidates can have the recount covered by the state. Because the original margin of victory was less than .1%, the state will pay for the cost of the recount.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Boyle and Syme to get their reactions to the final result. While Syme did not respond to our request, Boyle told Idaho Dispatch,

I’m glad the election is finally over a month after Election Day. It is good to know that in Idaho elections cannot be bought with negative, nasty, lying campaigning and huge amounts of out-of-state money.

The Boyle/Syme race was one of the more expensive races in the 2022 primary election.

Boyle does not have a general election opponent.

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11 thoughts on “Recount Confirms Rep. Judy Boyle Defeated Rep. Scott Syme

  1. No idea what this election was for or who the 2 are, but I have to ask…What did Syme do for Boyle to respond like that???

    1. District 9 legislative race. Syme brought in a lot of money and attack ads that were half truths etc…. He is a RINO, votes with the leftists a lot.

  2. In district 9 we managed to defeat RINO Ryan Kirby and almost got stuck with Syme, another RINO, but 6 votes saved us. Don’t believe that your vote doesn’t count.

  3. Good riddance to Scott Syme. His voting record clearly reflects that of a Democrat. If you are going to vote Democrat, do not mislead the voters by attaching an “R” next to your name. At least be honest.

  4. Symes voting record according to the Idaho Freedom Foundation was 37% earning him an F. His voting record is worse than most Democrats.

  5. Yep, a classic close Idaho race. Your vote does count. Gov Little is going to be very busy with his veto stamp for the next couple of years.

  6. As mentioned, this certainly emphasizes the importance of every single (legal, non-fraudulent) vote.

    It looks like Syme took a big hit from redistricting cutting out the urban areas of the old District 11. Those of us in the new District 9 are all in a rural area of the old District 11.

    Sadly, redistricting lost us Tammy Nichols, an awesome politician – two words I very rarely put in the same sentence.

  7. Adios Rep. Slyme, RINO beware, more of you are going to be fired again in two years. The really sad thing is we are stuck with the Top RINO still in power, Chicken Little is a crafty RINO.

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