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Reclaim Idaho Turns in 100,000 Signatures to Secretary of State’s Office for Education Initiative

By • July 11, 2022

Reclaim Idaho says it has turned in over 100,000 signatures to the Idaho Secretary of State’s Office for its Quality Education Act ballot initiative.

Initially, the group had to turn in signatures to each of the county clerk’s offices. Then, after verification at the county clerk level, the signatures had to be turned into the state for final verification.

Once the state has reviewed the signatures, they will announce whether the initiative is officially approved for the ballot this November.

The state should make the official announcement sometime this month.

Reclaim’s education initiative is expected to bring in approximately $323 million for education. The group says the money cannot be spent on salaries for superintendents, administrators, or principals.

The additional tax revenue will be raised by increasing the tax rates on individuals making more than $250,000 a year ($500,000 for a couple) and by raising the corporate tax rate.

7 thoughts on “Reclaim Idaho Turns in 100,000 Signatures to Secretary of State’s Office for Education Initiative

  1. Just another Socialist money grab. Always asking for more money, but never providing a better outcome. People making over $250K better wake up to the fact that they’re being fleeced.

  2. Fortunately this I’ll conceived socialist tactic needs a super majority, so it’s DOA.

    Idaho parents need the freedom of choice, with vouchers, to homeschool, private school or use the communist teacher’s unions public schools.

  3. Reclaim idaho is a Democrat leftist socialist group looking to turn Idaho purple then blue. Our educational system is a failure. Idahoans should not rely of leftist teachers to educate our youth. It’s up to us to ensure our children are being taught proper American history instead of leftist indoctrination. The goal of these leftists are to produce dumbed down gender confused democrats.

  4. Love how leftists always want to raise taxes on corporations. When will people realize that Corporations don’t pay taxes, their customers pay those taxes. Taxes get too high and layoffs also cover a portion of those taxes.

  5. The initiative process in Idaho is too easy. Most of the signatures needed can be gathered in a large city thereby leaving the smaller cities and counties without a voice. There was an attempt to tighten it up a few years ago but it was shot down by then Gov Otter AND some in the legislature who want to be able to use the easier procedure for their own purposes. IF the changes proposed to the numbers and percentages of signatures and locations had passed, this ballot initiative would probably not be an issue. Now we are going to be at the whim of uneducated voters who still believe we don’t put enough money into education.

  6. Reclaim Idaho would be more accurately named Rip Off Idaho. Another attempt to seize money and hurt business and shove BS down our children’s throats.

  7. Reclaim Idaho is just the retarded stepchild of Reclaim California. Reclaim CA started their quest to destroy a once great state that gave us Reagan, and they were successful. Now it’s an absolute sh!t-hole that I fled and every conservative I know has fled or is fleeing. It’s lost. EVERYONE in Idaho should understand what this vile organization is up to and reject it soundly.

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