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Reclaim Idaho Says 2022 Tax Cuts will not be Reversed by Prop 1 Ballot Initiative

By • August 2, 2022

Reclaim Idaho has said a recent opinion by the Idaho Secretary of State and the Attorney General’s office that the 2022 tax cuts will be reversed is wrong.

The SOS told Idaho Dispatch recently that the 2022 tax cuts would be reversed if Prop 1 passes. The reversal would add $250 million in additional taxes through Prop 1, raising the total to approximately $573 million.

Reclaim’s initial goal was a $323 million tax increase through a new tax bracket for those making over $250,000 individually or $500,000 for a couple at a rate of 10.234%.

If the 2022 tax cuts are reversed, Reclaim Idaho says it will sue the state in court.

Additionally, the group says that the AG’s office has been wrong before. In particular, the group cited the ballot initiative bill that was struck down by the Idaho Supreme Court last year.

Here is what Reclaim Idaho co-founder Luke Mayville said on Twitter,

In support of their misinformation campaign, the IFF cites an opinion by the AG’s office without mentioning that the AG is often wrong. Last year, the AG believed it was perfectly constitutional to kill the initiative process. They were wrong then and they’re wrong now. #YesOn1

Mayville targeted the Idaho Freedom Foundation in a series of tweets stating,

Prop 1 will keep teachers in Idaho & strengthen K-12 programs. It’s paid for w/ taxes on corporations & the wealthy.

But the IFF ridiculously claims it will “sexualize children” & raise everyone’s taxes. They can’t win w/ facts so they’re resorting to falsehoods.

Vote Yes on 1.

Idaho Dispatch asked IFF Vice-President Dustin Hurst if their group wanted to respond to Mayville’s criticism. Here is what Hurst told Idaho Dispatch,

Reclaim Idaho’s Luke Mayville is the king of disinformation and misinformation. Four years ago, he lied his hind parts off to dupe Idahoans into supporting government handouts for able-bodied adults. Now, Luke and his teachers union buddies want to hoodwink voters into supporting this massive con job. He wants to gaslight voters into believing this isn’t a half-a-billion-dollar tax increase. It is, and nothing he can say will change that.

This tax hike increases taxes on everyone, including the poor, middle-class families, and small businesses. As family budgets buckle under the weight of Biden’s inflation, it’s absolutely not the right time to hike taxes.

The ballot initiative, known as Prop 1, will be on the ballot this November.

Do you support Prop 1? Let us know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Reclaim Idaho Says 2022 Tax Cuts will not be Reversed by Prop 1 Ballot Initiative

  1. Vote no on Prop 1! I know exactly where this proposition leads because this misleading tactic has been used repeatedly in California: bigger government, bigger unions and bigger taxes.

  2. Mayville doesn’t understand legislative drafting. When legislators draft a piece of law that has a “sunset” on it, they simply create a new portion of the Idaho Code with an effective date and a “no-longer effective” date. Future legislators can then “amend” the temporary law, the underlying permanent law, or both, and the only way we know is by reading the contextual part of the code that they amend. The surrounding context is essential and has the force of law, and it has always been that way. Mayville can say “no!” but he is ignoring decades of legislative precedent. Prop 1 inserts a new part of the tax code that dates prior to the post-COVID tax relief. If passed in its current form, IT WILL wipe out those tax breaks for every Idahoan.

  3. Every year we hear the plaintive cries of the education lobby wanting more money. “Idaho is 50th or some other number in funding education.” Every year the legislature steps up and gives the education lobby more money.

    What we never hear is where our students rank academically. What we never hear is what the individual school districts are doing to improve their academic rankings and if the school districts are meeting their goals. What we never hear is what is being done to encourage parents to take an active interest in their sons and daughters education attainment and hold them accountable for their idleness.

    What we should do is call a halt to this worship at the altar of education until we see considerable improvement in academic standings. No more money until they improve.

    1. Voting NO.
      Who is Reclaim Idaho and Luke Mayville, can you tell us?
      This has to stop, as Medicaid expansion proposition passed 4 years ago is bankrupting and stealing money from education. Now the Marxists are repeating what always works for them…..lies. The people need to look at more education money as another Marxist scheme to indoctrinate our children. SCHOOL CHOICE is the only answer to the teacher Union control of this sinking method of so called education.

  4. Is that Mayville or is that Maybach, either way this Marxist that leads “Reblame Idaho” encourages the steal of the citizens money and give it to the Marxist’s causes such as CRT, One World Order, Klaus is great causes.

    Be Ware: This fool wants to educate our kids to be compliant.

  5. Public education is analogous to public restrooms; not your first choice and should be used only in extreme need. Certainly throwing more money at it will only create more problems.

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