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Reclaim Idaho Education Initiative Ballot Qualified with Higher Tax Increase than Proposed

By • July 24, 2022

Reclaim Idaho’s “Quality Education Act” ballot initiative has been officially qualified for the November ballot with a higher tax increase than proposed.

Over 100,000 signatures were turned into the Secretary of State’s office recently. The SOS has now officially reviewed the signatures and certified the ballot initiative for the November ballot and will be known as Proposition 1.

The ballot initiative will raise taxes by approximately $573 million, which is higher than what Reclaim Idaho had initially proposed.

When Reclaim Idaho initially proposed the language for the ballot initiative, their proposal was for a $323 million tax increase by increasing the corporate tax rate from 6.5% to 8%. Additionally, it would raise the tax rate on individuals earning more than $250,000 or married couples earning more than $500,000 to 10.925% by creating a new and sixth tax bracket.

However, during the 2022 Idaho legislative session, the Idaho legislature reduced the tax rate across all tax brackets by passing HB 436, which Gov. Brad Little signed into law.

The tax cut passed in 2022 cut taxes by $251 million.

HB 436 reduced the number of tax brackets from five to four. The lowest tax bracket remained at 1%, the second lowest tax bracket went from 3.1% to 3%, the third highest tax remained at 4.5%, and the highest tax bracket went from 6.5% to 6%. An additional tax bracket at 4.5% was also eliminated.

The corporate tax rate was also reduced by the passage of HB 436 from 6.5% to 6%.

Under the Quality Education Act, the SOS confirmed to Idaho Dispatch that the original tax structure would be restored. That means that the five tax brackets would exist, not four, plus the new sixth bracket proposed by Reclaim Idaho.

As a result of the way the language is written, tax rates on the second and fourth brackets would also increase from their current rates with the restoration of the old brackets.

Reclaim Idaho is proposing the tax in order to increase pay for teachers and other education costs but states that the money cannot be used to increase salaries for principals, superintendents, or other administrators. Additionally, the group says funds would be used for special education, career-technical courses, music, and other programs.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Mayville to ask how he felt about getting the public behind the initiative, whether he was nervous about the initiative becoming officially approved, and what the group’s messaging will be with the SOS office confirming that the old tax brackets would be restored.

Additionally, Idaho Dispatch asked if the group would be changing the tax bracket information as well as the estimated tax increase number because of the old brackets being restored.

Mayville has not yet responded to our request, but we will update the article if a response is received.

Note: Photo courtesy of Chelsea Harada.

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33 thoughts on “Reclaim Idaho Education Initiative Ballot Qualified with Higher Tax Increase than Proposed

  1. Guessing Klaus Schwab and George Soros would be quite proud of Mayville, if they knew who he was.

  2. Aren’t “Republicans” supposed to be for LESS taxes, LESS government and MORE personal responsibility???

    1. Yes, but I would be willing to bet that the majority of those signatures were mainly from Boise and Meridian, which has turned into a mecca for liberals here in Idaho, what with the influx of Californians who claim to be conservative.

      1. The Californiated parts of the treasure poop hole. The Californians are ruining Idaho as they ruined California.

      1. Reclaim Idaho should be sued out of existence.
        But realistically, everyone is starting to feel the squeeze of lack of enough money to live.
        The names of everyone who supports this should be saved in a Database .

    2. No. They’re not. The problem is that people think that in the 21st century when it hasn’t been the case for several decades. Democrats are not the problem, they are very open about their hate for America, Americans and their efforts to dismantle it as fast as possible. It’s Republicans who are lying about everything.

    3. Reclaim Idaho is a group of RINOs . They are not conservatives. They are working hard to turn this state blue.

    4. Reclaim Idaho is a nest of Democrats, not Republicans. I’m sure there are, however, a few RINO turds in the nest!

    5. If you actually paid attention to what the Repubs do and not to what they say you would find our Repubs the other Democrats.

    1. Not if they receive copious amounts of lobby money. The idiot voters usually reelect their incumbent with out discernment,

  3. Is the public school system endocrinating our children to be socialist. If every state is socialist like Wayne Hoffman has noted how has that happened. I would say the public school system has alot to do with that. So I think we need to give them less money, create more competition and maybe they will shape up. But we as people have to unite around our founding fathers and our father in heaven seek truth and pursue it teach our children right from wrong ect, we need reform in the school system.

  4. Ironic that the previous article was about Idaho’s huge surplus. We need to lower taxes, not raise them. They will cry, “It’s for the children!” It’s a lie.

  5. They are deliberatly misleading citizens with their name “Reclaim Idaho” ; trying to make citizens believe that we the long time real Idahoans who want to “reclaim Idaho” and keep it conservative….. are part of this group. So deceitful. We The People aIready voted and lowered our taxes! We The People expect that to stand! I will be voting NO on this “Quality Education Act” and encouraging all I know to do the same; family and friends. Families are suffering, no more or new taxes!!!!

  6. With what the state just announced tax surplus, why raise taxes, just use the money the state already has.

  7. With parents pulling their children from these indoctrination centers a.k.a. public schools, I would think taxes would be lowered not raised. They can count on a NO vote from my family.

  8. Secure the elections and quit blaming everything on Californian’s. Prop 1 is a big NO for me as well.

  9. I confronted this group in front of the Ada County elections office not too long ago. Apparently, they were turning in paperwork and doing media. I asked them about their goals and they said that they wanted to pay teachers more and reach children that were most in need. I asked for examples of children in need to which they answered kids in “rural” areas. I asked for an example of exactly how paying teachers more would translate into helping students most in need. They said that they would be able to attract and hire better highly qualified teachers. I told them that states like California pay teachers $100,000 plus and gave them a first-hand example that I’m familiar with; Anaheim Elementary School District in CA promotes that teachers have no less than a MA in Education and pay most teachers over $100,000 yet the kids there do worse and worse every year (5th graders at 2nd and 3rd-grade levels) Given my example, I asked the representatives from Reclaim Idaho how they would do better and to give me a clear answer on how more money would equal smarter, classically educated kids?? I also mentioned that students at this district spend most of their day in “SEL” (social emotional learning) and never get to actually learn to read, write & do math. On top of that, I let them know that these students were among the most in need and most impoverished, kids of color like me. I told them that based on the evidence and first-hand experience these policies do the exact opposite, they fund the system but harm the kids. How did Reclaim Idaho respond to my questions and comments they said they would no longer talk to me and walked away very fast. It’s hard to believe that with all the examples of the failed education policies in blue states that the people of Idaho would fall in line with the exact same tactics that have brought other states to their downfall! WAKE UP IDAHO NOT “woke” but awake!

    1. Kat, your comments about the kids are generally correct, but you’re mistaken regarding CA teacher salaries. “Most teachers” in Anaheim or anywhere in CA (with the possible exception of, say, possibly, East LA or places where it’s almost impossible to attract and retain teachers) do not make “over $100,000.” It’s true that teachers at the TOP of the pay scale, generally with many years’ experience, and especially if they also coach or receive other stipends, can make over 100k. Administrators make even more, which is a complete and utter waste of taxpayer earnings. I’m a recently retired CA educator, been around that scene for decades, and a top union negotiator for a very large school district is one of my best friends. As I said, you are generally correct–especially about the disconnect between ed funding and student learning–but I’ll also note that to make comparisons between CA and ID pay is difficult; a modest bungalow can easily cost $800,000+ in many, many CA towns, sometimes less, sometimes more. But incomes do reflect the higher cost of living. All public school salary schedules are online; here’s LA Unified’s

      1. Just wanted to add that because I know for a fact that there’s a disconnect between school funding and student learning, I am not for pouring more money into Idaho schools. It’s about the right curriculum, teacher practices, and what happens at home that all need to change.

    1. Well, I can tell you I’m from Cali, came here last year to Meridian, and I have never been more Politically active than I was last Spring during the Primarys. What I’ve learned in the short time that ive been here, is that this state has alot of Rinos! Quite a few of the Idaho “Natives” that I spoke with when going door to door Promoting Janice McGeachin, Doug Traubel, Rosa Martinez, Dorothy Moon , Mike Hahn and others. Had no idea of the things that are going on here.The Land that is being sold to China, Gates and other Globalist,the Refugees that are being brought in, The New Meta Data Center that is getting built in Kuna, that is going to Consume “huge” amounts water to cool the servers! And don’t get me started about all the Bills that have been “Drawered” by our so called Republicans! Yall better wake up! Me being from Comifornia I can see it as plain as day! We are not too far from Colorado… The Rocky Mountain Heist. A Documentary/Story by Michelle Malkin and Jason Killian Meath.

      1. Thank you for being active against the Commies and yes it is the Communist that are taking over. We came from Facist/Commie OR. I thought it would be different here but “noooooo,” It’s getting pushed by groups like “love lives here”, and “reclaim Idaho” all phonies who deceive the public with their titles.
        Yes we do have a bunch of “Rino’s” here. I write them all the time. I get back generic letters of complacency.
        Heather who will be leaving district one was an excellent defender of our rights but her hands are tied most of the time and without the public getting involved nothing gets done.
        I’m up north and it would be nice if we could get more you to help stop it there in Boise. I’m working on it here and so are some groups.
        Thanks again and keep up the good work… We need more of you.

        1. I’m an ex-Commiefornian too. Agree wholeheartedly with you, Gerard and Val. It didn’t take long for me to see the RINO stranglehold and also the COMPLACENCY and ignorance of the average Republican and “conservative” here in the Boise area. And Boise is where the leftist activity is most obvious! It saddens me because I and you have seen this before; feels like CA some time ago. If this state turns blue, it will be the Republicans’ fault. We need to do what the Dems did in CA: codify, codify, codify everything we care about, then maintain a supermajority. Legislating is key. But sadly, Republicans seem always to SQUANDER their opportunities. Ticks me off.

  10. The bill states that some of the additional funding will go for “Special Education”
    Now I used to think I new what Special Education was but in today’s double speak world I would feel more secure if the term “Special Education” was defined. You really do not need that money going to Special Ed classes that are going to address young childrens 1-6the grade)sexual preferences, desires, or fantisys Or provide ” trannie story hour” or “dress up and make up day”.

  11. Reclaim Idaho is nothing more than a propaganda tool of the progressive left. They would call themselves Flip Idaho if they were honest, transparent and had any integrity.
    There seems to be no shortage of these leftwing zealots who are willing to suspend reality and become the useful idiots for the radical leftwing cause of the day. What a bunch of dupes.
    If they really want to reclaim something how bout they start with the City of Boise where a truly radical, progressive ideolog is in the process of fundamentally transforming our beautiful city into very Un-Idaho place to live.
    How bout they work to reclaim our state sovereignty from an overbearing federal government and fight for liberty and freedom.
    How bout they work to reclaim our fundamental rights to free speech and the right to assemble and celebrate the liberty and freedom that we all cherish.
    Make no mistake, Reclaim Idaho is not a friend of the free people of Idaho. They threaten our liberties and bring shame to discussions in the public square.
    I will be voting NO on the Quality Education Act boondoggle because it is not about providing a better education for our children. It is not about involving and empowering parents in the education of their children. It is about punishing the achievers in our society and empowering an already bloated government that is failing in the execution of their duties. We can do better.
    Vote NO on the Quality Education Act in Novermber.

  12. I’m just curious… is there ANYTHING the inbred left doesn’t lie about? Everything is lie, skew, misrepresent, and when necessary… just flat out change definitions.

    “Reclaim” Idaho.

    Tell me… when was Idaho a bastion of progressive marxist policies? Never. So what exactly are you “reclaiming”? It’s a vile marxist group that started in CALIFORNIA as “Reclaim California” decades ago, and look at the results. And now, just like any cancer, it’s metastasized into other states.

    Go ahead leftists… call it what it is… Overthrow Idaho. See how much interest you get when you honestly portray your goals.

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