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Raul Labrador Unseats Lawrence Wasden for Attorney General

By • May 18, 2022

Raul Labrador will be the next attorney general of Idaho after beating incumbent Lawrence Wasden.

Labrador leads the race with 95% reporting and a 13-point lead over Wasden at 51% to 38%. Art Macomber is third in the race at 10%.

Labrador is a former congressman and ran for Governor in 2018.

During the campaign, Labrador picked up the endorsements of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Utah Senator Mike Lee, and other high-profile endorsements.

Wasden has served as attorney General since 2003.

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23 thoughts on “Raul Labrador Unseats Lawrence Wasden for Attorney General

  1. Now on to the General. Crapo has Steve Cleveland to beat in November. Cleveland is true MAGA and skipped the primaries after he received 1,000 signatures to run as an independent. Why go up against Crapo’s big GOPe money in a crowded primary if you can collect valid signatures to skip it?

    Now that the primaries are over, expect Cleveland to become more visible. I think it’s a great strategy for MAGA candidates going forward: if you can’t get 1,000 signatures as candidate, you probably shouldn’t run at all. Cleveland had more than enough–so it’s Cleveland vs Crapo vs Democrat candidate.

    ALL IS NOT LOST!!! Idaho can still send a MAGA senator to Washington!

    1. It’s Scott Cleveland, not Steve. He is bright, non-RINO conservative, good on his feet, and a successful, sensible businessman.

      Best thing is that he lives here, not in a condo in Boise that is used rarely ever, or in Utah or DC 99% of the time like Crapo.

  2. I’m so glad Wasden is gone! So happy we have a new AG!
    Very disappointed about Little/Bedke ….the voters got it so wrong! Why don’t voters educate themselves? Both of these two LIE to the Idahoans face!

  3. Yes I’m very disappointed too that we are now right back where we were with Crapo and Little. Little let our frontline workers be forced into the so called vaccine or loose their jobs. It was a matter of life or death for them, get the jab, get very ill for ever or die. I went to the hospital a few weeks ago with my husband and the the whole crew was replaced, guess what happened to the other crew. What a choice. It’s the same for our military. Yet the border is wide open with no vacs required. What’s that say? Is Little addressing that? NO.
    Makes me sick we have a trader in our office again. 1.3 million spent on his re-electon where did that come from????

  4. Congratulations to all of Idaho! Larador will follow the rule of law! No more personal attorney for Little!

  5. Very happy with the Labrador win.

    The first and most important step in any representative form of government is to have representation that reflects the will of the voters. When people feel that they are not being adequately represented it can lead to all sorts of unpleasant consequences. Seems to me I heard a story about that sort of thing happening a couple centuries ago between the superpower of that age and a handful of upstart colonies. As the story went, after several years of “disagreement” over the issue, the citizens of those colonies finally obtained the representation they felt they had a right to.

    The highest ideal of the selection process in a representative government should be, to borrow a phrase, to “make it easy to vote, and hard to cheat”. The importance of the Attorney General to enforce that most basic idea cannot be overstated.

    Mr. Labrador may soon find himself at the center of voting integrity issues with truly historic consequences. If he proves equal to the task at hand, he will deserve our unwavering support. Those who would do us harm certainly won’t be giving him any.

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