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Publics Records Case Against Rep. Priscilla Giddings Dismissed

By • June 10, 2022

A judge in Ada County has dismissed a public records request case against Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R-White Bird).

The case stems from a public records request filed by Erik Birch. Birch requested any communication from Giddings to former Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger while he was still in the legislature.

Von Ehlinger was convicted of rape last month.

Birch submitted her request in August 2021. The Legislative Services Office replied that no such records existed according to the specific request that Birch had filed.

On January 7, Birch filed her complaint with the courts to compel Giddings to disclose any communication she had.

The court ordered Giddings on April 14 to disclose any information regarding the records request to the court for review. However, Giddings stated under oath on April 26 that no such records existed.

Judge Peter Barton of the 4th District determined that no evidence existed that Giddings was withholding any records and dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning it cannot be brought forward again.

Additionally, the judge stated that evidence did not exist that Giddings acted “in bad faith.” Therefore, a civil fine against Giddings was also not granted by the court.

In conclusion, the court document states,

The Petition is DISMISSED with prejudice.

Because the judge dismissed the case “with prejudice,” the issue cannot be re-filed with the court.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Giddings and Birch for comment. Giddings told us she did not have any comment at this time, and Birch has not returned our request for comment.

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13 thoughts on “Publics Records Case Against Rep. Priscilla Giddings Dismissed

  1. Finally Justice.

    Slander, Defamation of Character, Libel suit anyone? This could be applicable to Birch and several Idaho politicians.

    This was all nonsensical BS.

  2. Pricilla was Bedke’s opposition in the Lt. Governor race. He started throwing mud, very early in the game. This seems to be the tactic the “establishment” candidates use on their opponent. (ie. Little uses this tactic on his opponent also)

    1. Yes. It is the standard tactic of leftists because they can’t debate the actual issues.

      (It should also be noted that Barack Obama was elected to his State using exactly the same behavior.)

  3. Why did this take six months? Who was her attorney? Why didn’t her attorney immediately file a motion to dismiss back in January?

  4. I truly wish she, Smith, and Moon could flip to Independent or create a new party and run in the General. This was all bogus that they did not win. Convenient that this comes After the primary.

    1. Glad that was finally put to rest, but all too late to make a difference. (Thanks to bummer-Bedke.)
      The real problem with the Primary was that Dems were able to switch affiliation to thwart up-seating of the establishment weak Republicans. If you look at the vote totals and remove the projected number of Dem votes from this switch tactic, probably all of our preferred strong conservative patriot candidates would have won. The legislature needs to amend/tighten rules that prevent this false crossover in the future. Who can we count on to lead the way in this corrective effort?

      1. I agree 100% to keeping dems from flipping.
        How do we go about getting this done?
        I would love to petition both Little and Belke out of office.

  5. Now that the election is over the phony case is dismissed. There’s a lot of corruption going on in the Idaho political system.

  6. Too many good candidates running in primary against WOKE Little which split up the the votes. Let’s get behind Bundy and get Little out! It would help if we could get rid of the absentee ballots which is another way they cheat.

  7. Ohhhh I see… that the primaries are over…..we get a just decision. See how the RINOs play!

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