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Protest Outside St. Lukes Over Employee-Mandated COVID Shots

By • July 20, 2021

The decision by St. Lukes, St. Al’s, and Primary Health to require all employees to receive both COVID-19 shots is still being debated.

Several employees from both major hospitals have contacted Idaho Dispatch to discuss their displeasure with the decision. However, some citizens have come to the defense of the hospitals and medical providers, saying it is necessary to keep workers and patients safe.

Yesterday, a large crowd gathered outside the St. Luke’s hospital in Meridian to protest the mandate.

The protest was organized by a group called Health Freedom Idaho. HFI told Idaho Dispatch that their estimates on the crowd size, based on several individuals who walked through the crowd, was approximately 1,500 people.

Miste Gardner is the Co-Executive Director of Health Freedom Idaho.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Gardner for comment on the protest. Here is what Gardner told Idaho Dispatch,

Nobody should be forced to receive any kind of medical treatment, especially an experimental “vaccine”, in order to maintain gainful employment. I’ve heard some use the excuse that we are an “at will state”. However, I think it’s clear to see, that the “at will state“ ends at a person’s sovereign body.

If the employers at these hospitals don’t respect the employee’s bodily autonomy how do we expect that they will respect the rights of the patients to make their own healthcare decisions? This kind of requirement affects all of us and we must stand with our Frontline workers now.

Gardner said that a range of people attended the protest, including some who simply did not want to force others to get the COVID-19 shots.

Here is one of the pictures from the event sent to Idaho Dispatch by Gardner:

Credit to Blackhawk Aerial Services for the image.

Many of the comments on Idaho Dispatch’s Facebook page were in favor of the protesters.

Here is a screenshot of some of those comments:

Not everyone agrees with the decision. Some commenters felt it was the right of the business to choose if they wanted to require the COVID-19 shots.

Here is one such comment:

Which side of the debate are you on, if any?

Should employers be allowed to force employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19? Or should the government step in and protect employees by prohibiting employers from mandating the vaccine?

Let us know in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Protest Outside St. Lukes Over Employee-Mandated COVID Shots

  1. It’s funny that Abraham thinks the rights to freely travel is a privilege and somehow not an inalienable rights enshrined in the US Constitution.

  2. I as a high risk patient and side with the workers, nobody has the right to violate HIPPA or anyone’s rights, your rights stop when ya violate another’s rights. I added these 3 hospitals to my personal blacklist they would not be allowed to treat me, I will stay local with my primary care and the hospitals that respect an individuals rights.

  3. Sunny Day Employers cannot discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Likewise, employers cannot discriminate on an individuals medical choice. Especially when that medical procedure is experimental, and liability free. Do you own your body or does your employer?

  4. Interesting to start hearing some, “Boos” at local events when the St. Lukes or St. Al’s banners are paraded around.

    This is however a great opportunity for this unconstitutional action to be put to good use.

    It could be a huge win, win. These Doctors, Nurses and Staff should break away in order to start their own private clinics. 1.)The People would finally begin to get actual health care and 2.)The Doctors, Nurses and Staff would have the satisfaction of practicing actual safe, sound, common sense healthcare while being compensated for their work.

  5. Write your idaho legislature…get them to pass a law making it illegal for employers to mandate shots, creating two classes of individuals and violating your personal rights. Do it today!

  6. I was at the protest and it was awesome. So many people, fantastic energy. People in cars were constantly honking, waving and giving a thumbs-up in support. It showed the community is behind the protest against vaccine mandates. It is the elites in hospitals, government and corporate media that are pushing this.

    The COVID shots are far more dangerous than the CDC or hospitals admit. It is wrong to mandate them as a condition of employment. Employer rights should never supersede employees’ bodily autonomy.

  7. When Dr. Peter McCullough, an Internist, Cardiologist with extensive training in Epidemiology and a Professor of Medicine of Texas A&M College of Medicine, having crafted 46 peer-reviewed publications on SARS CoV-2, and having spent the last year in dedicated academic and clinical efforts in combatting the disease says in an interview, “This is far and away the most lethal, toxic, biologic agent ever injected into the human body…” and towards the end of the interview comments, “…I think at this point in time, it’s fair to warn against it [the injection]. It really has to do with the issue of moral authority, meaning that if a doctor or health care person in a position of authority recommends that, and that person turns around and takes the injection and dies, like 12,000 Americans have done or gets injured like 400,000 Americans have done, there really is a responsibility for the person recommending that.” (See Lew, Dr. Peter McCullough–Urgent Warning about Poisonous Jabs, 23 Jul 2021.)

    Contrary to the Information Operation (psychological warfare in the 80s) that our federal and state governments are foisting upon We the Sheeple, mRNA injections are neither safe nor effective.

    1. Dr. McCullough is the real deal. It’s unfortunate that instead people are listening to the profiteers. This whole thing was designed to keep the coffers of Big Pharma full.

  8. The government or government stooges should not be allowed to force anything on the people Period!

  9. I applaud this group! Good for them for standing up for FREEDOM! No employer should demand an employee get an injection against their will!
    Their body, their choice!

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