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Press Release: Veteran Idaho Prosecutor Christopher Boyd Files His Candidacy for Canyon County Prosecutor

By • March 13, 2024

The following press release was sent out by Christopher Boyd. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Caldwell, Idaho – March 11, 2024 – Veteran Idaho prosecutor Christopher Boyd filed his candidacy for Canyon County Prosecutor today. Boyd, who has over a decade of experience in prosecution and has taken more than fifty cases to jury trial verdict, got his start at the Canyon County Prosecutor’s Office. During the nearly five years Boyd worked in Canyon County, he prosecuted thousands of cases.

After briefly practicing civil litigation at a Boise law firm, Boyd served for six years as the Adams County Prosecutor. In addition to prosecuting crimes, he provided legal advice and civil litigation representation to the county commissioners.  He has prosecuted everything from drug trafficking to child sexual abuse to murders.

In 2004-2005, Boyd deployed to Iraq with the local 116th Brigade Combat Team of the Idaho Army National Guard, where he led a sixteen-soldier team in a combat zone.

“I hope that folks can look to my leadership in a combat zone and my dedication to fighting for victims in the courtroom and see that I’m not just here to talk the talk. I’ve actually walked the walk,” Boyd said.

As a prosecutor, Boyd says he found his purpose in championing victims’ rights.

“Victims of serious crimes are going through the darkest times of their lives, so helping them through that – and getting justice for them, is a great privilege.”

Boyd says he is running because the Prosecutor’s Office deserves engaged, experienced, passionate leadership.

“Those sheriff’s deputies and police officers who risk their lives daily, many of whom I know from my years fighting for justice alongside them, deserve a Prosecuting Attorney partner who will fight for justice as hard as they do.”

Boyd’s proven track record of holding criminals accountable sets him apart.

“A lot of good people live here, and the elected Canyon County Prosecutor has tremendous responsibilities. It’s not the time for on-the-job training,” Boyd said. “Canyon County citizens deserve an experienced prosecutor who will hold criminals accountable. We can’t afford to go the direction that we have seen in other parts of the country, where lax career politicians take control of a prosecutor’s office, fail to hold offenders accountable, and communities, businesses, and residents suffer.”

Boyd cites his Canyon County roots and his dedication to duty and public service.

“Prosecuting is a tough job, and when people are victimized by criminals, they want someone who is capable and passionate to fight for them. I’ve fought hard for crime victims in Canyon County and in Idaho. It takes blood, sweat, and tears. I love this community, and I couldn’t imagine a greater privilege and honor than serving its citizens as the elected prosecutor,” Boyd said.

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Boyd lives in Nampa, Idaho, with his wife of twenty years and their five children. He serves on the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) National Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Advisory Council for the American Conservative Union, and recently completed a term on the Board of the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association.

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5 thoughts on “Press Release: Veteran Idaho Prosecutor Christopher Boyd Files His Candidacy for Canyon County Prosecutor

  1. Nampa needs a man like this. Unpunished crime increases crime activity, Easily seen these days. And cities are their target.

  2. My Citizens Transparency Committee the 5Cs of Nampa had the Privilege to interview and vett Chris and found Him a very Qualified Canidate for Canyon Co. PA’s Office. He has Passion for Victims Justice, His hard work, ambition, and age have made Him a Successful Canyon Co. Prosecutor .This author Believes True Justice is Not Served well by Politicians in Law Enforcement and Prosecution . If We want Real Canyon County Community Safety We need to Replace Politican’s with Hard Working Attorneys like Chris Boyd.

  3. Sounds like the real deal and looks genuine, which is rare in a politician. Most of them have a strange look, in my opinion, maybe because most of them are so corrupt. I hope this gentleman gets elected and holds the evil doers accountable and they pay the consequences for their actions. Ecclesiastes 8:11
    “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”
    King James Version (KJV)

  4. Greg Chaney is the most unethical attorney i have witnessed as a 25 year law enforcement officer. He constantly used his office as a legislature to influence the court to favor his clients at his private law firm. His entire family with his wife running for legislature is a disaster for Idaho. Im not voting for someone who was arrested for Domestic Violence, fired from Nampa PD for ethics and couldnt get his bar license because it was denied multiple times for ethical reasons. Having Chaney abuse his office as District Attorney after he used his position to get clients opposing him in court arrested is only the start of his corruption that will infect Canyon County. Anyone running against him has our families vote!

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