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15 thoughts on “Press Release: US Bank Debanks Constitution Party of Idaho

    1. Lots of Woke going Broke going around, yes. Hopefully, another bank steps up and takes their account.

    2. The dumbed down Tv watchers do not care. They reelect the incumbents that steal their income.bankrupted them and destroyed our liberties and freedoms

  1. This needs to be shared far and wide! Another step to tyranny for sure. This is not the end of this story. Sunlight will extinguish the evil of this act.

  2. I went to U.S. Bank once to exchange $20 bills for $100 bills, and they wanted to CHARGE me for the privilege since I wasn’t a customer.

    There are better banks, and even better credit unions. U.S. Bank can go pound sand! Bud Lite ’em!

  3. US Bank is very “woke”. Just check out their website. Woke is king at US Bank Corporate. They need a lesson in the consequences of wokeness in the conservative states where they mostly do business. They have forgotten who their customer base is.

  4. Find a local bank that will attend to their needs. Using anything corporate any more will have consequences. These companies no longer understand that they get paid to provide a service. Now, in their arrogance, they demand that we pay them and do as they say. I can’t be the only one that sees this. Stop paying them and they no longer exist.

  5. fallout after aryan knights jail break maybe. too bad all the low T rinos in dc only fight for the donor class

  6. More unfair treatment from the ruling “elites” (children of the devil – John 8:44). That letter was a disgrace. They didn’t even have the decency to give a reason to a group that were faithful patrons for close to 20 years, all because they don’t agree with their politics. How un American is “US Bank”. Hopefully this creates a national boycott and they lose lots of money. They deserve it. Anyone who reads this please pull your money out of this bank.

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