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Press Release: The Idaho Press Club on Wednesday filed a motion for an order of contempt of court against Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, who has not released public documents, as ordered by the court.

By • September 30, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by the Idaho Press Club. Note: Press Releases are sent by campaigns, companies, and organizations and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Idaho Dispatch.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement from the Idaho Press Club

It is truly unfortunate that this case has reached the point that we are compelled to file a petition for contempt of court against the lieutenant governor.

This case never should have reached the court to begin with, as the lieutenant governor clearly should have released the public records upon request, and her refusal to do so was a violation of the state of Idaho’s public records law.

That position was supported by the court with clear and direct language. Not only was the lieutenant governor ordered to release all of the public records, but she was ordered to pay all attorney fees and court costs and was issued a civil fine of $750 for violating the public records law.

However, the lieutenant governor continues to refuse to release the public records, in defiance of the court order.

Meanwhile, draft legislation is being formulated as a result of the work of the Education Task Force examining indoctrination in public education. The records in question, the feedback form to the task force, could have a bearing on that legislation. Without full disclosure of those records, the task force is operating in secrecy, formulating public policy outside the public view, which is exactly what Idaho’s public records and open meetings laws seek to prevent.

Filing a petition for contempt of court, though regrettable, is our next available recourse for resolution in this matter.

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