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Press Release: Take a Stand Now Plead with Governor to End Mandatory Vaccines, Says Follow the Lead of other Governors

By • October 15, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Take a Stand Now. Note: Press Releases sent out by organizations do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Idaho Dispatch.

(Meridian, Idaho) Take a Stand Now (TASN) calls on the Governor to do more than recognize health care workers in the month of October. TASN wants him to bring an end to mandatory COVID vaccines.

“TASN challenges Governor Little to do more than name October Healthcare Worker month. We are pleading with him to follow the lead of Governor Abbott of Texas and others in protecting the healthcare workers in Idaho by signing an executive order to stop the mandatory vaccines,” said TASN spokesperson Victoria Stump.

Earlier this week the Governor designated October as “Idaho Health Care Worker Appreciation Month” to show Idahoans their “respect, appreciation and support for the sacrifices health care workers are making to get us through an unprecedented public health crisis.”

“If the Governor really wants to show his respect to the healthcare workers, then he would put an end to the COVID vaccines mandates that Idaho’s three largest health care systems have place on all staff and contractors.”

“An executive order to end the mandates would protect our workers and the communities depending on them,” Stump concluded.


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21 thoughts on “Press Release: Take a Stand Now Plead with Governor to End Mandatory Vaccines, Says Follow the Lead of other Governors

  1. An Executive Order:
    1.)To end to jab mandates for all Idahoans.
    2.) To end mask mandates for all Idahoans
    3.) Probably most important an Executive Order would be to simply BAN both Jabs and Masks entirely. They are responsible for a tremendous amount of harm.

    We need over-the-counter therapeutics NOW with No Doctors, Insurance Companies, or Medical CEOs/Managers involved in our personnel decisions.

    1. Little won’t ban masks, without masks you don’t have the optics of an emergency. Without an emergency the federal $$$ stop rolling in to corrupt organizations within the state (hospitals, teachers unions, etc). Plus, once your state hits a high vaccination rate, as a RINO governor, you’ll get a gold star and more $$$ from big pharma. Sorry, no mask bans for Idaho!

  2. Im an RN. I’m losing my job. Last day will be Dec 8th. I will never ever ever for any reason take the injection that I have watched harm people irreparably. Want a stroke? Get one of those. Worse? I would literally rather starve to death than kneel. This is what I want you all to know.
    I am not alone.

    1. April,
      Can you and others start independent medical clinics where we can go?
      The clinics would be a pleasure to work at, profitable and we would get actual healthcare.
      Let us know how we can help this get going.

      1. I second this suggestion. It would be funny if an alternative economy based on sound money emerges from this ham fisted power grab

      2. They would be run much like physicians who are independent. No insurance, only cash but much less than it would cost to see a Doc who’s tied to a hospital or medical corporation.

    2. I’m sorry for you and everyone else in a similar position. I agree with Idaho Seven. Is there a way to start up an independent clinic?

      1. I would love this. I think many of us would just like to get back to treating people again and stop pretending that everything is Covid. It just isn’t. What bs.

    3. I, too, am an RN and a resident of Meridian. As part of my employment I was required to get vaccinated every year. Every year I vaccinated my children so they could go to public school. This is not a new concept. This is for the safety of the community, not just myself. Yes there are rare reactions (like those with just about any medication), but that number is dwarfed by those who have died or become incapacitated from COVID complications. The majority of healthcare workers are in agreement which is evidenced by the overwhelming majority who are vaccinated. If you choose to put your own opinions over the life/health of your patients, perhaps you are in the wrong profession.

      1. More and more doctors are coming out against this particular so called vaccine… I applaud your service as an RN and have much respect for nurses..However, The recent VAERS reports do not support your claim of a safe and effective shot… I listen to to the pathologists and doctors associated with this field…Sorry, no spike proteins, aborted fetal parts for me or my family.

  3. Sadly, it will just fall on deaf ears. You see, you (TASN) are not financially nor politically tied to Little or his constituents, so you have no say in what he or his office of swamp rats do.
    Now, if you decide to slip him a few grand here and there, I bet you’ll get this to fly right on through!
    You may think I jest, but look at the corruption in Caldwell right now! Little is just way better at hiding his fortunes and political powers than McGee!

  4. This has all gone on long enough! People losing jobs if they don’t go against their beliefs and bow done to the mandate!
    Where is our freedom? Mandated away!
    1. We need to end the mask mandate! They affect breathing and weaken the lungs! Where does the virus love to be? In weakened immune systems and weakened lung tissue!
    2. We need to end mandated vaccines! I work in the medical field, and I see things that aren’t released to the public! The vaccine is causing numerous health problems! We should have our personal freedom of choice to get the vaccine or not!
    For the sake of this messed up world and all the political lies being told to the public, just end the charades! Stop mandating and taking away freedom, stop spreading lies and scaring the hell out of American people so they go against all they stand for just out of fear!

    1. Exactly Correct: A solid course of action would be to throw out the “Anti Freedom” trash asap, including the feckless Little, Winder, Bedke trio.

  5. And Now, the IMA is going after Dr. Cole with a bogus complaint that he is “harming” the public. Call the Idaho Board of Medicine and let them know how disgusted you are!

  6. Little is a RINO he doesnt care about Idaho or the people he’ll never ban mandates, he didnt even decline refugees when Trump signed an executive order allowing states to opt out.

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