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Press Release: Take a Stand Now Calls on Legislature to Reconvene to Save the Jobs of Health Care Workers

By • August 29, 2021

The following Press Release was sent to Idaho Dispatch from the Idaho chapter of Take a Stand Now:

Poll Shows 95% of Unvaccinated Will Not Get the Vaccine

(Meridian, Idaho) Take a Stand Now (TASN) is calling on the Idaho Legislature to reconvene on a single issue to resolve the mandatory vaccine issue for Idaho’s health care workers.

“The health care corporations are counting on an increase in vaccination rates now that the FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine. In a poll completed by TASN on Monday the question-Now that the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine has full FDA approval, will you get the vaccine? Over 95% of respondents answered ‘no’” said TASN spokesperson, Victoria Stump.

“In light of employer COVID-19 vaccine mandates and some states/districts taking the position that the renewal of healthcare licensing will hinge on vaccine status, TASN will be sending a proposal to members of the Idaho State Legislature,” Stump said.

The TASN proposal would call for the Idaho House and Senate to reconvene on the matter of employee COVID-19 vaccine mandates with the individual legislators making a written commitment to meet on this single issue.

“This proposal unites Idaho in the fight to preserve healthcare in the state, as well as the individual rights of Idahoans to make their own health decisions without threat of lost wages and financial devastation,” Stump concluded.

Both the House and the Senate will receive this proposal and if enough signatures are collected, the Idaho Legislature can move forward to protect its people.


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12 thoughts on “Press Release: Take a Stand Now Calls on Legislature to Reconvene to Save the Jobs of Health Care Workers

  1. Who all do they consider to be healthcare workers? Chiropractors and Massage Therapists are listed as occupational licenses. I should point out though that resorts have begun to require them here. The CDA casino specifically and the CDA resort now requires vaccines or wear masks.

  2. I read a FB comment from a nurse at SHMC in Spokane saying that nearly 1000 vaccinated patients have died there and that they are seeing vaccinated under 30 year olds admitted with blood clots and cardiac arrest. Might be a good interview if you could get someone from SHMC to sit down with you.

  3. Time to STAND NOW AND BACK THE healthcare workers !!! ENOUGH of this nonsense bullshit of forcing the clot shot !

  4. The federal government has gone full communism on the American people. These so called mask & vaccine mandates are unconstitutional and total B.S.
    How do you like the signs that some of your favorite stores have posted. “Masks recommended for the “UNVACCINATED”. Talk about blatant discrimination. People need to wake up and stand up for this great state and our country.

  5. Yes and also we demand a forensic audit of the 2020 election. It must be done for future election integrity! Do you job, keep your oath!!

  6. First of all according to the FDA website it appears that the emergency use of the vaccine was approved, not that the FDA gave their stamp on it as full approval by the FDA.

    There is no scientific proof we have a pandemic and the Health Department needs to come forward and produce the proof to all Americans!

    Then they need to explain to all Americans that Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci have patents for vaccines they create! Bill Gates is not a Dr. we don’t really know if Fauci is either. Again they have an agenda to depopulate our world!

    Many people are dying from these vaccines globally! The ingredients are horrifying and why should anyone take this if there is no pandemic!
    It was a plannedemic just as Biden’s press Secretary let slip at her news conference.

    Americans are being lied to about all this and it’s time for all the truth to come out!

    The reason they shut down Hydroxycloriquine and Ivermectin is because if there was already an alternative treatment on the market, then the FDA could not approve the Pfizer vaccine under emergency use!

    They are perpetrating crimes against humanity and everyone promoting this needs to be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity!

  7. In the 1970’s, a monument stating the goals of the Gates type of people was erected in Georgia. The Georgia Guidestones have their own 10 commandments. The first one is to maintain the world population under 500,000,000. The second is eugenics. The third we see every day as our language is changed. The fourth is to squelch tradition and faith and so forth. This whole plandemic fits in very nicely.

  8. I’m a nurse. No, it is not the unvaxxed dying. Lies. Lies lies. I’ve been in this 19 months and I see injury. I will NEVER be injected at threat of my life. Don’t tread on me.

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