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Press Release: Take a Stand Now Calls for Prayer in North Idaho

By • September 3, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by the group “Take a Stand Now:”

Coeur D Alene, ID – Take A Stand Now (TASN) members in North Idaho are holding a prayer event and inviting everyone to join them in prayer for our city, county, and nation on Monday September 6th from 4-6pm, at the intersection of HWY 95 and Ironwood.

“Our healthcare heroes, police, fire, military, and employees in our country are facing unprecedented times. There is so much division in our society, and that is why we are choosing to focus on coming together. We welcome you to come stand in agreement to pray for the future of our community and petition God for help with the crises that we are facing.

Take A Stand Now is a grassroots pro-freedom movement that is committed to empowering individuals to stand and exercise their rights to individual liberties,” TASN spokesperson Victoria said.

“Although Northern Idaho medical facilities have not yet made the covid-19 vaccination a condition of employment, leaders are facing hard decisions. We want to pray for their hearts and minds while they make decisions that have the potential to affect our community for generations,” Stump added.

“Many individuals in our community have expressed their feelings on this issue. Now is the time for all of us to Take A Stand Now together and let our leaders know we appreciate their efforts, and we are praying that they will make the best decision for the future of our community, county, and country, Stump concluded.

2 thoughts on “Press Release: Take a Stand Now Calls for Prayer in North Idaho

  1. I love every part of this group TAKE A STAND NOW!!! They truly care about People. Not a political agenda.

    I have had the privilege to hear Dr. Cole interviewed for over an hour by Kevin Miller on KIDO, and am joy filled regarding his confirmation.

    The masks don’t work. They destroy our children natural growth, the outside is so germy from them being touched constantly and the suffocate everyone. STOP the lies with masks being protective. Just clean the desk every evening when the kids leave for the day.

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