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Press Release: Straw poll: McGeachin heavy favorite at Boise gun show

By • June 16, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin:

NAMPA, Idaho — Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, R-Idaho, was the heavy favorite for the 2022 Republican nomination for governor among participants at the Boise Gun Show held June 5-6 at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa.

A total of 233 attendees participated in the straw poll, asked to anonymously indicate support for incumbent Gov. Brad Little of Emmett, Lt. Gov. McGeachin of Idaho Falls, or local GOP activist Ed Humphreys of Boise.

McGeachin, a longtime defender of the Second Amendment and a known gun enthusiast, proved the overwhelming favorite among participants, winning over 90 percent of the votes cast with 217 votes. Little and Humphreys won the remainder, only 16 votes, combined.

“This overwhelming support from patriotic Idahoans at the Boise Gun Show is proof of how strong our campaign will be next year, regardless of who’s running,” McGeachin said. “Like the overwhelming majority of Idahoans, I cherish the Second Amendment, as recognized by my A+ rating from the NRA. As governor, I’ll fight any infringement of our 2nd Amendment rights, especially from the gun-grabbing, left-wing Biden/Harris administration in Washington, D.C.”

McGeachin has gained national media attention recently as a firebrand on individual liberty issues. As acting governor while Little was absent from the state, McGeachin last month issued an executive order banning mask mandates by local governments in schools and public buildings, saying the face-covering directives threatened Idahoans’ individual freedom to make their own decisions about their families’ health. Her actions were applauded by Idahoans whose appeals for relief had been ignored by school boards, local governments, the legislature, and even the governor. Little referred to the Executive Order as a “political stunt” while Humphreys chauvinistically called the Executive Order and repeal a “catfight.”

McGeachin has also convened a task force to investigate claims of “critical race theory” indoctrination in Idaho’s public schools, which has also drawn national attention. “I am not backing down,” McGeachin told Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson in a nationally broadcast interview June 3rd. Critical race theory is “threatening the very fabric of our conservative American values,” she said. (Video: )

McGeachin’s defense of the Second Amendment and opposition to mask mandates and critical race theory has propelled the Idaho Falls Republican into the spotlight not only among Idaho Republicans, but nationwide.

McGeachin is a small business owner and was elected Idaho’s first female lieutenant governor in 2018, after serving a decade in the Idaho House of Representatives, where she chaired the State Health and Welfare Committee and was a delegate for Donald Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention and was the vice-chair of Trump’s Idaho campaign committee.

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8 thoughts on “Press Release: Straw poll: McGeachin heavy favorite at Boise gun show

  1. I think she will make a strong Governor. She has proven that she will stand up for the rights of Idahoans. She has my vote.

    1. She couldn’t even stand up to pathetic little Chuck Winder or Brad Little. How in the world do you think she has what it takes to stand up to the Federal Government? Janice failed Idaho in 2020! She stood by and did nothing even though she held the 2nd highest executive office in the state. And all she did was cry that her “hands were tied” and that she couldn’t do anything. Whether she is conservative or not doesn’t matter, she’s a doormat. She lets people walk all over her. I will NEVER vote for Janice “Doormat” McGeachin.

  2. Count us in. I will not forget the ISP raid in Kendrick, done on the little dictators orders. Vast overaction. Kendrick is a neighboring town so I followed that Fiasco. Our Idaho citizens deserve better.

  3. End property taxes? Property owners are being raped and property tax means you can never really own property.

    1. From an out of stater hoping to be an in-stater someday, respectfully, I don’t think you can ever get away from property taxes completely. 1000% agree with your assessment, that it’s WRONG for government to have the right to take property by increasing the tax burden such that an “owner” can no longer pay to keep what they “own”. But then there’s the reality of actual required spending in the community (and I mean at a minimum level, not what’s going on today). But something along the lines of a Prop 13 (one of the things CA passed back when we actually had solid conservative leaders) allows the owner to lock in their property tax bill at the time the home is purchased. That way you can plan for it and the government doesn’t have the right to simply price you off your land. I’d love to see Idaho move the direction of a Florida, Texas, West Virginia (recently) and abolish income tax all together, and tack on a Prop 13 property tax protection as well. If there are shortfalls down the line, propose sales taxes that the people can vote on to deal with. That at least places control in the hands of the voters and not the politicians, and doesn’t punish people for working their whole lives to save by raping them when it matters most.

  4. Take a better look at Janice’s voting record. It’s not as conservative as you think. And she left office in 2012, one year before the IFF started the Freedom Index. I doubt she would be above a 70%. Here’s some highlights about Janice’s voting record that people DON’T KNOW:

    1. Janice voted against H222 which allowed guns to be carried on campus. Conservatives were in favor of this bill—Janice voted AGAINST IT. I’d be interested in knowing what IFF or the Idaho 2nd Amendment alliance thinks about this.

    2. Janice is bad on immigration as she voted against bill H366 which would require someone to be a legal resident before Idaho issued them a driver’s license. This means illegal residents could show their Idaho driver’s license and vote illegally in Idaho elections.

    3. Janice voted against S1148 which would have got the state government out of the alcohol business. Whether you drink or not, the State of Idaho should not be in the business of selling liquor or competing against businesses that do!

    She also “conveniently” missed the vote on many IMPORTANT issues like:

    1. SJM 104 – Urging Congress to Repeal Insurance Coverage of Contraception
    2. HCR 45 – Encourages the Establishment of Private Healthcare Exchanges
    3. H 777 – Serving Alcohol in Movie Theaters

    Janice also did complete FLIP-FLOPS on at least two issues, where she voted one way and then changed her vote later and voted the opposite (not something that “proven conservatives” do):
    VOTED AGAINST: H 121 – Smoking Ban in Bowling Alleys
    VOTED FOR: H 121 – Smoking Ban in Bowling Alleys

    VOTED AGAINST: H 729 – Prohibiting Text Messaging While Driving
    VOTED FOR: S 1274 – Prohibits Texting While Driving

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