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Press Release: Steve Madden Enters the Race for Boise City Council

By • September 19, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by the Steve Madden campaign for Boise City Council:

Boise, Idaho

East End resident Steve Madden has entered the race for a seat on the Boise City Council representing BCC District 5. Steve is a political, economic and social refugee from California. The Madden family settled in the historic East End neighborhood in 2019 and Steve remodeled their classic 1960’s modern house designed by famed Boise architect Bradford Shaw.

Steve is a registered Republican but identifies as a Constitutional Conservative. He is concerned about the damage being done to the City of Boise by a one-sided government lead by Mayor Lauren McLean. Steve’s opponent is incumbent Holli Woodings. Steve strongly supports geographic representation in city government and wants every citizen to have a voice in planning the future of the city. He want to  give the City of Boise back to the people.

For more information and to support Steve’s campaign visit

Contact Steve directly: 208-995-9176,

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