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Press Release: Statement from Attorney General Labrador on Failed Creech Execution

By • February 28, 2024

The following press release was sent out by the Office of Attorney General Raúl Labrador on February 28, 2024. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Justice has now been delayed again, following the medical inability to execute Thomas Creech. Today is a sad day for the families of his victims, and a continuation of the pain they have endured for almost five decades.

Those victims include, but are not limited to David Dale Jensen, Edward Thomas Arnold, John Wayne Bradford, Gordon Lee Stanton, Charles Thomas Miller, William Joseph Dean, Sandra Jane Ramsamoog, Rick Stewart McKenzie, and Vivian Grant Robinson.

Thomas Creech has told his story to a curious and accommodating media for 49 years. However, time and again, he committed many cowardly and evil acts of violence. Our duty is to seek justice for the many victims and their families who experienced the brutality and senselessness of his actions.


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7 thoughts on “Press Release: Statement from Attorney General Labrador on Failed Creech Execution

    1. Say what you want pal but Raul L is great. If you’re so awesome yourself why don’t you move to Oregon and change those evil clowns with your damning attitude ! You need to appreciate some politicians that are good. I get real sick of people always bagging on good people !

  1. The incompetency of the State to execute this man, over and over again — is staggering! Is there NO JUSTICE whatsoever?

    Perhaps the State needs to talk to a local large animal veterinarian. They often need to put down horses or cattle and they know what they are doing. 3 years ago I had to have my 31 year-old mare euthanized and it was easy-peazy. One shot to relax and then the lethal shot, which made her go to sleep forever.

    What could be so hard? There are ways to do this. Put in a port ahead of time, if the guy has poor veins! My God — give the families of this monster some justice. Once and for all!

  2. Idaho needs a well lubed Guillotine at the base of the capitol’s steps.
    Low cost, clean and effective.
    Plus a great deterrent to others 🙂

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