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Press Release: State Board of Education Ignores Concerns About Critical Race Theory

By • June 29, 2021

The following press release was sent out by Branden Durst, a Republican candidate for State Superintendent of Education on June 29:

Boise – The Idaho State Board of Education held a special meeting today to discuss issues around diversity and inclusion in Idaho post secondary institutions. The meeting was called in the midst of many Idahoans throughout the state expressing sincere concerns about indoctrination, often in the form of Critical Race Theory.

Former state Senator Branden Durst, a Republican candidate for state superintendent of public instruction, has been calling for the Board to follow the Florida State Board of Education, which recently banned Critical Race Theory. “Unfortunately, rather than lead on this issue and ban Critical Race Theory, they have capitulated to liberals and have embraced it.” Durst said.

The policy change was proposed by Debbie Critchfield, who is also running for state superintendent. To that point, Durst added, “Critchfield is running as a Republican, but seems to be disinterested in the very real concerns so many Idahoans, especially Republicans, have about the indoctrination of students and the use of taxpayer dollars to do it.”


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18 thoughts on “Press Release: State Board of Education Ignores Concerns About Critical Race Theory

  1. The People have no idea who to trust or vote for at this time.

    We do know that the Public Schools system will revert to teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, business, God and Constitution or it will be defunded.

    This is about the Kids from Kindergarten through to our College system.

    The Administrators, Unions, Teachers and Brain Dead Politicians need to follow suit or be relieved of duty.

    1. I agree we have no idea who to trust or vote for at this time. I do believe Administrators, Unions, Teachers and most all socialist democrats be relieved of duty. Most people who show no brain smarts become teachers of our students with degrees in arts, social work, shop because they can do nothing else. Very few are teachers because they love children and want to share true information. They are here because of the love of our country.

  2. Supt. Ybarra is a Republican too, and I can’t think of ONE Republican thing she has done. Ever. She should have been at the meeting pounding a table to be heard – figuratively I would hope. She is for sure missing in in-action.

  3. There is no place in Idaho, or anywhere else in this great nation of ours for this Marxist brainwashing of our children with the sole purpose of indoctrinating hatred and racism of our young people. Disgusting.

  4. What about how Russ Fulcher did… you know with… you know who? And hid it from the people of Idaho! Mr. Family Values!

    1. You might want to actually make a specific charge and provide evidence….or just keep still.

  5. We are going to have to stay on our toes with this policy!! If you cut it down on one side it will pop up on the other side. We have let them poison our College students we can’t let that happen to the younger children, too.

  6. History of the Nazis and Youth: Young people were a particular target for the Nazis’ propaganda, as they represented the future. The school curriculum was altered to promote Nazi ideology and all young people were expected to join a Nazi youth organization such as the Hitler Youth.

    Hitler famously stated, When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already. You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community”.

    The mindless sheep who have allowed the schools to corrupt their kids without safeguarding their morals and character at home every day are now paying the price.

  7. Sad to say the teachers unions need to be expelled from the state of Idaho and the politicians receiving their lobby money tarred and feathered. so to say. Knowing the enlightened Idaho voters they will with out a spec of discernment reelect their incumbent.

  8. Am I missing something here? I thought that Idaho banned any CRT teachings in the state of Idaho. Regardless, thank goodness my kids are not in school any longer. However, if needed, I will stand side by side with those that are fighting this.

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