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Press Release: Simpson Supports National Defense Authorization Act

By • July 14, 2022

The following press release was sent out by Congressman Mike Simpson. Note: Press releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Bill provides pay raises for troops and modernized capabilities to counter foreign aggression

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson today voted in favor of H.R. 7900, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2023. This annual legislation authorizes important programs in the Department of Defense (DoD) including pay increases and benefits to military members and their families.

“We must pass the NDAA annually to make sure our troops have the resources they need to maintain a strategic edge over our adversaries,” said Simpson. “I am proud to support this bill that rebuilds the military and provides critical equipment and technology that will ensure military readiness.”

The FY 2023 NDAA fulfills Congress’ constitutional duty to provide for the common defense by rejecting the Biden Administration’s proposed cuts to defense programs and includes provisions vital to national security. 

Highlights of the bill include:

  • A 4.6% pay increase for servicemembers,
  • Funds for military construction and military family housing at home and abroad,
  • Funding to counter Chinese and Russian aggression, and,
  • Expanded mental health services and suicide prevention programs for servicemembers.

Republicans in the House of Representatives also fought successfully to exclude gun confiscation and abortion-related provisions, and to include a 4.4% overall increase to the defense budget, in line with the Trump administration’s previous goal.

“Both Republicans and Democrats came together to support the FY 2023 NDAA, and the world will be better and safer for it,” continued Simpson. “I am proud to lend my support to our military men and women who fight so valiantly to protect our way of life.” 

The FY 2023 NDAA passed in the House of Representatives on July 14, 2022 with a bipartisan vote of 329-101. The bill will now be conferenced with a Senate version before becoming law.


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6 thoughts on “Press Release: Simpson Supports National Defense Authorization Act

  1. “I am proud to lend my support to our military men and women who fight so valiantly to protect our way of life.”

    If they’re fighting to protect our way of life, why is our way of life disappearing? Or could it be that their Commander in Thief is fighting harder to destroy it?

  2. Too bad the bill didn’t include, “no forced vaccinations.” But no one in DC wants to discuss the elephant in the room. Our current executive administration wants to disseminate our beloved military, as the Republicans quietly stand by.

  3. Does he think this will detract from him working to breach our dams? Don’t trust him which is why I didn’t vote for him.

  4. I gather this bill still has the red flag laws simpson approved in earlier votes to use against military personnel ?

  5. RINO Simpson is at it again. All of the voters in his district need to look closely at his ACTUAL voting record and the key contents of the bills he agrees to, supports, and helps to pass into law. Many still contain the liberal democrat wording that cause actual conservative republicans to withdraw their support. Those voters in his district either don’t look close enough OR they like the things he does, like supporting “Red Flag” types of laws. I don’t like his actions – Period. Sometimes I think that voting for a democrat would be better because at least you know he’s helping destroy America and therefore you know what you’re dealing with.

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