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Press Release: Simpson Statement on CHIPS Plus Act

By • August 1, 2022

The following press release was sent out by Congressman Mike Simpson. Press releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson today made the following statement regarding the CHIPS Plus Act:

“Bringing semiconductor fabrication back to the U.S. is a pressing matter for both commercial and defense needs. I was proud to support CHIPS for America when passed as part FY2021 National Defense Authorization Act,” said Simpson. “However, the CHIPS Plus bill that the House voted on today was a far cry from a clean bill to support U.S. competitiveness.”

“Rather than engage in good faith negotiations with Republicans on this legislation relating to semiconductors this session, Democrats chose to craft yet another bill that sends billions of taxpayer dollars to Democratic wish list items that have nothing to do with countering China’s stranglehold over critical resources. I support funding for U.S. semiconductor production – but at a time when inflation is at record levels and Americans are already suffering under the crushing weight of rising prices, it is irresponsible to approve even more reckless spending that will almost certainly send our economy into recession.”

H.R. 4346 passed the U.S. Senate on July 27, 2022, by a vote of 64-33 and the House of Representatives today by a vote of 243-187. The bill will now be presented to the President to be signed into law.


6 thoughts on “Press Release: Simpson Statement on CHIPS Plus Act

  1. November’s election: DO NOT VOTE FOR SIMPSON

    Write in: Bryan Smith for District 2 Representative.

  2. This is such a bloated bill in typical fashion as there are things added to facilitate its passage. The normal, “What’s in it for me?” If this was just CHIPS only I would be for it. Get rid of the pork and most people could get behind it. Given that Taiwan supplies chips for us this would be worthwhile.

  3. If you were a sitting Republican US Senator or US congressman who did and said NOTHING when the 2020 election was stolen us and our true president, Donald J Trump; who do and say NOTHING for Americans sitting in a filthy DC jail, subjected to a kangaroo court/congressional “investigation” for questioning said election theft; who did and said NOTHING when the Senate majority was stolen from R’s by election corruption OF A SITTING REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR AND SOS in Georgia—I don’t want to hear you kvetching NOW about how bad the Biden administration is, how terrible this Democrat bill or that Democrat Bill is, etc.

    Simpson is a waste of space, as is the rest of Idaho’s congressional delegation. Cowards to the core, bought and paid for by the Uniparty in DC. How DO you guys sleep at night??? Do you think we are stupid and we’re not paying attention???

    Simpson can take every one of his press releases complaining about X, Y, and Z that the Democrats are doing and SHOVE IT.

  4. Black Irish Rose your comment is dead on, a little rambling, but the right message. One drawback that I have with what you said is that they don’t think we’re stupid or not paying attention. They just don’t care what we think, they are set to destroy America regardless of what real Americans think. And “they” are the RINO Republican representatives as well as the liberal democrats. They’re showing their true colors, and the American sheeple will re-elect them in November just because they have at “R” after their name. That’s going to happen right here in Idaho with Little, and it’s because of people like Tom Luna (thank goodness he’s gone) not properly vetting those people with the “R” behind their names. I’m just hoping Moon fixes that problem for those of us. And she can start with Simpson.

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