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Press Release: Simpson Pushes for Crackdown on Dairy Imitators

By • May 12, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Congressman Mike Simpson. Note: Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch. 

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson last week led 36 of his House colleagues in sending a letter to U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf and Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young raising concerns with the continued lack of enforcement of dairy standards of identity, a cause Congressman Simpson has championed for years.

“Idaho ranks third in the nation for dairy production, which contributes significantly to the state economy. As the proud co-chair of the Congressional Dairy Caucus, I have been sounding the alarm to the FDA for accurate labeling in the dairy industry for years. Milk comes from a cow – not an almond or coconut or any other fruit or vegetable,” said Simpson. “I am fully committed to supporting the dairy producers of our state and providing honest labelling for Idahoan consumers, which is why I am also an original cosponsor of The Dairy Pride Act, legislation that requires the FDA to take enforcement action against manufacturers labeling non-dairy products as milk.”

The letter notes that standards of identity serve to protect consumers by promoting transparency, integrity, and fairness in the marketplace. They also support a common understanding of what is in a product and its nutrient content. Enforcement of these legal standards is crucial for consumers to make informed and meaningful decisions about the foods they purchase.

“The nutritional value and health benefits of non-dairy products is simply not equivalent to actual dairy products,” said Simpson. “Dairy imitators’ use of those terms is confusing and potentially harmful to consumers, and it needs to stop.”

The letter details concerns about the health implications of the FDA’s failure to enforce their own dairy labelling standards as plant-based dairy alternatives rise in popularity for American consumers. It urges FDA Commissioner Califf and OMB Director Young to begin real enforcement of dairy standards of identity with forthcoming FDA guidance.

13 thoughts on “Press Release: Simpson Pushes for Crackdown on Dairy Imitators

  1. Interesting as he ages how he more and more resembles Frankenstein’s Monster, which he truly is in regards to The People of Idaho’s interest.

  2. In the overall scheme of things, is this really all that important? I think that most people can figure this one out for themselves.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking!!! How stupid are you if you can’t tell its not cow’s milk just by looking at the carton, literacy not even necessary here!
      Just another deflection from real issues they refuse to tackle.

      1. “How stupid are you if you can’t tell its not cow’s milk just by looking at the carton…..?”

        Oh, you’d be surprised.
        Where do you think the legit biden votes came from?

    2. This is the caliber of representation that must be replaced with Constitutional conservatives if Idaho is to survive.

    3. No, we need government to weigh in and legislate on every tiny decision we make, because what if someone isn’t completely happy with something, or makes a mistake, or doesn’t pay attention to what they’re doing?
      Things could happen, you know.
      Kids could get little bruises, or be bored with their toys, or heaven forbid, not like their parents answer to a question. And then what about the ‘racism’ that permeates everything we do, have, say, see, like, remember, touch, or eat?
      I just can’t see how anyone can live, and make choices, all by their lonesome, without government help and endless restrictions.
      You need to read a typical product manual, with all the warnings and reminders, like “do not jam product into the ear of ANY infant, without parental supervision or medical guidance. If disposition to do so persists, see your doctor or local social services for help and support.” Reading these manuals will help you understand the great needs & concerns of our current civilization, and why government can never be big enough, or involved enough in everything you do and think.

  3. Sounds like a made-up problem to me. Meanwhile, did Simpson ever release any statements about election fraud?

  4. Simpson trying to placate his deep-pocketed dairy donors under the guise of protecting the citizenry.
    Typical Rinocepharian.

  5. Only the biggest dolt in the world would not know that those non-dairy substitutes are not milk. Oh, and Mr. Simpson, milk also comes from goats, sheep, camels, horses and other mammals, not just cows.

  6. Another cheap talking point topic to fool the voters.

    Let the heavy stuff go and run on the fumes of RINO exhaust.

  7. We know what an idiot Simpson is and now once again we are reminded of how dumb the district 2 voters are.

  8. And so once again, the dummies voting and not paying attention. I’m sure they’re probably thinking oh Simpson he’s in now he must be OK. I study all the candidates at least a week in advance and then make up my mind. Unfortunately Most of them now resorting to dirty politics. Instead of telling you what I’ve done or what I can do, they’re all complaining about how bad the other guy is how he’s taking bribes this and that. Voters see that crap and believe it. So sad. I moved to Idaho to get away from all this crap.

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