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Press Release: Simpson Absent in Fight Against Federal Vaccine Mandates

By • January 4, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Bryan Smith, candidate for Congress in Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Idaho Falls, ID – Once again liberal Mike Simpson is missing in the fight for our freedom. Much like on protecting the unborn, Simpson is one of the few Republican members of Congress not to oppose federal vaccine mandates.

An amicus brief was filed by 47 United States Senators and 136 Members of the United States House of Representatives – a total of 183 of United States Congressmen – which contested President Biden’s recent vaccination mandate on the grounds that such an action violates the separation of powers of the United States Constitution.

The timely brief was filed in December 2021 by over 180 U.S. Congressmen, stating that “Vaccine mandates—a prototypical state police power—are not within the purview of the OSH Act, let alone something on which Congress intended OSHA to take unilateral action under its ‘emergency’ powers.”

The brief contends that “The ETS Mandate proposed by OSHA cannot stand,” because of its unconstitutionality.

While the brief was signed by Idaho’s entire congressional delegation, Mike Simpson notably withheld his support from this important issue on out of control federal overreach.

“Simpson is clearly out of touch with everyday Idahoans. It seems like he is deliberately voting against the people of Idaho. I would have signed onto the brief against Biden’s vaccination mandates in a heartbeat. I have never shied away from telling the truth or from a tough fight. Whether it is in the courtroom, in the Legislature or on the political battlefield, I have always stood up for what’s right and what I believe in. When liberals expanded Obamacare, I led the fight to the Idaho Supreme Court. When a Republican governor vetoed the Idaho grocery tax repeal, I led the fight to the Idaho Supreme Court. And now I will lead the fight to end Simpson’s days in Congress,” says Bryan Smith.


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5 thoughts on “Press Release: Simpson Absent in Fight Against Federal Vaccine Mandates

  1. Someone,,,,,Anyone, please run against this RINO. His religious beliefs should not be his only qualification. Come on district 2, do your jobs.

  2. SIMPSON like Boise’s mayor McClean, like BSU’s president Tromp, like Michigan’s governor Whitmer, Like Alaska’s senator Murkowski, Like Wyomings senator Cheney is a LIBERAL!

    Vote him OUT!

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