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Press Release: Senator Jeff Agenbroad Named 2022 Legislator of the Year by the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association

By • April 6, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Sen. Jeff Agenbroad. Note: Press Releases sent out by elected officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

NAMPA, Idaho – The Idaho Chiefs of Police Association (ICOPA) members presented Senator Jeff Agenbroad (R–Nampa) with the 2022 recipient of the organization’s bi-partisan Legislator of the Year Award on April 1, 2022.

The ICOPA’s Legislator Recognition Program recognizes members of the Idaho House or Senate or the state’s Congressional delegation for their leadership and support on important public policy matters impacting law enforcement and public safety.

“Senator Agenbroad understands public safety, criminal justice and law enforcement legislation, administrative rules, and policy initiatives and how they impact communities across the State of Idaho. He continues to show strong support for the types of measures that will improve public safety,” said ICOPA President, police chief Joe Huff in Nampa.  “He was willing to provide input, receive feedback, and identify opportunities to help solve some of the existing and emerging policy challenges. We felt Senator Agenbroad did more for our Association and understands the challenges facing police chiefs and our partners than any other legislator in 2022.”

“It is my honor to be named Legislator of the Year by those who I admire and support. I have always backed the blue and appreciate what our law enforcement officers do for us every day,” said Sen. Agenbroad. “A safe society is a free society.  Thank you to the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association, and those they represent, for putting it on the line to protect our great state.”

The backdrop for the award considered Idaho’s growth, the changing demographics of the state, and the impact this influx of people into Idaho has had at the local and municipal levels. As the state has grown, it has increased the volume and complexity of the caseload for law enforcement, heightened the demand for local departments, both large and small communities, cross border issues, school safety and security, and other priorities.

The Idaho Chiefs of Police Association (ICOPA), founded in 1968, exists to be a public voice on social and professional issues related to law enforcement in the State of Idaho. The members include police chiefs, command staff, frontline officers, former chiefs, and others. With a mission of tranquility for those who live here and safety for those who visit, ICOPA members uphold the highest standards of professionalism. ICOPA provides access and networking, accreditation, strategic initiatives, advocacy, education, and professional training. Representing the interests and positions of police chiefs and departments serving the communities of Idaho, ICOPA secures unity in action in police matters and advances and professionalizes the standard of police institutions throughout the state.


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13 thoughts on “Press Release: Senator Jeff Agenbroad Named 2022 Legislator of the Year by the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association

  1. Jeff Agenbroad may be popular with the police chiefs but he certainly doesn’t help the people of Idaho with his voting record in the Senate with a 33.2% Freedom Index rating for 2022 of at the bottom of the ladder. He is one of the reasons Idaho is moving more and more to the left.

    1. With his failing grades in all 3 indexes, something doesn’t smell right with this “Legislator of the Year” award. Haven’t looked at the bills Agenbroad voted on, but he seems to be in somebody’s back pocket.

  2. Yes. WTF do police chiefs know about anything anyway? After all, they are politicians too. Agenbroad refused to do his part to ban CRT in schools. He’s just another arrogant RINO who needs to be replaced ASAP.
    Agenbroad is another reason Idaho is becoming “IDAFORNIA”…and it has nothing to do with the political refugees moving here. It’s the complacent, brain-dead natives who take for granted what they thi nk they have.. It will be gone soon–Idaho becoming an extension of Oregon, Washington and California. And FJB

  3. So comforting to know that the police just love one of the worst RINO’s who consistently votes to violate our rights. No wonder we have such a problem with false arrests and police violence.

  4. “In the name of ‘public safety,’ give up your rights,” “we’re the gov’t, we’re here to help!” “A child disappeared, we can search you’re property in exigency, we’re not saying you’re guilty, but let us look in your house just incase you haven’t noticed a stranger in your own house!” “What, you have a problem with that??? Now you’re a suspect!” “If it saves just one child…!”
    “Marxist BLM/ANTIFA are setting fire to ‘opportunity zones’ and tearing up and terrorizing communities. We must protect their protesting!”
    “Residents are protesting the tyrannical, Marxist behavior of their gov’t, we must terrorize, point sniper rifles at them and investigate them as if they are the criminals! Send in our goon thugs paid for with tax dollars to protect and enforce our illegal, corrupt behavior.”
    *There’s a reason why public officials and Peace Officers are required to swear an oath to protect and defend our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. They need to be reminded.*

    1. Given how corrupt our Senate has made themselves appear, this shines an interesting light on this union. I wonder how much covid money they got?

  5. You can’t trust associations that blindly support RINOs and their ilk without prudent scrutiny. The FBI and DoJ are this nation’s top law enforcement entities, yet look at how corrupt and evil they are. What makes Idaho’s law enforcement organizations any different? How do we trust them? The cozy relations are disturbing.

  6. Sadly, these kinds off associations care more about how much money you toss into “public safety,” than about a balanced portfolio of tax relief and limited government for the rest of us.

  7. Anything labeled as “Association” should be suspect. In this case with the association of police chiefs it is no different. I’m sure there are some really good conservative police chiefs around the state, but not many. These associations are typically political. And yes this senator is far from being conservative. He’s way left. Any fully fails under the IFF index.

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