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Press Release: Senate Republican Leadership Joins Forces with Democrats to Make Idaho Irrelevant in the Selection of Our Next President

By • September 7, 2023

The following press release was sent out by the Idaho Freedom Caucus. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

September 7, 2023 – The Idaho Senate Republican Caucus says they’ve reached 60% support for a special session on the presidential primary. However, it’s crucial to emphasize they achieved this number by relying on the unanimous support of every Senate Democrat. In other words, without the backing of the Democrats, they would have fallen significantly short of the required 60%. This situation has exposed noticeable divisions within the Senate Republican Caucus because they couldn’t secure sufficient support from their own members.

Establishment Republicans consistently partner with liberal Democrats to drive legislation in the Senate, a worrisome trend for Idaho conservatives. This troubling pattern doesn’t serve the interests of Idahoans, who expect their elected representatives to champion conservative values and principles and not do the bidding of the radical Democrats. It raises questions about the true motivations behind these legislative efforts and whether Senate leadership is working to serve their own interests or the interests of the people of Idaho.

Moving the primary to May will relegate Idaho to the sidelines of the presidential nominating process. History shows that candidates are almost certainly chosen before May, meaning our primary won’t have a say in shaping the party’s nominee.

The last time a May primary had any relevance was back in 1980.

By delaying the primary to May, Idaho becomes irrelevant, with candidates bypassing our state as they seek delegate support in earlier primaries. Idahoan’s voices will be silenced as they cast meaningless votes in a May presidential primary.

The IDFC urges the Idaho House of Representatives to weigh these concerns seriously when considering signing onto a special session to decide on a May presidential primary bill. Idaho’s relevance in the presidential nominating process should not be sacrificed for the sake of convenience or cost.

Senate Republican leadership, under Senate Pro Tempore Winder, is demanding Idaho taxpayers waste $30,000 a day on a special session for a decision the Idaho Republican Party has already made. The caucus will not cost Idaho taxpayers anything.

The Idaho Freedom Caucus supports the Republican Party’s plan for a March 2 Caucus, which will bring presidential candidates to Idaho and ensure Idahoans have a voice in the nomination of our next president.


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10 thoughts on “Press Release: Senate Republican Leadership Joins Forces with Democrats to Make Idaho Irrelevant in the Selection of Our Next President

  1. Basically in almost every action Idaho’s Senate Pro Tempore, Chuck Winder, is a Democrat.
    In addition though the years his heinous actions have lead the deep destruction our public school system.

  2. Republicrats or Demonrats are all rats after your money. Neither party is for America, leave the duopoly-monoply party system, take bake elections from these grifters and traitors.

  3. Winder. Anyone that supports him, or doesn’t question or oppose him….
    Is an enemy of the constitution.
    The constitution was designed to save us from devils like him. I’m pretty sure he’s clearly aware of that, but he’s set his path.

  4. Why do we not see any of the politicians in Idaho leading the way on any political stage. Healthcare, Wages, Immigration (legal or illegal), Lava ridge BS, Federal land payments, Trump witch hunt, Religion demise, Inflation, and ETC. The best part is you don’t even have a news station that will talk about any of it. It’s even getting to the point now if you say anything you are prosacuted. The really big question everyone should have is what to do about it.

  5. Idahoans think if they mark “R” they’re going to have conservative values for our state. I don’t understand how anybody can be fooled so long of a period of time! Please wake up your friends and neighbors! Idaho has been a super majority Republican state for decades and yet we still have abortion. We still have up to 25% increase in welfare payments. Every year. Our schools are still been indoctrinated with the woke liberal LGB agenda people don’t even realize under governor little. Idaho was the first state to arrest a mother in the park with her child during the COVID lockdowns idaho was the first state to arrest people for going to church in Moscow, Idaho, locked down and closed businesses. All the information is out there. It has been talked about again and again it is a Cabal, over half of Idaho Republicans, or Democrats in disguise they take turns voting conservatively beating their chest, trumpeting their conservatism, while the rest of the Republicans vote for socialist, democratic, progressive legislation wake up, check their liberty score. This is their voting record if they are less than 90% quit voting for them.

    1. You nailed it, Shane. The IFF Freedom Index exposes all the RINOs who lied about their conservatism to get into office. Sadly, Idahoans seem to settle for mediocrity.

  6. Two weeks ago on the Michelle Moore show a hot topic was talked about. Think your state is safe? All are corrupt corporations and ALL Governors are in on it. I am starting to think and SEE this is true. A sheep no more……………………

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