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Press Release: Scott Bedke Blasts “Export Fuel Tax” Proposed by Washington Liberals

By • February 22, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by House Speaker Scott Bedke, a Republican candidate for Lt. Governor. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch. 

Boise, IDAHO – If the Democrats in Washington, D.C. weren’t trying to tax us enough, their allies in the Washington State Legislature are trying to pick up the slack. Case in point, a proposed “export fuel tax.”

Right now, the fuel we put in our vehicles is produced and refined outside of Idaho. It’s then transported to Idaho by trucks, trains, barges, or pipelines. In several situations, fuel bound for Idaho passes through Washington.

So, what does this mean? Washington state lawmakers want to raise gas prices, at six cents a gallon, in attempt to strongarm Idaho to support their “climate activities.” Not to mention, the state would also gain $2 BILLION dollars over the next 16 years. When Bidenflation is hitting hard, state of Washington liberals want Idahoans to foot the bill to fix their crumbling infrastructure and pay for their progressive tax-and-spend policies.

In response, the Idaho State Legislature has drafted a Joint-Memorial to let the state of Washington know that CONSERVATIVE policies are the best way to counteract bad liberal government…not taxing people outside of their jurisdiction.

“Liberals have been coming after Idaho for years and I’ve fought them every step of the way, both as a rancher and Speaker of the House,” said Lt. Governor candidate Scott Bedke. “As your next Lt. Governor, you have my promise to keep up the fight, because I will always defend Idaho’s conservative values.”

14 thoughts on “Press Release: Scott Bedke Blasts “Export Fuel Tax” Proposed by Washington Liberals

  1. Not surprising that Idaho’s Head Liberal would Call out a Liberal State when he’s struggling at attempt for office.

      1. Idahoans are easy to fool . Pay attention tom our politician and unionized government crime gang destroying this state.

  2. It’s easy counteract the bill with a import tariff on any freight shipped through Idaho bound for Washington.
    With a not attached.

  3. This guy must be voted out! He votes against the 2nd Amendment.( red flag ) Supports vaccine MANDATES. Promotes Marxism in Idaho schools. He is NOT for Idahoans. Please research Priscilla Giddings for Lt. Governor. She has my vote!

  4. We will soon have the opportunity to select our state employees. My votes are going to the candidates who BEST support maintaining our freedom, and that WILL NOT be Bedke. Way too liberal, and has failed to perform duties I have expected from a conservative Idaho representative. This op-Ed sounds like an effort to show a conservative platform very much like many federal democrats are doing with midterm elections coming up. Think hard folks, things are going to get harder before we get America back.

  5. Does anyone really believe this comment that Bedke is concerned about higher taxes especially on petroleum products when he was instrumental in raising the gas tax for Idahoans in a midnight session of the legislature several years ago. How about eliminating the grocery tax Mr. Speaker and stop sucking the economic life out of those who can least afford it.

  6. Wow….so this guy uses a time old trusted method for re-election…..let’s find a softball to knock out of the park, while any genuine work to eliminate the punitive property tax burden goes unmentioned. These RINOs are quick to talk this way as they continue to chip away at our economic base by promoting BigTech and the transfer of manufacturing to China. They did it all through the 80s-90s-2000s and still do it today. Look at our housing crisis…they just sit by and watch, if not promote, the rapid influx of quick cash from California migrants drive up housing without any attention to infrastructure needs that will pay for itself. What impact fees are they adjusting for this? You would think that all of this growth could pay for itself WITHOUT raising income taxes if the tax base is growing. Remember the Laffer curve? I guess they forgot. I remember when REAL Republicans used to care about inflation. They don’t anymore. They complain about it and then go spend more $$ and create more of it. They let the Fed print more of it. They used to demand we go back on the Gold standard… they shrink away from it. That’s because too many of them are getting rich off this growth. Why should they care if we all suffer from higher taxes and waning purchasing power when they make $$ off new subdivisions? They can’t even give us a break on our grocery taxes…other than token refunds that are useless. Who are the oligarchs? They are…along with their Dem buddies.

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