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Press Release: Ron Paul Endorses Ammon Bundy for Idaho Governor

By • November 9, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

I am honored to receive the endorsement of Ron Paul for my candidacy to be governor of the state of Idaho. Ron Paul is a living legend and an icon for conservative values and Constitutional purity.

For decades, Ron has been at the forefront of the fight for liberty, limited government, and the founding principles of our nation.

There may be nobody alive today in American politics with more experience, understanding, and historical work for the advancement of these beloved causes than Ron Paul. I am humbled to have his endorsement for my campaign.

Ammon Bundy

Note: A video of the endorsement from Ron Paul is on Bundy’s website here.

11 thoughts on “Press Release: Ron Paul Endorses Ammon Bundy for Idaho Governor

  1. Ron Paul’s endorsement is a million times better than Trump, who while he was a generally good president, is still responsible for outrageous spending, the CARES act (that funded all of the COVID nonsense), and “Operation Warp Speed” amongst other things. The fact that Trump also endorsed Mike Crapo shows that Trump has no idea what the heck is going on in Idaho and has terrible people vetting candidates on his behalf. Trump’s endorsement of McGeachin isn’t worth 1/10th of what Ron Paul’s endorsement is worth. Ron Paul has DECADES of unflinching principle that Trump couldn’t shake out of a tree.

  2. You just got my vote Bundy. I caucused for RP in ‘12 and if he says you’re the real deal, I’m in. So is my family. And this is honestly one of the only endorsements I’d ever consider.
    We need a wartime Governor who will stand his ground.

  3. Sorry Ron, I voted for you but you are wrong on this, wrong man for the times
    Bundy will only cause votes to be split for Brad.

  4. Votes for Bundy are votes for Little. It does no one any good to split votes rather than back a viable candidate and help get the current Governor voted out. This is how we ended up with Little in the first place and we’ll be stuck with him again if people support Bundy.

  5. Bundy, Humphreys, McGeachin need to debate each other, maybe three times, with accurate voter polling afterwards. This way the vote will be solidified towards one candidate.

    Idaho Dispatch should take the lead on this in order to produce accurate, non biased results for all to see.

  6. Ron Paul is the only endorsement that matters in the real world. It doesn’t surprise me that Ammon got it. But Idaho simply will not vote for Ammon. After living here my entire life I finally realized that Idahoans are the dumbest mother*&^*%*^ in the world. They are the easiest to fool. They are weak followers. They are perfect sheep. They will continue down their existing path. I predict 2022 will be just like previous “important elections.” There will not be a single conservative candidate who will win. Little, Bedke, Wasden, and Denney will continue and IACI will win the day. Because Idahoans vote for them. And therefore deserve everything they get.

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