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Press Release: Risch Votes No on Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget

By • August 12, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Senator Jim Risch (Note: This is not the $1 trillion bill that passed the Senate):

Today, Senate Democrats passed a colossal $3.5 trillion budget resolution without a single Republican vote. U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho) released the following statement upon final passage of the budget resolution:

“Democrats have laid out their vision for America: they want to transition the United States from a capitalist country to a socialist one. Today, they voted to turn their socialist rhetoric into reality. Despite soaring inflation and a surging federal deficit, the Democrats will raise taxes and spend Americans’ money to enact their $3.5 trillion far-left wish-list that puts millions more people on the federal dole. Big Government is not the answer to our problems. Abandoning the solid capitalist foundation that made the United States the strongest and most successful country in history for the false promises of socialist prosperity is an indefensible mistake.”

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38 thoughts on “Press Release: Risch Votes No on Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget

  1. If he thinks we will forget about his “yes” vote for the so-called infrastructure package, he is delusional.

    1. Yes, both he and Crapo voted the infrastructure bill with the provision to track and tax your every vehicle movement. What “wonderful” senators we have looking out for Idahoans.

  2. Had Risch and Crapo along with 17 other Senators not voted with the leftists on the Infrastructure Bill the 3.5 trillion waste bill would have never seen the light of day.

    Risch and Crapo know full well that when they voted for 1Trillion bill they both therefore allowed the 3.5Trillion to pass.

    The credit for this 4.5 Trillion of taxpayer burden, approval of communist tactics, destruction of the United States lies directly on Risch’s and Crapo’s shoulders.

    One can be assured that the lost Liberal Simpson will follow suit.

    1. you are exactly right, if it was a for Crapo, it never would have been seen period, they both knew what was at stake.. They need to go, along with turn coat Simpson and the Current Governor and Chuck Windmere, all these long time Rinos gone..

    2. Our full Idaho delegation is ripe for priamries. The thing is… will Idaho step up? Or, just keep voting the same guys in over and over again?

    3. keep the calls and emails coming. They have to hear from us now, and when we get the machines out. We will vote them out.

  3. I’d say vote them out, but voting has never mattered and now the CCP in DC has taken complete control of it all anyway. Time to make people like Risch and Crapo irrelevant and succeed!

  4. Traitorous RINO scum. He and Crapo have shown their true colors several times now. Both need to be primaried.

    1. When are these two up for re-election? I can’t believe this happened. I will actively campaign against these two.

  5. Idaho’s Republican Party needs to IMMEDIATELY step up and “VOTE TO CENSURE” Crapo, Risch and (My as well include Simpson ahead of his vote).

  6. Senator Crapo’s term expires January 2023.
    Senator Risch’s term expires January 2027.

    Is there a capable, constitutional conservative primary challenger for Senator Crapo? Please step up.

      1. Agreed! As it stands now, there are too many R’s running for Governor, so they’ll split the primary vote, plus the Dems will cross over int he primary and we could end up with Gov Chicken Little as our R candidate. Please, Mr. Humphreys: if it’s still possible, primary Crapo next year and drop the campaign for governor…..

      2. Marilyn – A good thought! Not sure Ed H. has the “gravitas” to snag the governor’s job, not just yet anyway, but he sure would be a “disruptive” positive force as a US Senator, and it would be great to get these turncoat RINOs out of office before they allow any further damage to be done!

  7. ID Dispatch running cover for RINO Risch? This press release is pure doublespeak. Our entire Idaho delegation is out to lunch.

  8. We voted Constitution party candidate last year instead of Risch. Crapo up in the primary in May, if no opponent we vote Constitution again.
    Risch then has the chutzpah to fundraiser off his phony no vote.
    Idaho Dispatch needs to editorialize against these two, we need more Teds and Rands.

    1. Constitution Party is a waste of time. Not one higher office in USA held by Constitution Party. Psyop to keep RINOs in charge of the Republican party. You should ignore Republicans if you are in the Constitution Party, since you have not voice in politics, stick to your fantasy blogs.

  9. Add clarification to the story, this would never come out of reconciliation if the RINOs hadn’t voted in the first bill, they sold us out. Only took simple majority in reconciliation instrpead of 60 for the $1 trillion bill.

  10. Hoping you all sent your ID RINO Senators an email prior to posting on the web where they will never see it. Risch and Crapo voted to open the door for the $3.5 trillion and now they act high and mighty. When did Romney infect the brains of so many Republicans? Voter fraud is keeping RINOs quiet and complicit in their rigged elections so even though voting barely matters anymore, if you bother to vote, be sure to avoid the psyop of demonstrated third party failure. Register R and get working on primary removal of traitors.

  11. I hope Crapo & Risch enjoy there last term these Scumbag Rino’s.
    What a total embarrassment they are to the great state of Idaho.
    They both need to move to Utah and join there ole buddy Mitt….

  12. The vote for the Constitution party will certainly not elect their candidate soon, continuing the insanity of voting for people like our Senators is not only insane but immoral if there is no other alternative.
    We need a message sent. Does Brian Lenney have a brother available?
    Instead of running three conservatives for Governor who will split the vote like last round. We end up with Little instead of Labrador.

  13. They think they are smarter than we the people and can pull the wool over our eyes. We have to show them. We need to have an audit done on Idaho elections so we have a chance to get rid of them.

  14. We are embarrassed to say our Idaho State Senators, both of them, Crapo and Risch, voted for the Commie Leftist Trillions of dollars infrastructure bill along with cocaine Mitch McConnell. They are NOT conservative, heck not even Republican. Recall these two Benedict Arnolds. Betrayers of the citizens of Idaho. We are angry that we will have to live with the consequences of their evil actions…higher taxes and less freedom with demonrats taking over our beloved country.

  15. These two RINO scumbags must go!
    What a sell out they are! I couldn’t believe they would do that. It’s infuriating!

  16. Sorry we haven’t forgotten the yes vote you made on the 1.5 trillion dollar fake infrastructure bill already.

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