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Press Release: Risch on Biden Executive Actions to Limit Second Amendment Rights

By • April 10, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Sen. Jun Risch on April 8th, 2021:

Upon President Biden’s announcement of six new executive actions to restrict the Second Amendment, U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho) today issued the following statement:

“Federal mandates that undermine Americans’ Second Amendment rights and circumvent their elected representatives in Congress erode the constitutional freedoms that make our country exceptional.

I will continue to oppose actions and legislation that infringe on law-abiding citizens’ constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.”

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14 thoughts on “Press Release: Risch on Biden Executive Actions to Limit Second Amendment Rights

  1. Jim,
    We are glad that you are opposing these “Actions”.
    This is not enough however.
    You and the Rest of the Idaho Delegation need to go on the offensive.
    When Biden and Staff perform illegal “Actions” they need to be held accountable. Take them to court, sanction them, remove them from office.
    There are numerous ways to control these illegal activities.
    We demand that You and the Rest take action, TAKE THE LEAD.

    1. Hi all! There are other states that have already made there whole state a 2nd amendment state. Does Idaho have that in place?

  2. Risch is a RINO who did nothing to prevent Biden from stealing the election. He went with the narrative falsely accusing Trump supporters of a violent insurrection–the same narrative the Biden regime is using to wall off the Capitol, keep National Guard posted there indefintely, and justify confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens.

    1. Agreed. Both Risch and Crapo are RINOs and there’s a bunch occupying offices in the Idaho Capital. They all need to be evicted.

  3. Jim Risch has been a globalist from day one. His statement means nothing, no one’s statements mean a thing any more. THE UNITED STATES HAS BEEN OVERTHROWN. Stop making statements. Stop pretending everything is ok. We need to either form a coalition for secession or join the Convention of States so we can ban international banking, ban federal foreign aid, remove fed govt from any involvement with schools, ban voting machines and ballot harvesting, break up the tech and media monopolies, and dismantle the CIA

  4. That is REALLY funny that people think Idaho is a 2nd amendment sanctuary state. We have ZERO protections from the federal government. MANY have been illegally arrested for unconstitutional gun “laws.” Even our own state does not follow the constitution.

  5. Jim Risch is a Rino! I don’t trust anything he says. He’s speaking now to try and save his job! Wishy washy Risch. You straight up went against President Trump when you know the election was stolen from him. I heard you vote NO, so today I vote no agaist you. You’ve kept that seat in Washinton warm for to long.

  6. I agree- you need to do more. Sanction them, remove them from office, lying to the public on ” Actions” not being done except damage to the people they forget they work for… Need fairness in-laws not racist agenda to load their pockets.

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