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Press Release: Raul Labrador Releases New Video Touting Candidacy and Noting Idaho Needs a Stronger Voice as Attorney General

By • February 16, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Raul Labrador, a Republican candidate for Attorney General. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.


Boise, ID – Conservative leader and former Congressman Raúl Labrador is releasing a new video today outlining his campaign for Attorney General of Idaho.

In the video Labrador notes that Idaho needs a stronger voice to push back against Biden policies impacting the state. Labrador also showcases his proven history of fighting for common-sense Idaho conservative values.

The video can be viewed here.

10 thoughts on “Press Release: Raul Labrador Releases New Video Touting Candidacy and Noting Idaho Needs a Stronger Voice as Attorney General

  1. It will be good when either Labrador or Art Macomber are voted in as Idaho’s Attorney General.
    Would like to see Art debate Raul on their plans once in office.
    Art Macomber may well be the more steadfast candidate to protect our freedoms.

  2. I’m Voting for whomever has a better chance at beating the sandbagger Wasden.

    Because both Raul and Macomber are good. Now who’s got the upper hand, so we can push him to victory ?

  3. Labrador all the way. He proved himself in the federal congress with his votes, and helping found The House Freedom Caucus. He is the real deal.

  4. I wasn’t particularly impressed by Labrador when he was in congress. But I have to agree with Citizen (above) and I will have to vote for the best choice to beat Wasden. But personally I would like to see more “non-career” politicians in office.

  5. The video said nothing about his position on these illegal vaccine mandates. Mr. Labrador will need to address his position on that issue before I vote for him.

  6. Most importantly how does he feel about stolen elections?
    Would he or has he actually investigated the 2020 election in question?
    For me, my vote is very important and we do have a lot of deceptive people in this government who is in office for themselves.
    If both of these candidates shrugs off the possibility of a stolen 2020 election isn’t necessary to investigate then their not for Idaho. You want Idaho Attorney General to work for you not for the government. Every parties vote should count “Legally”

  7. I’m so happy Raul Labrador is running. We need a true conservative as AG. Not this RINO Wasden. Who doesn’t have the time to fight for Idahoan’s freedoms.

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