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Press Release: Protect 43 Announces Voter Guide

By • May 4, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Protect 43. Note: Press Releases sent out by organizations do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Protect 43 is excited to announce their Voter Guide for the 2022 Elections. The Guide includes important information that voters can use to help inform themselves about candidates for the upcoming elections.

“We really wanted to provide something that isn’t being done and do it with transparency and integrity.” said Ryan Luke one of the founders of Protect 43. “Unlike the voter guide we did in the past we really focused on giving Constitutional Conservative candidates a platform to express their political beliefs in a professional manner.”

The Voter Guide features over 50 candidates that submitted surveys and qualified as a Constitutional Conservative. Differing from other guides, there are no recommendations, rather Protect 43 encourages voters to understand candidates and their positions on important issues Idaho is facing. Voters can read the candidate surveys posted on the Protect 43 website. New to the guide, it also features video interviews from various candidates as another way voters can become educated.

“I really look forward to learning more about the candidates and this was one of the best non-partisan ways for me to do it and know I was going to be learning about the types of candidates I’m looking for.” Said Kenny V. from Ada County, Idaho.

With the Primary Elections coming up on May 17th, the urgency can be felt throughout the state to get to know and understand who voters will be putting in office.

Protect 43 is a non-partisan political shop based in the Boise suburb of Eagle Idaho. Their goals are to promote constitutional conservativism and to “Make Liberty Mainstream.”

For more information visit and learn more about candidates in the upcoming election.

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