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Press Release: Protect 43 announces the Boise River Freedom Float

By • July 30, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by the group Protect 43:

The Protect 43 team is pleased to announce the upcoming Boise River Freedom Float. The event is an opportunity to beat the heat and meet up with like minded Idahoans all while participating in one of the premier activities in the Boise area during the summer; floating the Boise River.

“Sign me up! I’m in! On the river and hanging out with other patriots, that’s a no brainer.” said Lourinda of the Boise area.

“It was pretty obvious we needed a way to stay cool and rally the troops during the dog days of summer,” said Rick of Protect 43. “The team came up with the idea and everyone absolutely agreed on it.

A way to get together and enjoy Boise.

During this particularly hot summer in Southwestern Idaho many activities and events have been more difficult to attend due to the heat. The Boise River Freedom Float provides a way to enjoy the wonderful resource that is the river and stay cool. The event is an invitation for all like minded Idahoans to get together and enjoy being around each other and represent their state and country. Afterwards there will be a Patriot Mingle in Ann Morrison Park at the take-out location.

“I’m just really excited, the liberty community really needs something like this right now,” said Kathleen a member of the Protect 43 Team, “it’s good to know there are other people out there like you.”

Event Details

The event will take place on August 7th starting at 11 a.m. It will start at Barber Park in Boise, ID and end at Ann Morrison Park in Boise, ID. There will be a Patriot Mingle held after take-out with the opportunity to get to know other patriots starting at 2 pm.

Participants can rent tubes at Barber Park or bring their own. Stand up paddleboards (SUP’s), kayaks and other flotation devices are also welcome. There are shuttles available from the parks for convenience. The Protect 43 team strongly encourages people to be extremely responsible while floating the river and also reminds everyone they are liable for any injury or accidents.

For more information, please visit or contact:
Rick Dockery
208 918 0949

Protect 43 is a political action group based in the Boise, ID area. They are focused on maintaining liberties and freedoms in the state of Idaho.

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