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Press Release: Protect 43 Announces 2021 Liberty Voter Guide

By • October 23, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by Protect 43. Press Releases sent out by organizations do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Constitutional Conservative Candidates vetted for approval.
Boise, Idaho— 10/19/21 — Today the political action group Protect 43 announces the launch of their approved Constitutional Conservative Voter Guide for the November 2nd elections around the Treasure Valley in Idaho.

“As a constitutional conservative based group, we wanted to help other liberty minded Idahoans understand which candidates share their same political views,” said Rick Dockery, Founder of Protect 43., “to help the voters, we created the Voter Guide.”

Helping Idahoans protect the 43rd State.

Native Idahoans and the wave of “Political Refugees” which have flowed into Idaho, are looking for protection of their Personal Freedoms. Protect 43 has focused on finding ways to help Idaho stay a conservative state. A Constitutional Conservative Voter Guide was decided as the best way to help place candidates with similar political views into office.

“The Voter Guide took a lot of work and research but in the end, it really will help voters understand the candidates,” said Mica Brock, Co-Founder of Protect 43, “I’m really proud of our work on this guide.”

Available now for the November 2nd Elections.

The Constitutional Conservative Voter Guide is available now and features candidates for many political offices around the Treasure Valley. The Guide is available online at on the website and also as a downloadable PDF. The candidates were vetted by way of interviews, surveys and personal conversations. By being approved by Protect 43, the candidates support important political views such as small government, lower taxes, The Bill of Rights, proper support of Law Enforcement, biological gender laws, person health choices, smart growth and are against CRT.

Founded in early 2020, Protect 43 is a political action group focused on keeping the 43rd state free. Protect 43 has put on events like Open Wings Eagle and the Idaho Freedom Car Parade with much success.

The group is made up of professionals from around the valley that work closely with other political groups to promote conservative values.


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