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Press Release: President Joe Biden to Travel to Idaho, California, and Colorado

By • September 9, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by the White House regarding a trip President Biden will make to several states, including Idaho:

On Monday, September 13, the President will travel to Boise, Idaho where he will visit the National Interagency Fire Center; Sacramento, California to survey wildfire damage; Long Beach, California to participate in an event with Governor Gavin Newsom/ and Denver, Colorado, where he will participate ina Build Back better event. The trip will be pooled press. Additional details to follow.


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16 thoughts on “Press Release: President Joe Biden to Travel to Idaho, California, and Colorado

  1. Please provide any details you become aware of regarding timing so that anyone who wants to show up with a sign for Mr. Biden can make sure he understands just how much his actions are appreciated.

  2. Well then, Idaho must have a very good Memory Care facility somewhere near the airport???

    Speaking of memories, do you all remember back in 2008 when an Illegal Alien campaigned to be President in Boise at Taco Bell Arena and actually was voted in as the First Imposter to live in the White House?

  3. You know what’s amazing:
    It is not this idiot spending a few minutes in the Interagency Fire Center’s restroom.

    What’s amazing is that the clinton/rice/obama/romney etc. coalition may actually flounder their way into provoking the Citizens of the United States into yet another Civil War.

    No one wants a Civil War.

    Can we just mute these clowns now in order to keep the peace? There has to be many viable and legitimate ways.

  4. Oh brother. Yet one more way to waste the American taxpayer’s dollars. What is so important that he has to show up in person? I’m sure one of his lackeys can figure out how to teleconference his dumb ass into the IFC’s office!

    Yet, once more, this guy’s wasted time and money for no good reason. Par for the course, spend spend spend, with zero benefit.

  5. A “Build Back Better” event? Gosh, where have I heard that phrase before? This traitorous, mashed potato brain POS belongs in “New World Order” Australia, not here.

  6. You can thank our two federal U.S. Senators, Crapo and Risch for this “Build Back Better” fiasco. They voted for trillions of our taxpayer money for this Marxist/Communist Obama/Biden cabal. Can we impeach Risch that we just voted for? Does Idaho have the ability to recall?

    1. Who’s Joe?

      There are so many, it’s hard to keep track of…..yet Joe is the Illuminati’s Poster Boy of the month.

  7. Perhaps this is the Left’s false flag event to confiscate our 2nd amendment rights. Why on earth would he otherwise visit our red state? With all their lying, color me a conspiracy theorist, but I’m afraid they’re settling us up…

  8. Don’t want this corrupt piece of trash soiling our state. Of course we can always hope for a fall up or down the stairs.

  9. We just ordered from David Harris Jr., a Christian organization helping Christians escape from Afghanistan 2 shirts that say
    IMPEACH 46
    Enough said!

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