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Press Release: POW “Boots on the Ground” Tribute Walk

By • July 10, 2022

The following press release was sent out by Chantyrose Davison for Governor. Note: Press releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Chantyrose Davison, Constitution Party candidate for Governor of Idaho has chosen to do a tribute walk in honor of the POW/MIA still missing from Idaho. Davison will be walking more than 361 miles in a three part tribute walk.

Davison plans to start her walk roughly 125 miles in Homedale Idaho July 10th at 6:00am and plans to be back in Marsing, Idaho by Saturday July 16th. Her route can be found on Facebook events. POW :Boots on the Ground” Tribute Walk. Davison will be donating 50% of all money raised during this route to the Marsing VFW.

Route 2 will be from August 15-20 where she will walk from Sun Valley to Wendell. 50% of all money raised during this route will be donated to the Wendell VFW.

Route 3 will be September 5-10 and she will be walking from Sandpoint to Moscow. 50% of all money raised during this route will be donated to the Sandpoint VFW.

“No more talking the talk. I want to be the Governor who walks the walk.”

9 thoughts on “Press Release: POW “Boots on the Ground” Tribute Walk

  1. Davison, this is the second post we’ve seen.
    If your running for Governor and want to win, you’ll need to step up a lot.
    Who are you?
    What do you envision for The People?
    How will you accomplish this?
    Where’s the Beef?
    A cutesy picture and not saying much is not good for you or Idaho.
    Lord knows Idaho is in desperate need to change/vote out it’s current Governor.
    Let us know who you are, what your strengths are and why we should consider voting for you.

  2. What POW/MIA are still missing from Idaho? Last MIA i remember was the traitor bergdahl im not sure who youre walking for?

    1. I was walking to bring awareness to the 361 POW/MIA that was lost between Vietnam, Korean, and WWII. They should never be forgotten. A list of the names are on my campaign Facebook page at Chantyrose 4 Idaho..

  3. Here we go again with splitting up the conservative votes so our current RINO will stay in office. Bundy has enough history that I know where he stands. I beleive him to be a patriot and a constitutionalist.

    1. If it’s not Bundy we will be California. The only candidate that has been willing to stand up to the establishment. He has sacrificed his freedom for us. !

  4. My vote goes to Chantyrose. For the folks that don’t know her, stop foaming out the mouth do alittle research, and damnit, stop acting like crying bigmouth Liberals !! . She can win and more than likely will! But you better fire the campaign machine up hard and fast Chantyrose !! Remember for the republicans that still like Little, he hasn’t done Jack S with the high gas prices in Idaho except a slap in the face of a worthless $150 which most don’t see. Chantyrose, what would you do to remove the weight on our heads regarding these high gas prices ?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry I didn’t see it till just now. As far as the gas prices go I would like to see the price attached to the BPI (business price index). Unfortunately we do need roads and so the tax is important but this way it’s not a drastic change. I would like the grocery tax to be eliminated.

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